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Alignment in MS Word 2007

It is important to understand that alignment will affect the entire paragraph or content in the Word when you implement text alignment or modify the margins or the line spacing in the text for a single word.

It may even change the inserting point for the next Word. If you want your change to be implemented for multiple paragraphs simultaneously, you must ensure that at least one word is selected from all the paragraphs.

In MS Word, you can implement four alignments and these four alignments are:

  • Left: It aligns the selected content to the left margin on the page.
  • Center: It aligns the selected content to the left margin on the page.
  • Right: It aligns the selected content to the left margin on the page.
  • Justify: It aligns the selected content to both the margins on the page.

Text Alignment in Word 2007

Using Command-Tab

All the Paragraph formatting options are available in the home tab in MS Word 2007.

The first step is to select the entire text to be modified using the cursor.

Once the text is selected, go to the Home tab in your application, and from the paragraph formatting group, select the text alignment you want to implement.

Using Keyboard

The best way to modify the text alignment is by using the keyboard. That way, you will not have to worry about deselecting the content.

Select the content that is to be modified.

After selecting the content, use the given shortcuts to change the alignment of the text:

  • Left Alignment: Press CTRL+L simultaneously on the keyboard.
  • Right Alignment: Press CTRL+E simultaneously on the keyboard.
  • Center Alignment: Press CTRL+R simultaneously on the keyboard.
  • Justify Alignment: Press CTRL+J simultaneously on the keyboard.

Changing the Line Spacing in MS Word 2007

When changing the alignment of the text, you can also add spaces between the lines of the content. Adjusting the line spacing also changes the text alignment. For example, if you want the paragraph, the content to be double-spaced. Then the steps below are an effective method instead of typing two spaces after every Word.

Using the Command-Tab

  1. Adjust the insertion point from where you want to begin entering the text in your paragraph.
  2. In the paragraph group, click on the line spacing. This allows the user to change the distance between the lines of the content in the paragraph.
  3. This will open a dialog box. The dialog box contains the distance between the line. Choose the appropriate distance between the lines.

Using the Paragraph Dialog Box

Another method to implement line spacing is directly using the paragraph.

  1. From the dialog box, you can change the line spacing before and after implementing the change. The user can also determine whether he wants multiple or single line spacing in the content.
  2. Once selecting the desired values. Click on the Indents and spacing tab in the Home tab.
  3. From the menu, use the line spacing to change the value of the spacing in the content.
  4. Once you have made the changes click on OK.

Adjusting Paragraph Spacing in MS Word 2007

The user can also add additional spaces at the paragraph's beginning and ending. The best use of paragraph adjusting is when the user wants a blank line of a different length than the content in the paragraph. This makes it easier to differentiate the content.

  1. The first step is to place the insertion point from where you want to add the paragraph spacing in your document.
  2. Click on the paragraph.
  3. It will open a dialog box.
  4. In the dialog box, select the indents and Spacing tab.
  5. Under the spacing section, you can see the option to add the space that you want to have before the paragraphs in your document.
  6. After typing the space in the text box, click on OK.

Once done, the changes will be implemented in your text.

Working with the Indents in MS Word 2007

Indent is the distance between the page margin and the content in your content. The indent can be implemented for a single paragraph, multiple paragraphs, and even the entire document. So instead of adding spaces before starting a line in your paragraph, the better way is to increase the indent to add the space between the margins and lines.

In MS Word 2007, three different indents can be implemented in the document. These are normal indents, first-line indents, and hanging indents.

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