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How to Save the Document in MS Word

When you create a document it is important to save the document so that it can be viewed or reused later. The basic steps to save a document are listed below;

  • Click the Microsoft Office Button
  • A list of different commands appears
  • Click the 'Save As' command
  • it displays 'Save As' Dialogue Box
  • Save the document to desired location with a desired name

You can also choose 'Save' command from the list to save the document to its current location with same title. If you are saving a fresh document it displays 'Save As' dialogue box.

The shortcut method to save a document is to press "Ctrl+S" keys. It opens the 'Save As' dialogue box where you can name you document and save it to a desired location.

See the image:

MS Word How to save the document in ms word 1 MS Word How to save the document in ms word 2
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