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Tableau Vs. Power BI

Tableau and Power BI both are excellent visualization tools in recent time. Tableau has established itself as the market leader for data analytics and BI tools.

Power BI is the closest competitor for the Tableau. Both the visualization tools have their strengths and specialties, and each will used in business as per requirements.

Tableau offers a visualization tool to make data easily understandable for all the users at any level in companies.

Power BI serves to small businesses and offers an easy way to use interface with the ability to create powerful dashboards.

Tableau and Power BI both tools offer advanced reporting and visualization capabilities.


Tableau offers a robust BI tool to enhance data visualization and discovery for all types of business and organizations users. Tableau has a simple drag and drop features, and users can analyze critical data quickly. Users can share critical insights across the enterprise and create innovative visualization and reports in Tableau.

Tableau allows embedding dashboards into existing business application such as SharePoint for quick analytics.

Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based analytics and business intelligence platform. Power BI offers a full overview of critical organization data.

It simplifies the data sharing and evaluation for users by connecting to all of their data sources. And it offers scalable dashboards that make it easy for users to choose various visualization as blueprints, then drag and drop the data from the navigation into the visualization.

We compared the Tableau and Power BI to see the main differences and factors which help you to decide the best for your needs.

Parameters Tableau Power BI
Meaning Tableau is the data analytics and business intelligence tool for generating reports and data visualization tool with high flexibility. Power BI is the business analytics tool to analyze the business and derive insight from it.
Year Tableau was established in 2003. Power BI was established in 2013.
Cost Tableau is more expensive when it comes to large enterprise, and it paid more when connected to third party application. Power BI is less expensive when compared to the Tableau.
Data visualization Tableau is a more preferred tool when it comes to data visualization. Power BI focused on predictive modeling and reporting.
Data source Tableau has access to many database sources and servers.
Ex: Text file, Excel, JSON file, Access, PDF file, Statistical file, Spatial file, etc.
Power BI has limited access to other database and servers.
Ex: Access database, SQL server database, SQL server analysis services database, IBM DB2 database, Oracle database, etc.
Deployment Tableau have more flexible deployment. It available on-premises and cloud both model options. Power BI is available as SaaS model options only.
User interface Tableau has a slick user interface that enables the user to create a customized dashboard. Power BI has a more understandable interface and much simpler to learn. Due to its simplicity and easy to use, that's why business users prefer power BI.
Data capacity Tableau works on the columnar based structure that stores unique values for each column, making it possible to fetch millions of rows. Power BI can Handel up to 10 GB of data. For more than 10 GB, data should be in the cloud (Azure). If it is in the local database, then Power BI selects the data from the database but does not import.
Machine learning Python machine learning capacities is in build with a Tableau that makes it efficient for performing machine learning operation over the datasets. Power BI is integrated with Microsoft Azure that helps in analyzing the data and understanding the pattern of the business.
Performance Tableau can handle huge data with better performance. Power BI can handle limited data only.
Users Tableau required analysts users for their analytics purpose. Power BI required both technical and non-technical users.
Infrastructure Tableau provides flexible infrastructure. Power BI provides software as a service infrastructure.
Overall functionality Tableau has excellent functionality. Power BI has good functionality.
Support level Tableau has a high support level in comparison to power BI. Power BI has a low support level.
Programming tools support Tableau integrates much better with R language as compared to power BI. Power BI is also connected to the R language using Microsoft revaluation analytics. But it is only available for enterprises level users.

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