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CAMS Company

CAMS or Computer Age Management Services is working as a mutual fund transferring organization from one asset management company to another in India. It works as a technology-determined financial transportation and services supplier to mutual funds and other financial organizations. The head office of the firm is in Chennai, and it was founded in 1988. In 2020, CAMS got a reorganization of the publicly traded firm in October 2020 due to a stock launch offer provided by its already accessible investors and shareholders. CAMS is one of the market's primary Registrar and Transfer Agencies to the Indian Mutual Fund industry. As per reports of 2021, it provides almost 70% of the standard assets in management. Not only Mutual funds, but it also offers technology permit service solutions to other Investment Funds and Insurance corporations.


In early 1988, V. Shankar started Computer Age Management Services as a start-up, but in the starting, he created it for the purpose of Software Development and Computer Education. And CAMS proved as a capable business enterprise; in the early 1990s, within a small period of 3-4 years, he made it one of the big shot organizations in Chennai for the learning domain, somewhat like NIIT Chennai. But in the year 2000, CAMS decided to work on domestic financial services and also in the field of operation in management along with the IT services that they provide. The Indian Financial Services went through a renaissance in the period 1997/8-2006/7. It went through the modifications in the regulation, products, and assisting infrastructure. Financial businesses constantly proved to be early adopters, soon after commenced taking benefits of technology and networking to make their business easy, and CAMS turned into what is called platform-based offerings to the Indian Financial Industry. In 2000, the biggest accomplishment for the company was when the HDFC Group took interest and invested in Computer Age Management Services, assisting its selected businesses. In 2007 the corporation started using a/r facilitate assistance in its operations. At the beginning of 2014, India's Stock Exchange, known as the NSE, took a role in the corporation.

When CAMS was started, there was only a group of 20 employees, and they began method Transfer Agency operations at some point in the early nineties. CAMS had dealt with IPOs like IPCA Laboratories, Wockhardt Ltd, NCD problems of RPPL, RPEL, Crossland Research Labs Ltd, etc. CAMS got well recognized for processing the primary-ever allocation of cars for the Ford Escort Model, released in 1996 through Ford India Pvt Ltd. With the arrival of close-ended mutual funds, CAMS also took part in the processing of the Indian Bank Mutual Fund and later began to address the operations of Alliance Capital Mutual Fund. This turned into the primary Open-Ended Mutual Fund of CAMS. CAMS additionally got the responsibility of handling the prestigious Indian Mutual Funds like JM Mutual Fund, ITC Thread needle, Zurich India Mutual Fund, Sun & FC Mutual Fund, Dundee Mutual Fund, Taurus Mutual Fund, etc. According to the reports, in June 2020, there were more than 6 thousand employees in CAMS. It provides tons to the Mutual Funds, Insurance, and Banking businesses with the help of its network, which is spread in 270+ locations all over India.

Services presented by the CAMS

Cams are providing various services in different sectors; here is a list of all of them along with the sectors.

Services Offered to the Mutual Fund by means of ERP sort of IT Stages

  • CAMS works for the money transfer receiving and dealing with it.
  • It helps in the deliverance and payout agreements and all its reconciliations
  • CAMS also works for the record observance of this procedure.
  • CAMS provides you with excellent consumer service with the help of pan India service hubs and call centers.
  • CAMS holds a white label call center to help its clients.
  • CAMS also helps you with the trade intellect and analytics of one's firm.
  • CAMS also helps people with brokerage calculations and recompensation.
  • CAMS helps clients who are looking for payment issuance, transitions, and settlement
  • CAMS help with the company stability services as well
  • It provides you Distributors help desk, and direct service of all distributor doubts and the complains
  • It helps with the text administration and publishing solutions
  • You can also pick them for Online dealings with the help of the MyCAMS portal and their cell phone Application service
  • To solve all the problems customer faces during self-services, CAMS provides them with Interactive Chat Bot services
  • To merge and dynamic statements, CAMS provides the diversity of inbuilt active dashboards to their customers.

