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R.C.M. Company

R.C.M. Company

Nowadays, we can see several networking marketing companies available in the market. When we hear their name, the first thing that comes to mind is to add the people to our team, but so many companies are missing this concept. Nowadays, many frauds are happening as companies are targeting many students to their company, and for joining, they take massive amounts of money from them. Still, after gathering some reasonable amount, they stopped their company. Still, a networking company has been standing in the Indian market for a long time, and till now, they are generating massive revenue from the Indian market. We are talking about R.C.M., established in 1988, and its first office was in Rajasthan. In the early days, this company could not earn good money, but because of its fresh concept, it came into the business, and within the next three years, more than 8000 people joined this marketing company. This article will give you a brief knowledge about R.C.M. company, let's see it.

How does R.C.M. Work?

R.C.M. Company

R.C.M. is a marketing company that makes many products and sells them through their people in the network. Their employees connect with ordinary people and tell them about their plan: you must join R.C.M. You must purchase some items from R.C.M. company and get a good discount on every product. After buying these products, you will be an employee of R.C.M. Now your work will be to search for a few people who can join this company and at every joining they will give some incentive to you and not only this, but if your person purchases a good number of products via R.C.M., then they will give you a bonus on your every purchase. Compared to other products, their products are the cheapest, and some are useless, which is the only reason why R.C.M. can not become a big company in the Indian market.

R.C.M. vs. State Government

As we know that most network marketing companies are useless, and their primary purpose is to gather some money from us because of their pyramid-level plan ( in this plan, you have to join some people, and they will join some people, and each of them will be under your team and if they purchase something from R.C.M. then you will get benefit from them) government always takes action on them. At the end of 2011, there was a company in Rajasthan known as gold, and their work was to take money from people. They claimed that after 1.5 years, they would give 50 percent rent on your money, but within a few years, the C.E.O. of this company ran away from India, and he made a scam of 200 crore Indian rupees. After this Rajasthan government took action on every M.L.M.-based company, and because of this action, they banned R.C.M. for the next few years.

Business Plan of R.C.M.

R.C.M. Company

R.C.M. is a product-based company, and it is similar to every other M.L.M. company, and they generally focus on joining more people who can purchase their product. If you join R.C.M., your job role will be something from mentioned below.

1. You have to purchase so many products for better results

R.C.M. generally depends on its product, generating the most revenue through product selling. At the start of your joining, they will tell you to purchase some products, which will be your joining fees, and after this, you will start your work. Whenever someone enters via your reference, you will get a stipend because of that joining, and it will be your total income from R.C.M. Most of the time, they will give you the job role of Direct seller. In this job role, you will sell products to the customer directly, and the best thing about their product is they will give you the product at a low price, and you will get a price tag from the company, and you can write your price on every product. For example, if you are getting a person unaware of any product, you can take extra money from that person, and the extra money will be added to your account. If you are a good seller, you can join R.C.M., but as we can see, the state government has banned this company so many times, so maybe you may have to face loss because of R.C.M.

Ritel Profit = MRP - DP

2. Some high-level employees like speakers and event organizer

Because of their business plan, they have to make hipe in public and only after that, people join their company, so they have to select many employees for advertisement purposes. For choosing these employees, they offer so many posts every year, and the best thing about this vacancy is your salary will never depend on companies income.

When you join R.C.M. as a customer, your salary and growth will always depend on your performance, but if you join R.C.M. as an employee, you will get proper compensation that will never turn on R.C.M.'s revenue.

Types of Income in R.C.M.

Your base salary will always depend on the products you sell or how many people you have joined in R.C.M. Still, if you do hard work, they will give you some extra money to motivate you. Let's see how many ways are available to generate extra cash while working in R.C.M.

  1. Performance Bonus
  2. Royalty Bonus
  3. Technical Bonus

To understand all these things you should know about B.V.

B.V. stands for Business volume, and it is their Currency. Every product contains its own B.V., and when you Sell that product, its B.V. will be credited to your account. At the end of the month, you will get a salary based on Your B.V. For example, and if you sell a bar of soap to a customer whose price is 60 rupees, then this soap will contain approx. 100 B.V., and this B.V. will get added to your account. You should know that if you gather more than 15000 BV monthly, your salary will be approx 11 thousand Indian rupees.

