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Zoho Corporation is a web-based business software company established in India. Zoho, an online office suite, is its most well-known product. Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas launched the company in 1996, and it now has a presence in seven countries. Its worldwide headquarters are in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, and its corporate headquarters are in Del Valle, Texas, just outside of Austin. Shridhar Vembu's sister, Radha Vembu, owns the corporation entirely.

Zoho Company

AdventNet, Inc. was the firm's name from 1996 to 2009. In the year 2001, AdventNet moved into Japan. In 2005, Projects, Creator, and Sheet were released, and in 2006, Zoho CRM was published. With the launching of Zoho Docs and Zoho Meeting in 2007, Zoho ventured into the collaborative space. The company introduced invoicing and mail applications in 2008, and by August of that year had reached one million users. Zoho Corporation, called after its online office suite, was renamed the corporation in 2009. A small group of people still holds the business. Zoho One, a complete suite of over forty applications, was launched in 2017 by Zoho. Zoho One is now available in 50 applications as of October 2021. In January of 2020, Zoho had surpassed 50 million users.


Chennai, India, is the headquarters of Zoho. It currently operates 12 offices in nine countries as of 2021. The firm is based in China, with offices in Singapore and Japan. The majority of its support operations are managed by its Chennai headquarters. Zoho also has a location in Renigunta, Andhra Pradesh, where it has been functioning since 2018.

Its US headquarters were located in Pleasanton, California, until 2019, when it was relocated to Del Valle, Texas. In April of this year, Zoho purchased the land for their future headquarters outside Austin. Instead, they created an organic farm in February 2020 as a food source and a location for leisure and recreation for their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees work in pre-existing structures there. Food that isn't used is donated to the Central Texas Food Bank and other charities. The research and development campus is located in Chennai's Estancia IT Park. Zoho has a Tenkasi office where their Zoho Desk product was developed and released. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, Zoho intended to create branches in rural parts of southern Tamil Nadu, such as Madurai and Theni. Zoho built its first location in New Braunfels, Texas, in February 2022.

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