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Tableau Replacing Data Source

Tableau can connect multiple data sources within a single workbook. The different data sources can be used to create various dashboards and sheets in Tableau. In some cases, the data source is needed to replace with the updated file.

Tableau has the data source replacing feature which can replace the data source.This feature does not affect the already built visualizations using the old data source. It is important to keep or replace all the used dimensions and measures while replacing the data source.

The data source connected in Tableau can be replaced with another data source. The procedure for replacing data source is shown in the below screenshot:

Tableau Replacing Data Source

Step1: Go to the connected data source or multi connection in Tableau.

Step2: Then,

  • Select the data source which you want to replace.
  • Right click on the data source.
  • Select the "Replace Data Source" option.
Tableau Replacing Data Source

Step3: It opens the "Data Source Replacement" window.

  • Fill the Current option.
  • Then fill the Data Source Replacement option.
  • Click on OK button to replace the data source.
Tableau Replacing Data Source

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