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Link Popularity

Link Popularity is an important Off-page SEO strategy. It refers to the total number of links that point to a website. These links are of two types; internal and external. Internal links are the links from your own webpages and external links are from other webpages or websites.

SEO Link popularity

The high link popularity shows that more people are connected to your site and it contains useful content and information. So, it is one of the important factors for the search engines to rank websites in search engine result pages, i.e. if there are two websites with same level of search engine optimization, the site with higher link popularity will be ranked higher than the other by the search engine.

However, the links to your site should be quality backlinks. A quality backlink is a link that has content that relates to your site as well as has high popularity.

Anchor text also helps in determining the quality of a backlink. It tells what the link is all about. There are few guidelines you may follow before you look for link partners.

  • The site should related to your content or information.
  • Keep your site and its links focused.
  • Share unique and relevant information.

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