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Keyword Research and Analysis

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Keyword Research and Analysis is a high return activity and an important part of the SEO. Right keywords can place your website on the first page of search results and irrelevant keywords can increase the gap between users and your website.

Keyword Research and Analysis enables you identify the information your target audience is searching and the keywords they are using for their queries. After researching and analyzing the keyword demand you not only get the relevant terms and phrases for SEO but also understand the users in a better way. It helps you build a better website with relevant keywords and phrases.

Your webpage has to compete with millions of webpages to achieve the higher ranking. So, optimizing your content by incorporating the right keywords in the pages is a necessary SEO practice. If you are not using the right keywords your website might never be on the first page of search results.

How to find the suitable keyword

Before using the keyword research tools you need to understand your product or service and the target audience. If you know your product or service in a better way you can create better keywords.

The next step is to access the value of the keyword. To access the value of your keyword you can follow the steps described below:

Few questions: Ask yourself a few questions such as is the keyword relevant to your content? Will the visitors get the right information with this keyword? Will this traffic increase revenue? If the answer to these questions is yes then the keyword is full of value.

Search the given keywords in major search engines: In this step, you will get to know about the other websites which already rank for your keyword. It will deepen your understanding about the competition and tell you how hard or easy it will be to rank for the given keyword or phrase.

Buy sample campaign: You can buy sample campaign at Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter, etc. You will get test traffic which you can direct to your webpages and see how many of them click and how much time they spend on your pages. It will tell you either you need to change your keyword or you can continue with that keyword.

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