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Is Semrush Free


Whether one is a seasoned blogger or a newcomer, it is quite likely that he/she must have definitely heard about or used the tool Semrush. It is one of the most popular and well-liked SEO tools and offers practically all the elements that bloggers may need or search for SEO purposes. Nowadays, all types of businesses are adopting contemporary digitization. Most individuals are also shifting to blogging and trying ways to be found via the well-known search engine Google. Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft have all completely embraced digitalization and already have an online presence. Consequently, if anyone wants to promote their company online, a tool called Semrush can be of great help.

Is Semrush Free

In this article, let's review Semrush based on its critical features, and know the different plans it offers to its users. Semrush is a great place to start if someone is considering investing in SEO. It is being used by over 6 million individuals as the best SEO tool accessible online. Choosing the best Semrush subscription might help someone save hundreds of dollars.

Is Semrush free?

Is Semrush Free

Semrush typically provides three distinct sorts of paid plans to its subscribers. They are known as Semrush Pro, Guru and Businesss. However, the users may also use it for free with limited access. Similarly, Semrush also offers its users a trial for two of its popular plans, which enables users to test the features of the respective plans for free for 7 days. So, Semrush is technically not a free software program; however, it does provide a free trial to anybody interested in its services. Users may sign up for a seven-day trial of the Pro or Guru editions of the program, and they will then be charged the full monthly membership amount if they continue to use the respective plan even after the 7-days period.

First, one needs to navigate to the Semrush homepage. If an individual is not currently a member, he must create an account on the platform. Apart from this, the user may also log in using the Google account. After that, he may opt for a free trial from the Homepage immediately.

There's technically no such thing as free, and free trials come with some conditions attached. The usual suspect is the sharing of first-party data. To participate in a Semrush trial, users must create an account, including supplying the email address. In future, Semrush will try its best to entice users with great offers on its product. So, users can finally sign in for the paid subscription.

When someone signs up for a Semrush trial, they may only pick between Pro and Guru Trial versions and will be prompted for their credit card details. However, no charges are taken for up to 7 days. To authenticate the validity of the account, you must provide your financial information and pay $1, which will be refunded later.

With Semrush Trial, you won't be charged for the full membership immediately. Regardless, Semrush still has the payment information saved for the auto deduction. Therefore, users must cancel the subscription before the end of their trial period to avoid being charged for the full membership.

To cancel a subscription, the user needs to follow the on-screen cancellation process through his account section. Moreover, the user may also contact Semrush Help support and ask for the cancellation of the membership. The subscription will be cancelled after some time. Simply put, Semrush does provide a seven-day return guarantee if you don't like it, but to avoid auto debit of payment for full membership, it is the user's responsibility to cancel it timely. It is best to cancel the subscription at least a few working days before the last day of the trial period or before the warning mail.

Is there a free version of Semrush?

If a user's requirements are basic and limited, Semrush also provides a free program version. Users can keep access to the free version even if they cancel their membership. This implies that the user's account is still active, but he has been given limited access to some services. Users may upgrade from Semrush's free edition to a premium membership anytime.

If a user chooses to utilize Semrush's free edition, he can utilize the following features:

  • One project management.
  • Every day, 10 domain and 10 keyword analytic searches.
  • 10 analytical report outcomes each day.
  • Up to 10 keywords tracking support.
  • 10 SEO unit suggestions each month.
  • 100 monthly page crawls.
  • 2 topic research inquiries each month (results restricted owing to lack of access to the content marketing toolbox).
  • Each month, one PDF report can be generated.

To receive access to the free edition of Semrush, users must first agree to a free trial. In this way, Semrush is committed to allowing users to test their great features before deciding to pay for a subscription package of any SEO service from any provider.

The free version of Semrush is nothing but an attractive way for Semrush to entice users to the main entrance of a monthly subscription. The free version might be advantageous if the marketing requirements are relatively modest.

Is there a free trial available for Semrush?

