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How to Choose Best Keywords

Keywords are the words or phrases used by people in search engines to find the desired information. Relevant keyword and phrases help increase profitable traffic to your website.

So, keep the following points in mind if you are looking for best keywords and phrases.

1) Long-tail keywords: It usually refers to 3 to 5 words phrases. Such keywords are considered ideal for SEO as people in purchase stage of buying cycle tend to use longer phrases to search products or services. The long phrases are also found to be less competitive than shorter keywords and help you attract targeted traffic.

2) Latent semantic indexing: It is also known as LSI. In this method, we incorporate related terms along with main key phrases, e.g. if a page contains information about cars then search engine tends to see related terms like models, makes, car parts, etc. So, if the search engine finds more semantic words on your page they will assume you more relevant and authentic.

3) Recent trends: If you want to create popular keywords then keep an eye on recent trends. You will get to know what is popular on search engines and if you find any trending search query related to your niche then you can effectively newsjack it to increase traffic to your site.

4) Location based keywords: You can add country, state or city name to your main keyword to stand out from the crowd. It will help you achieve higher ranking in local search results.

5) Identify competitors' keyword: You can use some of the popular keywords of your competitors to pull some of their traffic to your site. You can take the help of online services such as Keyword Spy to identify their keywords.

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