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Competitors' Website Analysis

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Analysis of competitors' website is an important part of SEO search and analysis. By analyzing competitors' websites you can get ideas to improve your own web marketing strategies.

There are various competitor-analysis tools designed to compare the search friendliness of a website against the websites of its competitors. These tools are based on various SEO metrics and are quite easy to use, i.e. some tools require you to enter your webpage URL, the competitor URL and the targeted keyword and the tool will tell you how well you are ranked against your competitors for that keyword.

Few important steps to analyze competitors' website

1) Find out your SEO competitors

Generally, the sites which are in your niche or rank well for your keywords are your competitors. The other simple way to find out your competitors is to search your keywords with Google and look for the sites that pop high in search result page.

2) Visit competitors' site

After you have made a list of your competitors the next step is to visit their sites. There are many things to be noticed in their sites like the quality and quantity of content, keywords or phrases, type of website (dynamic or static), etc. This analysis will tell you how professional your competitors' sites are and how much efforts you need to put into your site to surpass them.

3) Check competitors' backlinks

In this step, you will examine the backlinks of your competitors. You need to find their number, origin and anchor text, etc. If there are backlinks from some popular sites you can contact their webmasters to get backlinks from them. Some of the popular tools for backlink analysis are Backlink Anchor Text Analysis and Backlink Summary.

4) Analyze competitors' presence on Social Media

Social Medias are extensively used to increase traffic on a site. Visit some of the popular social bookmarking sites to see the posts of your competitors; check the quality and popularity of their posts. Twitter and Facebook are two popular social networking sites where you can check if your competitors are active or not.

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