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BHEL Company

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited is under the control of the Central Government. It is a manufacturing and engineering enterprise situated in New Delhi. Ministry of Heavy Industries controls the whole of this company. It was established in 1956, and Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited is the country's largest manufacturer of power generation equipment manufacturer. It is a public listed company, which means its share can be traded by India. They run their operations on a global scale, and Nalin Shinghal is present as Chairman and Managing Director of the enterprise. Their products include items like:

  • Transmission Systems
  • Gas and Systems
  • Turbines
  • Power Electronics
  • Control Systems
  • Boilers
  • Electric Motors
  • Electric Locomotives
  • Generators
  • Sensors
  • Automation and Control Systems
  • Heat Exchangers
BHEL Company

The Central Government is a major shareholder in this entity. They have a strength of 31,708 employees. Their website name is, and they upload their relevant information on their website.

History of the Company

BHEL was founded in post-Independence India to boost the Heavy Electricals Equipment sector. Later in 1974, Heavy Electricals and BHEL became one entity. BHEL was founded on the vision of becoming of Public Sector entity. Technological aid was provided by the Soviet Union at that time. Thyristor technology had a big impact in this sector. After a few years, it was turned into a public company. BHEL started to develop many electrical items like electrical, mechanical materials, for example, transmission, oil, gas transportation, and other allied industries. But major pieces of equipment like turbines and boilers which are used to produce electricity are manufactured by them. The supplies to the ministry of Railways and Ministry of Defence. They supply materials that are used in the manufacturing of guns in collaboration with the Ordinance Factory Board. Indian Railways take electric locomotives from Bharat Heavy Electronics Board.


They work on multiple aspects like services and systems, manufacturing, designing, engineering, power transmission, industry, transportation, renewable energy, defense, and oil and gas.

They have a huge chain, and their network is expanded overseas. Their chain includes 7 joint ventures, 15 regional centers, 8 overseas offices, 8 service centers, 4 regional offices, 2 repair units, and 16 manufacturing units. They are 150 projects active abroad and in India. BHEL has established itself that it can produce 20,000 MW per annum. Their equipment meets the growing demand of our generation equipment.

According to reports, BHEL's contribution in the power sector is 74% and has retained the leadership position in 2015-16. BHEL, through its efficient management and high focus, was able to produce 1059 MW of Power Plants in 2015-16. 15000 MW was produced in the financial year 2015-16, and it was an all-time high. BHEL has exported materials related to power generation for 40 years, and their references have spread in 76 countries and 6 continents in the world. Their capacity goes beyond 9,000 MW which is spread over New Zealand, Bhutan, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Malaysia, and Oman.

Special Efforts

BHEL uses the largest sum of investment in Research and Development, and that is believed to be highest in the corporate sector in India.

Research and product development play an important key role in the BHEL's production. According to data, the company funded around Rs 1,252 crore capital in research and development works. They keep stressing about the research and development works. It is 2.5% total of revenue of the amount they spent on the Research and Development works. The Research and Development office, which is situated in Hyderabad, leads in carrying out the research activities. Their research is limited to BHEL's product range and areas of importance. They are excellent in producing Permanent Magnet Machines, Surface Engineering, Machine Dynamics, Centre for Intelligent Machines and Robotics, Centre for Nano Technology, Ultra High Voltage Laboratory at Corporate Research and Development; Centre of Excellence for Hydro Machines at Bhopal; Advanced Fabrication Technology and Coal Research Centre at Tiruchirappalli, Compressor and pumps.

They have 4 dedicated institutes which work on the specialization

  • Welding Research Institute at Tiruchirappalli
  • Ceramic Technological Institute at Banglore
  • Centre for Electric Traction (CET) at Bhopal
  • Pollution Control Research Institutes (PCRI) at Haridwar
  • Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell Plant at Gurgaon (Research and Development in the Photo Voltaic applications)

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