Is Semrush Free

Semrush provides a free trial to everyone interested in its service. Users may sign up for a seven-day trial of the Pro or Guru editions of the program. Users will then be charged the full monthly membership amount.

Which version will one go with? That depends on what users want in the subscription bundle. The Pro edition is the entry-level subscription plan and offers a set of features. The Guru edition of Semrush has more functionality but is significantly more expensive. It is to be noted that the Business edition of Semrush is not accessible for trial. However, the Guru trial will provide a user with a sufficient sample to determine whether the Business is required.

Users can determine which free trial is appropriate based on the provided features. The features of different plans are broken down as follows:

Features Pro Guru Business
Access to the content marketing platform No Yes Yes
Access to historical data No Yes Yes
Access to keyword, backlink, and domain analytics Yes Yes Yes
Active social media profiles for posting 10 30 50
Analysis of mobile rankings Yes Yes Yes
Calendars 0 1 Unlimited
Content marketing page audits 0 20000 20000
Daily domain and keyword reports 3000 5000 10000
File sharing (read-only or edit) Yes Yes Yes
Google data studio integration No Yes Yes
Keyword cannibalization detection No Yes Yes
Maximum projects 5 15 40
Monthly content plagiarism checks 0 5 10
Monthly keyword metric updates 250 1000 5000
Page crawls per month 100000 300000 1000000
Page crawls per project 20000 20000 100000
Project targets 1 10 Unlimited
Results per domain and keyword report 10000 30000 50000
Scheduled PDF reports 5 20 50
SEO content templates 0 800 2000
SEO idea units per month 500 800 2000
Sharing of PDF templates Yes Yes Yes
Trackable countries in content marketing 0 5 10
Trackable keywords 500 1500 5000
Trackable posts in content marketing 0 50 50
Trackable social media profiles 50 100 300

Semrush recommends the Pro edition of the program to freelancers and small firms with a limited marketing budget who handle all marketing needs in-house. For agencies and SEO professionals, the Guru or Business packages are recommended. Of course, it's up to users to discover for themselves which bundle best matches their needs.

Should someone keep paying for Semrush once the trial period ends?

It totally depends on the respectable users. It all hinges on the response to a simple question: How useful has anyone found Semrush? Is it useful enough to spend the monthly membership cost, or would the money be better served elsewhere? Depending on the requirements, users can choose between Semrush free account and Semrush paid plan.

As a reminder, Semrush has three price options. These are broken out as follows:

  • Pro Account - $119.95 per month + $45 for each additional user
  • Guru Account - $229.95 per month + $80 for each additional user
  • Business Account - $449.95 per month + $100 for each additional user

Discounts are available if you commit to a 12-month plan and pay the whole amount in advance. Semrush also provides several add-on packs. So, compare the costs of these services to those of, for example, a specialized SEO firm, and determine if you would need them to manage your marketing using the in-house features of Semrush.

Feature What does it do? Cost
Agency Growth Kit It provides workflow automation that reduces staff and saves the company time. $100 per month
Semrush Trends It provides the opportunity to analyze competition traffic to find effective techniques. $200 per month
Impact Hero With this, the buyer's journey is broken down using AI, and the most impactful potential copy is discovered. $200 per month
Location (Basic) It helps list the company in all important local directories, eliminates duplicates, records ranks, and monitors regional rankings. $20 per month
Location (Premium) It also helps to list the company in all relevant directories, eliminates duplicates, monitors and records rankings, and includes a heatmap and the option to respond to reviews. $40 per month

It may take some time to find the best Semrush bundle for one's specific needs. Therefore, it is recommended that you take into account all your requirements and approach professionals to help you choose the plan. Alternatively, you can adjust to the free version for a time, fully understand the features, and then decide to choose between different paid plans.

How to properly utilize Semrush during the trial period?

