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Vivo Company

Vivo Company is a company that manufactures smartphones of various types. This company is based in Dongguan, Guangdong. The parent organization is BBK electronics. The present chief executive officer is Shen Wei. The company also has experience in developing various kinds of software. The company has expertise in making cheaper phones which attracts customers in India. The company entered the Indian market in 2012 with its latest phone, called X1. It had X1, the dedicated Hi-Fi audio amplifier. They produce the android phone. Vivo came with one phone, which was thinnest in size.

Vivo Company

Vivo has a net worth of 500 million dollars, and most of the manufacturing process happens in China, and it's been tagged as China Brand. It has got a rating of 9.4 and was launched in 2009. The Vivo was founded by Duan Yongping and Shen Wei. The company has total employees of 10,000 people. The company's production reaches 50 million units produced per year, and the sales per year are 49.5 Million units. The revenue per year is 46 million. They came with the first model called Vivo V3. Some of the popular models of this brand is Vivo X50, Vivo X50pro, VivoNEX 3 5G, V23 5G, Y72 5G, X60Pro+, X70 and Vivo X70 Pro. One of the best models of Vivo is X70 Pro, and the price of the best model is $ 999 US.

The parent company owns four companies called Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and One Plus. Their main rival in India is Samsung which is a Korean-based company. Registrar of Companies (ROC) reported that their sales have gone up by many folds in India. Vivo has seen a massive rise in revenue and has been able to establish itself as the brand. International Data Corporation shared a report in which 7.4% of sales of the global smartphone came from two companies: Vivo and oppo. Vivo company recorded a growth of 7%. Vivo's performance in the market has been growing and the stronghold in the mobile market of India and Indonesia. All products are sold under one umbrella, i.e., BBK. Customers have strong demand for the Vivo model V19 and S1 Pro.

Virat Kohli famous Cricket Player is a brand ambassador for the Vivo Company. He was made Ambassador just before the launch of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021. The market strategy was to make connections with the Millenials. Now Kohli has to promote Vivo's phone and have to do advertisement for them.

Vivo IPL Sponsorship

Tata Group has replaced the Vivo IPL title sponsorship. According to reports, Tata has paid the amount of 670 crores for two years. Vivo has to pay Rs 454 crore as a termination of the contract. It is a profit deal for the BCCI as they will be earning Rs 1124 crore from the deal. They have nothing to lose. Vivo had given a one-year extension as their title sponsorship was expired in 2020. The deal between Vivo and BCCI was around Rs 2200 crore. Vivo was sponsoring the IPL title from 2018-to 2022. But flashpoint came after the incident of Galway valley when feelings in India grew that there should not be Chinese sponsors in the IPL. The Vivo brand took a hit due to the incident, and the title sponsorship was given to the Dream 11. One year later, Vivo came back as a sponsor, and it had a green signal from the BCCI. The price increased as there were 10 teams playing in the tournament, and matches were increased from 60 to 74.

Controversy related to Vivo

  • Meerut Police filed a complaint against the Vivo as they found 13,500 Vivo phones had similar IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Numbers. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has mandated all the mobile manufacturer companies to provide unique IMEI numbers; failing to implement the order could invite 3 years of imprisonment.
  • It had generated controversy when Vivo released its phone with a slogan that had some resemblance with the BTS, and viewers perceived it as they have collaborated with BTS.

Competition to the Vivo Market

Vivo faces stiff competition from its rivals Xiaomi, Huwaei, and Samsung. It is believed that Samsung is an undisputed leader. But Vivo is giving challenges to its rival Samsung.

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