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How Much Does Semrush Cost

Semrush is a very powerful SEO tool that can be used to improve the visibility of any website in search engine result pages (SERPs), and this can help the website owner to increase traffic as well as boost the revenue of his business. If this tool is used correctly, then a huge difference can be seen in the performance of any business or website. However, it should be noted that using Semrush can be quite expensive compared to other SEO tools available in the digital market, especially for beginners and small businesses. It can be a challenge for early-stage startups to purchase Semrush plans and get access to all the features it offers.

How Much Does Semrush Cost

Hence, it becomes very important for the user to choose the best plan as per his specific requirements and avoid paying for plans that include additional features that users may not use or even require for his websites or projects. The users must seek to maintain a balance between what they need and what they can afford. By selecting the appropriate plan, you can ensure that you get the most value out of your investment without breaking the bank.

Semrush Overview

Semrush is a very handy SEO tool, and users can use it for the best digital marketing results, increasing their website's visibility in search engines. It provides its users with a lot of useful information which they can use to make wonders for their increased online presence. Semrush, with its effective AI writing tool, can also be used to create blog posts and web pages that can attract large amounts of organic traffic. It also helps you find opportunities to build genuine backlinks, which is great because having more links often leads to better search engine ranking. Additionally, Semrush assists you in making technical tweaks (technically fixing errors) to your website, increasing the likelihood of it ranking higher in search engines. In a nutshell, Semrush equips you with the insights and tools that you need to optimize your online presence and get noticed by more people searching the web.

Semrush was founded by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov in 2008. According to the company, it now has a user base in around 143 countries. Semrush claims to have more than 10 million users all over the world.

The great thing about Semrush is that it works seamlessly with any website builder platform or CMS (Content Management System). So, whether you're using Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, or any other platform, you can still benefit from the valuable data that Semrush provides. It doesn't matter which platform you're using; Semrush empowers you to gather insights that can shape a highly effective SEO campaign. It's like having a universal tool that fits perfectly with whatever website-building platform you prefer. So, regardless of your chosen platform, Semrush has got your back in optimizing your website for search engines.

Semrush Pricing Options

Semrush primarily offers three paid plans, namely Semrush Pro, Semrush Guru, and Semrush Business. However, there are some additional paid packs to add more features and functionality to the existing plans. Furthermore, larger players or businesses can opt for customized plans to suit their specific needs. Let us now delve deeper into the remarkable plans of Semrush:

How Much Does Semrush Cost

1. Semrush Pro Plan

The basic plan which Semrush offers is its Pro plan. It has all the basic features which an SEO tool must contain. If anyone is opting for this plan, he is required to pay a subscription amount, which is $129.95 for one month.

However, if you are opting for the plan for a year, then in that case, you may get a discount of around 17% on the original subscription amount, and this offer is available for all the plans of Semrush on annual subscriptions. So, if you opt for the pro plan of Semrush for a year, it will cost you only $108.33/ month instead of $129.95/ month.

What's included in the Semrush Pro Plan?

The basic plan of Semrush, called Semrush Pro, encompasses various functionalities such as keyword research, domain analysis, site audit, and a range of social media tools. The Pro plan of Semrush allows its subscribers to manage up to five projects simultaneously. The users can also track up to 500 keywords, giving them valuable insights into their website's performance. In addition to these features, the subscribers can generate up to 10,000 results per report, providing extensive data for analysis. Also, access to Semrush's cutting-edge SEO, PPC, and social media tools is also granted to the subscribers of the Pro plan.

Will the Semrush Pro plan suit you?

To determine whether this Pro plan of Semrush is right for the user or not depends on his level of SEO expertise and the requirements. This plan is well suited for users new to SEO, entry-level marketers, or a small team managing clients' projects. While the domain analysis and keyword tracking features may appear somewhat limited, they provide ample functionality for individuals just starting to explore the world of SEO.