It is believed that many users go for the Semrush Guru plan as it is the plan for both entry-level businesses and those who are in the growing stage. Once users are activated and running the tool, the Semrush dashboard will be divided into six categories. They are:

  • Digital Marketing Firms
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content marketing
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Competitive Investigation

Now is the moment to determine whether Semrush will benefit the user's respective companies. For this, users will have to test the features properly during the trial period and only then decide to choose a paid plan accordingly. Users can experiment with some of the required features and purposes, such as:

  • Examine the existing SEO strategy and get suggestions on how to enhance it.
  • Create SEO reports from scratch or use a Semrush template.
  • Examine and find opportunities for the backlinks, ensuring they are not harming the page ranking.
  • Learn about the most effective content marketing methods accessible, such as which subheadings to include in a blog and what will be a good length for the content. This is important for successful inbound lead creation.
  • Examine and audit the current material.
  • Identify critical keywords that will increase the ROI of the PPC ads.
  • Enjoy a comprehensive social media toolset for managing and scheduling posts and evaluating the rivals' social media performance (far less expensive than employing a social marketing firm).
  • Investigate the competition, examining how they handle marketing and which of their sites are doing the best. Also, examine the rival's backlinks.

These are just some of the essential tips that can be tried by anyone signing up for a guru trial. Spend some time playing with Semrush and discover everything it has to offer.

What are the best Semrush alternatives to check out before deciding to opt for any paid subscription for SEO needs?

Semrush is undoubtedly the most comprehensive service, but other players are in the market as well. Look at some of Semrush's competitors and see whether they're worth the time. All of these solutions are less expensive than Semrush monthly packages. Besides, many of them also offer free access with limited features. So, check out these alternative options below:

  • Moz Pro: It is an excellent all-arounder, particularly for individuals and small enterprises. Thanks to its ease of use, it is on par with Semrush for beginners in this area. Semrush, on the other hand, provides additional options to more experienced and expert users.
  • SEO Powersuite: Without a doubt, it is one of the greatest solutions for monitoring and analyzing the performance of the competition. However, each individual/separate user requires a complete license, and the program is huge, complex, and requires frequent upgrades. This may reduce performance and increase process time.
  • Cognitive SEO: It's got one of the ugliest interfaces available, but getting past that part, the platform allows users to generate comprehensive, analytical reports for long and profitable audits. Unfortunately, it is less successful at checking ranking positions and analyzing competitors.
  • SE Ranking: It is an excellent choice for assessing the quality of backlinks, reviewing websites, and analyzing keyword performance, as well as providing recommendations on how to enhance users' fortunes. However, there are limited measurements, delayed reporting, and a need for SEO authoring tools.
  • Serpstat: It is possibly the most complete free program and useful for keywords; this tool will assist in locating the finest keywords while avoiding overuse. Unfortunately, the database is limited, and users cannot monitor backlinks, employ SEO authoring tools, or follow social media accounts.

These services also provide free trial periods. Therefore, you can experiment with different software to determine which is most likely to meet the company's demands in the long run and which formats are most user-friendly.

Is Semrush difficult to learn?

Semrush, for sure, has a steep learning curve. Not because it's difficult to learn, but because there are so many features, it takes some time to figure out how to utilize it. However, suppose users know their goals and the data they want from Semrush. In that case, users may simply locate the feature and insights they seek.

Users may use the 7-day Semrush free trial period to learn how to use the tool and extract data so that when they sign up for a Semrush paid plan, they will know what exactly they need to do.

The Bottom Line

Several SEO tools are available in the market, but none of them compares to Semrush. It provides users with access to over 20 billion keywords. It provides tools for keyword research, ranking tracking, local SEO, social media management, content marketing analytics, content optimization, and website monetization, among other things. Additionally, it allows users to try Semrush out before purchasing a membership and test all of its capabilities for themselves.

Users can also use Semrush's free account, and they do not need to spend a single penny. The free plan offers a comprehensive set of SEO functions and an ample project limit of one site, allowing users to learn the basics of managing SEO for domains and checking other statistics.

Moreover, users can opt for any of the paid plans after knowing about all the features and finding out their requirements. However, users are not forced to do it and can continue to use the free accounts for as long as they wish.

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