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Accenture Company

Accenture is a worldwide famous I.T solution company which Clarence Delany founded in 1989. It was established in Hamilton, a renowned city in Bermuda, and its current headquarters is in Ireland. Julie Sweet is playing the role of C.E.O in Accenture, and she has been playing this role since September 2019, and under her leadership, Accenture is doing great work in its field. Accenture has launched its branches in 51 countries, and in these countries, you will get more than 200+ branches of Accenture, from which we can say that Accenture is a worldwide I.T solution company.

Accenture Company

Services provided by this technology company

In the early days, Clarence Delany took on some client projects. Still, because of his great work, within some time, he got so many projects from multiple companies that time, he thought to start a company which could provide some technical services to his clients and from this thought, he began Accenture. Currently, you can take any Information technology-related services via Accenture. Here are some popular services provided by Accenture.

1. Application services

It is the most focused thing for Accenture, and they generate a considerable profit from this category. You should know that this is a dream for every computer science student to get a job role as a software developer in Accenture, and they pay a massive salary for this post. Last year they earned more than 1 billion dollars from this category, and some big companies like amazon and adobe used their services in exchange for good money.

2. Data Analytics

It is a service by which companies get their data in an organized form, and Accenture generates good revenue from this category.

3. Supply chain market

The supply chain is an essential skill for any organization, and Accenture can design an excellent supply chain for any business.

They are also known for Business strategy, technology Innovation, Marketing, B.P.O and a few other technical-related services.

Current revenue of Accenture

Accenture has held a good market in the technical field, and its current revenue is more than 61.6 billion U.S dollars. Not only this, but you should know that currently, the price of one stock of Accenture is more than 260 U.S dollars, from which you can understand the value of Accenture in the world.

Accenture in India

Accenture Company

In India, we can see many companies that still provide similar things, like Accenture. Accenture also generates good revenue from the Indian market. Including Pune, Mumbai and Gurgaon, there are nine cities where you can see a branch of Accenture. Even though India is a hub of technology, Accenture still could not gain so much profit from India. The main reason is that in India, we can see so many software-making companies like Infosys, Wipro and many more, and they charge very few amounts compared to Accenture. Because of this, Accenture is not suitable for Indian customers.

How to get a job at Accenture?

If you are interested in being an employee of this large technical company, then you have to follow a simple process, open your browser and search After exploring this Url, your browser will let you in on the official page of Accenture. After that, you have to select the career section; in this section, you will get many vacancies, but most of them will be asked for an experienced person and a few for fresher. You should check their website every week to get information about these vacancies. To save time, you can subscribe to some youtube channels. For example, there is a youtube channel named Ashu talk that provides information about every technical job or for better results; you can get information from any other medium like this. If you have a LinkedIn account, you should connect with Accenture, and there you can easily view any post of Accenture company.

Know this before joining Accenture

If you are a fresher and have knowledge of any programming language, then you can gate an excellent job in Accenture. Your job role will be Application Development Associate. Your package will be approximately four lacks per annum for the same role. In hand, the salary will be 28k per month, which is a better salary compared to Infosys, Wipro Deloitte and much more service-based companies. Once you have completed your interview rounds, they will meet every other formality related to your job, such as your document verification, offer letter, etc. After completing all these formalities, you will start your career, but still, you don't need to work. Now they will conduct an exam for every candidate in which they will give you some classes, and on the same day, they will complete your exam, and in this exam, you will gate question-related to their classes. This exam is known as the learning modules, and the reason for this exam is that they want to see your learning ability, and based on this exam, they will decide on your batch for training, and after that, you will get training on those skills which you will work in the company. The best thing about this training session is they will teach you some skills, and in exchange for that, they will give you a salary too.

How to prepare for Accenture's interview

If you belong to any technical field, then you can get so many job options in Accenture just like every month; they hire software engineers, digital marketing experts, sales executives and many other employees but the essential thing that Accenture's hiring department is that they used to notice your communication skills and confidence. Viewing some mock interviews of Accenture, we can say that communication skills are one of the most important things for a person who wants to join Accenture. If you are looking for the post of software engineer, then you should keep a good knowledge of a programming language. Mostly they prefer c, c++, java, and python, and if you can code in any programming language, they will check your problem-solving skills. To improve that skills, you should join the lectures on data structure in which you will learn so many data types like array, stack, trees, and many more, and after completing these, you can apply for the software engineer role at Accenture.

It contains a massive number of employees

If we count their employees, including their supply chain market, this number will go to 710000, and from this, you can understand the value of Accenture in the current world. Only in India are more than 117000 people connected with Accenture, and Accenture knows how to care for their employees. For example, suppose you will join Accenture. In that case, they will make your life insurance and every month they will fill the money of that insurance and not only this, but if you end your tenure with your retirement, then they will provide some money till your death from which we can understand that Accenture always cares about their employees.


The owner of Accenture started this company just from his skills. Still, this is a worldwide company, and they have secured a good market in the information technology field. From this, we can understand that our skills matter most, but if we are good in an area, we should not do it just for the salary. Another positive thing related to Accenture is from this company, you can see the value of the I.T field in the current world and in the upcoming day, its market value will also increase so that this field can be a good option for any student. Once you get enough skills in this field, you can spend your whole life working from your bedroom(home).

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