If the user is in the early stages of understanding and optimizing his websites, then the Semrush Pro plan can be the best choice for him as it offers a number of tools and capabilities which support all the needs of a user in the early stage. Since this is the base plan of Semrush, it does not include all the advanced features that Semrush's other plans provide, but still, it provides a strong foundation to start your SEO journey smoothly. Overall, the Semrush Pro plan can be a valuable resource to improve your website's visibility and drive organic traffic, especially when you are a newbie in SEO, an entry-level marketer, or a self-blogger.

2. Semrush Guru Plan

The next plan that Semrush offers is its Guru Plan. It costs around $249.95 if you purchase this plan for a month. However, the annual discount available for the Pro plan is also available for this plan, which means that if a user is purchasing this plan for a year, it will cost only $208.33 instead of $249.95 as a discount of 17% will be applied on the basic amount of the plan.

What's included in the Semrush Guru Plan?

There are many features that the Guru plan offers; some of which are more advanced than the features of the Pro plan. With the help of Guru Plan, the user can manage up to 15 projects simultaneously, which allows him to handle a wide scope of SEO projects/ initiatives. It also allows its user to track up to 1500 keywords, ultimately giving the user a better understanding of his target keywords. In addition to the above features, the user can generate up to 30,000 results per report, providing more comprehensive data for analysis.

There is an additional feature in the Guru Plan that is very useful for any content creator; it is called a content marketing toolkit. This tool or feature is more valuable for those with larger websites. This toolkit provides additional data and insights to help you curate the right content strategy. Additionally, the Guru plan offers historical data retrieval and GDS integration, enhancing your ability to analyze and optimize your SEO efforts more effectively.

Will the Semrush Guru Plan suit you?

If you have a medium to larger website or manage multiple SEO projects simultaneously, then the Guru Plan of Semrush can benefit you. The content marketing toolkit and increased project and keyword limits offer valuable resources for optimizing your website's performance.

The Semrush Guru plan is especially well-suited for mid-sized agencies or businesses with an in-house SEO team. Simply put, if you require some advanced features and have a greater need for in-depth SEO analysis and management, the Guru plan provides the ideal solution.

3. Semrush Business Plan

The above-discussed plan, i.e., Pro and Guru, cater to small-scale and mid-scale professionals and businesses, but the Semrush Business plan takes things to the next level. If the user has a few clients, then the Guru plan will be enough for him, but if the user is running an SEO agency that has an extensive portfolio, then it is suggested that the user should opt for the Business plan of Semrush as it can satisfy all the needs of the user.

However, it should be noted that the Business plan of Semrush is the most expensive plan among all, and it will cost $499.95 if the user purchases it for a month. But if the user buys this plan for a year, in that case, a discount of 17% will be applicable on the base amount, and then the plan will cost the user only $416.66/month.

What's included in the Semrush Business Plan?

With the Semrush Business plan, you gain access to a range of advanced features and capabilities. You can manage up to 40 projects simultaneously, efficiently handling a substantial workload. This plan allows you to track up to 5000 keywords and generate reports for up to 50,000 results per report, thereby comprehensively meeting your customers' needs and understanding competitors' performance.

Will the Semrush Business plan suit you?

If you are running a sizable business and want to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing), then Semrush's business plan can be the best option for you. Apart from this, those who work in the digital marketing sector to manage multiple websites of their clients can also opt for the business plan.


All the plans that Semrush offers are suitable for users of different needs or businesses of different sizes. The user may choose any of the plans based on the specific requirement of the business or website. However, it is true that Semrush plans are quite expensive, and because of this, many users think a lot before purchasing any plans of it. Therefore, it is recommended that users, before purchasing any Semrush plan, try the features of the plan by opting for a trial period of 7 days. During the trial, users have to determine their needs and requirements and analyze the plan features to help them decide which plan to buy. Besides, users may seek professional advice in choosing the best plan based on their specific requirements.

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