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Internal link Building

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A text link from one page to another page on the same domain is known as an internal link and creating such links is called internal link building. It is an important SEO technique that enables you to link a new post to another old or popular post to increase the traffic to the new post as well as to provide users more relevant content.

Some key benefits of internal link building are:

1) User-friendly navigation: It helps improve navigation; when you are reading a page you can also access other similar pages through text links.

2) Help provide relevant data: It enables you tell users and search engines that there is more or additional information on other pages of the site about the text they are reading. Thus, you can make sure that your users do not miss any relevant information.

3) Decreases bounce rate: By using text links you can /engage users for a longer duration on your site; the user would like to read other related posts or content on other pages using links.

4) Helps utilize link juice for other pages: It helps you connect your pages with higher page rank or authority to a relevant content on another page which is low in ranking or not so popular. Thus, you can pass link juice from one page to other pages so that they could perform better.

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