1. Performance Bonus

The primary purpose of giving this bonus is to motivate every employee from which R.C.M. can generate good revenue. If you gather 5000 BV in a single month, you will get a 10 percent bonus on your salary, and in the best case, if you have 3500000 BV, you will get a 35 percent bonus on your salary.


Just assume that in a year you sold some R.C.M product and from them you earned 560000 BV and your current salary is 6000 rupees then you will get a performance bonus of 600 rupees because of your high B.V.

2. Royalty bonus

When someone joins R.C.M. by your reference, he will come under your team, and your team will increase, then your chances to get a royalty bonus will increase. When a team member sells something, you will also get some B.V., but this B.V. will not count as a performance bonus and will be counted for your royalty bonus. If your whole team generates more than 3500000 BV, you will be eligible for a royalty bonus, and you can get approximately 4 percent extra salary by using the royalty bonus.

The most important thing related to the royalty bonus is you have to collect 1500 BV by purchasing your product, and only after this will you be eligible for this bonus.

3. Technical Bonus

Every year R.C.M. give 1 percent money of his annual turnover, but they provide this money to their higher level employee, and to get the technical jobs, you have to do hard work with R.C.M.

Some conditions for taking a Technical bonus

  1. A RCM direct seller will get this bonus only in that case when he purchases a personal product of 1500 BV every month.
  2. To get a Technical bonus, you must continuously get a royalty bonus for three months, and only after that will you be eligible for this bonus.
  3. How much time you connect with R.C.M. will never impact the technical bonus.
  4. The thing that will always matter is how much B.V. you have collected via direct selling.

R.C.M. Product

R.C.M. Company

Their products are their primary component, and only from this, they generate their whole revenues, and because of that, they have developed more than 250 products, and each of them is cheap compared to other market products.

Some other popular F.A.Q. Related to this, M.L.M. company

1. How can you join this company?

This is the most popular question asked by anyone interested in joining R.C.M. To join R.C.M., you should visit at R.C.M. store, which will be near your home, or you can connect with a director seller of R.C.M., and you can join his team, and that direct seller will also get some benefits because of your joining. If you are not getting any R.C.M. store or any direct seller of R.C.M., then you can visit their official website, where they will give you the contact number of a direct seller from whom you can contact.

2. How much money do they charge for joining?

This is the best thing related to R.C.M. that they never ask single money from you. When you join R.C.M., they will offer you so many products, and you have to purchase some products, which should be more than 1000 Indian rupees, and these products will be your entry fees for R.C.M.

3. Which types of documents are essential for joining R.C.M.?

You should have essential documents like ADHAR and pan, and you must give your account details for a money transfer. The most important thing related to the document section is that if you are not above 18, you must attach a permit application with your documents. In that application, your parent's signature is mandatory.

4. Is R.C.M. a legal Company?

Because of their business plan, they face many problems from the Indian and state governments. Still, they have made many changes in their organization and fulfilled all the requirements of our company activities. They are one of the enormous M.L.M. product base private limited companies in India.


R.C.M. satisfied all the rules of the Indian constitution, and because of that, they have become a legal private limited company. Still, if you notice their business plan, you will find that their direct sellers have contact with many young people. They tell them false stories like if they join R.C.M. within a few months, they will be able to purchase so much expensive stuff for themselves. Because of this, so many people are joining R.C.M. After joining this company, they realize they are not getting as much profit as they want. It does not mean you can not generate good revenue using R.C.M., but you must be a good seller. You have to join at least 40 people who should do hard work for R.C.M. If they sell a good quantity of products every month, only after that can you generate some good revenue by using R.C.M. company. A report that came in 2019, 3 percent of our youth join any M.L.M. company. Because of that, they have to pay a reasonable amount, and even after knowing that this company will not pay them enough money, they still have to work for these companies, and from this, their study impact, and in the end, they have to spend their significant portion of life by doing this type of job.

Should You join R.C.M?

Come in contact with an R.C.M. direct seller or any other employee working in any M.L.M. company. He will tell you many reasons to join R.C.M. or any other company like this. Still, in reality, he is focusing on getting some money, and he will get this money when you enter his company by using his reference.

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