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IMC Company

In 2007, Dr. Ashok Bhatia and Mr. Satyan Bhatia developed a business with the main aim of health, wealth, and comfort. In pursuit of their goal, they founded a brand called IMC, a firm that sells organic Ayurvedic patented, herbal, personal care, health, and beauty products. As the years progressed, the company successfully achieved what it aimed at and generated financial independence for individuals via its strategic marketing approaches and a healthier world with its best organic products.

IMC Company is based on the combined idea of Ayurveda and Aloe Vera. They have curated their products on the concept of AloeVeda. Aloe comes from the Aloe Vera, which has many significant medical benefits, and Veda comes from Ayurveda which has significant ancient literature on beauty and health care. The concept of this company promotes India's ancient culture, and its main aim is to restore people's health and beauty using India's traditional beliefs and ideas. The company has gone a long way in enhancing the lives of millions of people through years of pure commitment and hard work, and it aspires to continue its quest for a flourishing world.


IMC is the first direct selling company in India to adopt a revolutionary business strategy that removes the need for intermediaries. IMC received the National Achievement Award.

IMC began its mission to make the world a better place. The company's first 18 goods were launched in 2008-2009. One of IMC's most powerful pillars is its Ayurvedic product line. IMC hopes to revive the century-old science of Ayurveda, which holds the key to a disease-free life, through marketing herbal products.

Consumption of IMC goods is an excellent example of healthy eating and living. They use Ayurvedic secrets to manufacture natural wellness solutions and a faultless business strategy to assist its consumers in achieving financial success. IMC began working on a weight control project in 2009 and developed a weight management solution in 2010.

With its Ayurvedic: Health and Nutrition product line, IMC has developed a beneficial complement to our daily lives. By promoting herbal products, IMC hopes to revive the century-old science of Ayurveda, which can lead to a disease-free life by ingesting natural herb-based treatments. Shri Tulsi, which is currently an IMC Hero Product, was launched in 2010-2011.


Coho Lo Gasman, the first-ever magazine, was launched. IMC's another mission has been to promote Swedish goods in local and foreign markets by eliminating intermediaries through direct selling. IMC has created a one-of-a-kind line of skin and personal care products that are cost-efficient and effective. IMC received the Ayurvedic Excellence Award for it.

The New Delhi Bar Association presented him with a scroll of honour in 2012-2013. In just five years, the firm built a large network of colleagues and became the country's most trusted direct selling organization. IMC has left no stone unturned in its drive to make the world a better place, and as a result, it has been acknowledged and admired by industry professionals and the general public.

IMC extended its product lines to food, skincare, haircare, beauty, and personal care. This has allowed them to reach a wider audience. They use Ayurvedic secrets to produce natural wellness solutions and a faultless business strategy to assist you in achieving financial success. On World Health Day in 2013, IMC received the Maharishi Dhanvantari Award for outstanding research, quality, and development.

IMC is the National Excellency Award winner for the most indigenous and creative Ayurvedic and healthcare goods in 2014-2015. IMC has risen quickly to become India's biggest direct selling firm, producing herbal medicines that have been certified by the Ayurvedic Drug Department and the Government of Uttarkhand. The sale of IMC reached Rs 45 crore in 2015.


Dr. Ashok Bhatia received an International Achievement Award for business growth in Bangkok during the 2015-2016 mega seminar in Haridwar, drawing over 5000 participants (Thailand). The International Achievers Award for Business Development was also given to IMC during the same time period.

Mr. Satyan Bhatia was awarded the Bhartiya Gaurav Puraskar in 2016 and 2017. IMC joined the FICCI and the FDSA. In 10 years, IMC has expanded tremendously to become India's biggest herbal and Ayurvedic goods manufacturer.

With 1191 district distributors, 9835 outlets, and 24 state distributors across the nation, IMC sales totaled 410 crores in 2018. IMC was founded with the advantages of Ayurveda in mind and had been working relentlessly for a decade to achieve its vision: "to promote indigenous and eco-friendly products while preserving the country's natural resources."


The company sets a record for the most simultaneous anniversary celebrations, and is recognized in the India Book of Records.

IMC has set two world records: 10000+ associates pledged to be Swadeshi during the Haridwar event, and the book "Karo ya Maro" was launched in 30 different venues across India.

IMC aspires to be the largest direct-selling firm globally in the next two decades, employing more than 2 million individuals globally. IMC strives to become Southeast Asia's most sought and trusted direct selling firm by 2023 to assist people in becoming economically independent and living healthy lifestyles.


This time frame has been an action-packed and eventful for IMC. Aside from making the business plan more profitable, several constructive actions occurred. In order to assist business associates, the website was renovated in a dynamic and inventive manner. Also, IMC has partnered with the IMC Foundation, a well-known social welfare organization.

Company profile

Founder and Chairman Dr. Ashok Bhatia
Managing Director Mr. Satyan Bhatia
President Mrs. Veena Bhatia
General Secretary Mrs. Anshul Bhatia
Director Mr. Akhil Kapoor
Director Mr. Rakesh Mishra
Assistant Vice President Ms. Sarita Singh
Assistant Vice President Mr. Manjeet Singh
Assistant Vice President Mr. Vinod Kumar
Assistant Vice President Mr. Sandeep Wahi
Assistant Vice President Mr.Vijay Mahendroo


Some of their skin and healthcare products are as follows:

  • Keshwin anti-hair fall shampoo
  • Aloe baby hair and body wash
  • Charcoal tulsi and cucumber soap
  • Aloe mist moisturizing lotion
  • Unisex deodorant
  • Herbal antiseptic talcum powder
  • Aloe facial kit
  • Antiseptic talcum powder
  • Aloe lemon grass bathing bar ayurvedic skin toner
  • Herbal Femi tight gel
  • Aloe glow powder
  • Keshwin almond oil for hair and body
  • Herbal aloe cream
  • Sanitary napkins with anions and magnetic energy
  • Herbal face cleanser
  • Herbal breast fit cream
  • Aloe vera bathing soap
  • Peel off mask
  • Aloe baby wipes
  • Aloe turmeric cream
  • Aloe anti-aging cream
  • Herbal lip glow
  • Keshwin hair oil
  • Aloe cleansing milk
  • Herbal aloe gel
  • Aloe smooth hair removing cream
  • Aloe calamine lotion
  • Herbal face scrub
  • Aloe charcoal dental gel
  • Massage oil
  • Keshwin aloe icy hair oil
  • Aloe berry cream
  • Keshwin herbal henna
  • Ayurvedic skincare soap
  • Herbal face pack
  • Aloe dant cream
  • Aloe rosewater
  • Dental brush
  • Aloe face wash with haldi and chandan
  • Aloe almond cream
  • Face toner
  • Aloe panch gavya bathing bar ayurvedic skin toner
  • Aloe cracks away cream
  • Aloe kesar bathing bar ayurvedic skin toner
  • Keshwin hair conditioner
  • Aloe fairness cream
  • Aloe hand wash with lemongrass
  • Aloe baby massage oil
  • Aloe baby skin bar
  • Keshwin anti-dandruff shampoo
  • Aloe charcoal face wash
  • Organic noni hair color shampoo
  • Aloe mint bathing bar ayurvedic skin toner
  • Aloe dental cream
  • Aloe sunscreen lotion
  • Herbal bal shakti tonic

Other products come under the category of:

  • Books and Literature
  • Accessories and Promotional Tools
  • Agriculture and Veterinary
  • Home Care
  • Garments and Apparels
  • Baby Care
  • Purifiers
  • Health And Nutrition
  • Food Products

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