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White Hat SEO Techniques

White Hat SEO Techniques

A list of 6 popular white hat SEO techniques are given below:

  1. Good content
  2. Proper use of title, keywords and metatags
  3. Ease of Navigation
  4. Site Performance
  5. Quality Inbound Links
  6. Mobile Friendliness

1) Good content

A unique, well-written content makes your website appear more trustworthy and valuable to search engines and human visitors. It optimizes your website for search engines, which helps you get higher ranking on the search engine listings as search engines offer the most appropriate website to the end-users for their search.

2) Proper use of title, keywords and metatags

The information contained in the HTML code is known as Metadata. It provides crawler the information about the site for classification and indexing purposes. So, proper title, keyword, and metatag should be incorporated in the metadata.

3) Ease of navigation

Search engines also consider the ease of navigation while assessing the usefulness of a site, so avoid the irrelevant links and use universally recognizable links. It is not only important for the users but also for the crawlers who index the sites.

4) Site Performance

Site and page performance is another factor considered by search engines to assess the sites. The unavailable sites or the unavailable pages cannot be indexed by crawlers of search engines; a week or even a day of non-performing site or pages can adversely affect the site traffic. So, make sure your site loads fast and is accessible all the time.

5) Quality inbound links

The site must have quality inbound links as search engines regularly assess backlinks for their relevance. If a site is found to have irrelevant backlinks, it will be discounted or penalized by the search engine, e.g., a website about farming in India containing a number of links from Europeans websites about technology will be degraded by the search engines.

6) Mobile Friendliness

Mobile-friendliness has become an important SEO factor as Google started emphasizing mobile results since 2016. The reason for this is that there is a tremendous increase in the mobile users browsing content on their mobile phones. So, make sure you have a mobile-friendly site.

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