Services by CAMS to the Non-Public Equity & Project Finances

  • It helps clients with their before-sales funding.
  • CAMS provides shareholder on-boarding offerings
  • CAMS help with the management information system and reporting of the services
  • It provides customers with commercial activity and tax maintenance
  • CAMS also helps the customers with the Life Cycle Management
  • It helps with the mediators' profits management
  • CAMS does the notice and series administration for its clients.
  • It helps with consumer Services as well.
  • CAMS help with the Help counter to assist branch/seller and DSAs

Services provided to the Banks and the Firms which work as the Non-Banking Investment Corporation

  • CAMS helps with the account establishing services for the bank
  • It helps with the KYC confirmation and corroboration of Systemic Integration with center structures of Banks
  • It provides you with marginal offerings via home-based BPM Solutions
  • CAMS provides you with before and after authorized mortgage processing for NBFCs, Home Finance Corporation, Small Medium Enterprises Lenders, etc.
  • It helps with the disburse of debts and records confirmation for accredited loans
  • It assists with the Credit Appraisal Memo, also known as CAM guidance for guaranteed support
  • It provides service of comprehensive Non Discrepancy Checks (NDCs) and sanction cum launch of dept disbursals
  • CAMS also supports with devotion Loans via outbound calling and client base growth assistance
  • It helps you with the Record supervision Services and the FATCA fulfillment and reporting

Other NBFC Financial Accumulation Services

  • By registering themselves in CAMSfinserv, one can invest.
  • CAMS allows safe registration with the help of chief identifiers like Mobile numbers, PAN ID, and even email.
  • It helps in the detection of accounts permitted by such main Identifiers through Financial Information providers, also known as FIPs, such as Banks, Mutual Fund clubs, Stock agents, and even the Non-Bank Financial institutions
  • CAMS help in connecting the detected accounts and gets an approval formation to distribute data among Financial Information Users (FIUs)
  • CAMS help in allowing Financial Information User to utilize the protected data flow so that it can be used for their end client benefits
  • It helps in giving consent management services to its clients to carry out all the necessities mentioned above.

Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) for National Pension System (NPS)

  • CAMS help in conveying Permanent Retirement Account Number, IPIN/TPIN, and greeting Kit.
  • CAMS help in computerizing and preservation of user records/possibilities.
  • CAMS updates subscriber's records/possibilities mostly based on demands made for modification/review.
  • CAMS provides an equipped interface to different mediators beneath NPS Architecture.
  • CAMS also observe the waft of charity made through their Users to their PRAN account.
  • It helps in initiating the contribution quantity made through Users to/her Pension account.
  • CAMS assist in the production and transmission of report of Transactions to Users.
  • It also helps subscribers to get their online/digital right of entry to their own Pension Account , also known as PRAN.
  • CAMS also Provides Call Centre services to Users.
  • It helps in Getting, accepting, and restoring Subscriber complaints thru the Central Grievance Management scheme portal.


Edge360 is a dispenser portal preserved with the help of CAMS for allowing monetary and non-monetary transactions to self-governing Financial Advisors, their personnel, and Registered Investment Advisors. The majority of the monetary transactions may be completed with the use of Edge360, which includes a few non-monetary transactions such as converting the contact information of the investor, extruding bank permission, and check-in for CAMS one-time authorization accessibility. Besides these, the vendors can also download reviews like a declaration of account, capital benefit assertion, etc. And a lot of WBR reports sprinting their each-day trade. The portal lets mutual finance vendors run a campaign and initiate KYC for their buyers digitally.


According to the reports published in December 2018, CAMS made a nationwide existence with more than 280 Customer Service Centers, and some of these branches are connected concurrently. These CSCs usually present offerings to Mutual Fund, Insurance, Non-Public Equity, KRA, and NPS procedures. In these CSCs, the clients have a choice to enquire about everything related to their investments, gain the declaration of accounts, search for portfolio valuations, buy, sell, transfer mutual fund units, tell modifications of their account information, check in and publish KRA requests. CAMS has permitted self-servicing thru the financier and distributors by offering web pages on its website.

Memberships, links, accreditations of CAMS

Computer Age Management Services is known as the origin associate of the Registrars Association of India (RAIN). RAIN was established in the year 1991 with lots of members. RAIN is known as the voice (spokesperson) of Registrars and Shares transmit Agents in the whole country.

Apart from RAIN, CAMS is also a part of The National Association of Software and Services Corporations of the United States of America. CAMS is being regarded as a national standards organization for India's submissive association and is obedient to SOC 1 & 2 (UTC) Standard Service Associations Controls and has been working for the betterment of the country's financial firms for many years.

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