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Semrush Competitors

One of the most widely used software applications by internet marketers is Semrush. With more than 7 million customers, the firm is a go-to source for marketers managing sponsored and organic searches for their businesses.

Semrush Competitors

Understanding alternatives is essential before investing in Semrush. Here, we describe the many Semrush characteristics and list the top competitors in each area.

Semrush is the best comprehensive program for search marketers, as you'll see below. The most excellent method for competition analysis, keyword rank tracking, and keyword research. Moreover, it provides powerful capabilities for SEO site audits, researching content, and analyzing backlinks. It's a great option if you want an essential search marketing tool and have $119.95 to spare each month.

Define Semrush's Competitors

Semrush Competitors

Semrush has competition from a variety of search engines. Depending on the features you want to use, consider Semrush's competitors.

Semrush competes with tools like Ahrefs, its main competitors., in every feature category. Other companies that compete with individual Semrush products include AccuRanker and Screaming Frog.

Here is a list of the most popular Semrush Competitors

1. Ahrefs

Semrush Competitors

An excellent all-in-one SEO solution is Ahrefs. It's Semrush's biggest competitor in general. Ahrefs is a good choice if you're interested in backlink analysis. Semrush is better if you're more interested in performing keyword research and rank tracking.

Starting Price: $99/month for Ahrefs

Some comparisons Between Ahrefs and Semrush

Semrush Competitors
  • Ahrefs is superior in terms of connection analysis.
  • The SEMrush keyword rank tracker receives new updates.
  • The superior keyword research tool is SEMrush's Keyword Magic Tool.

2. Serpstat

Semrush Competitors

Most of the features Semrush offers are available in Serpstat, another well-liked all-in-one SEO tool. It allows you to track a considerably bigger keyword volume and is slightly less expensive than Semrush. Because of this, many budget-conscious marketers think Serpstat is the superior choice. To find out which of these tools suits you the best, we advise testing both.

Serpstat Monthly Subscription Price: $69

Some comparisons Between Semrush and Serpstat

Semrush Competitors
  • Serpstat is less expensive; for just $69 a month, you can track 15,000 keywords.
  • No listing management nor social media capabilities are available via Serpstat.
  • SEMrush provides more accurate metrics for domain traffic.

3. SE Ranking

Semrush Competitors

Almost 300,000 individuals depend on SE Ranking, a reliable all-in-one SEO tool. Semrush's $99 entrance package is substantially more expensive than its $19 beginning price. Although the systems have many of the same features, Semrush's tools are often more powerful. A crucial example of where the two systems' quality varies significantly is in keyword research.

Starting from $19 per month for SE Ranking

Some comparisons Between Semrush and SE Ranking

Semrush Competitors
  • SE Ranking is substantially less expensive; however, some functions are subject to additional payment.
  • For keyword research, SEMrush is far superior.
  • The Semrush rank tracker provides more comprehensive data.

4. Moz

Semrush Competitors

Semrush and Moz provide many of the same features, such as keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and administration of company listings. Online marketers love using it as a tool. Moz does not, however, provide the same variety of features. Compared to Semrush, its keyword research offers far less information.

Beginning at $129 annually for Moz Pro, it costs $99 per month (Moz Local)

Some comparisons Between Semrush and Moz

Semrush Competitors
  • The Moz keyword research tool offers less information (e.g., keyword difficulty, by device, SERP features, etc.).
  • Moz needs to provide more information on paid searches.
  • Using SEMrush, you can track more keywords for the same fee.

Keyword exploration

1. KWFinder

Semrush Competitors

Mangools created the keyword research tool KWFinder. For novices on a tight budget, it is a decent choice.

Compared to Semrush, KWFinder suffers from several serious shortcomings. For example, it does not include a keyword gap analysis tool and restricts results to 200 keywords (instead of 10,000). Ultimately, for keyword research, we advise using Semrush.

KWFinder Monthly Subscription Cost: $49

Some comparisons Between Semrush and KWFinder

Semrush Competitors
  • The cost of KWFinder is almost half that of Semrush.
  • Just 200 keyword ideas are returned by KWFinder for each query (with Basic Plan).
  • 10,00 includes in Semrush.
  • Does not provide the Semrush-based keyword gap analysis.

2. Long Tail Pro

Semrush Competitors

Another excellent tool for keyword research is Long Tail Pro. It is far less expensive than Semrush at $37 per month.

However, Semrush's keyword research tool is less valuable than its in the majority of use scenarios. Moreover, Semrush offers tools that will add value over time. Once more, Semrush is the tool we advise using for keyword research.

Starting Pricing for Long Tail Pro: $37/month

Some comparisons Between Semrush and Long Tail Pro

Semrush Competitors
  • With Long Tail Pro's Starter Package, users are limited to 800 keyword results per day.
  • Long Tail Pro does not offer data on search trends.
  • The keyword rank tracker Long Tail Pro provides can only keep track of 30 keywords.
  • Just keyword research is performed by Long Tail Pro. It does not offer Semrush's variety of features.

Competitive Research

1. SpyFu

Semrush Competitors

Online marketers can use the competition intelligence tool SpyFu. Customers use it to monitor their competitors' free and paid search activity.

SpyFu costs $39 less per month than Semrush. SpyFu is a fantastic choice if you merely need a competitive research solution. Semrush has a $99 monthly fee but offers a variety of features.

Starting Price: $39 per month for SpyFu

Some comparisons Between Semrush and SpyFu

Semrush Competitors
  • SpyFu is far less expensive than Semrush.
  • Both tools offer in-depth competition data on free and paid search activity.
  • Reports from SpyFu contain fewer information and filtering choices than those from Semrush.
  • Whereas Semrush delivers more than 30 tools, SpyFu gives competitor intelligence.

2. Alexa

Semrush Competitors

Marketers utilize Alexa, a tool for competitive intelligence, to learn more about their competitors' target markets and online marketing strategies. Alexa is the only place to find some of the audience information offered.

An excellent choice worth exploring is Alexa. Semrush, on the other hand, often provides a more incredible selection of tools at a lesser cost.

Starting Pricing for Alexa: $149/month

Some comparisons Between Semrush and Alexa

Semrush Competitors
  • Alexa offers information about rival audiences that Semrush does not.
  • Similar speech data to that discovered in Semrush's new Market Explorer product may be accessible on Alexa.
  • Semrush and Alexa share data on competitors' free and paid search efforts.
  • Semrush provides more resources at a more affordable cost.

Tracking keyword rankings

1. AccuRanker

Semrush Competitors

Our two preferred tools for tracking keyword rank are AccuRanker and Semrush. The main distinction between both products is the variety of features they each offer: Semrush provides a large selection of tools, whereas AccuRanker focuses solely on tracking keyword rankings. If you're looking for a specific tool to track how well Google ranks your website, AccuRanker is a good option.

starting at $109 per month for AccuRanker

Some comparisons Between Semrush and AccuRanker

Semrush Competitors
  • Semrush offers a variety of tools. AccuRanker only tracks rankings.
  • AccuRanker effortlessly connects with Google Analytics and Search Console to determine sophisticated, valuable data.
  • Competitive analysis is not included in AccuRanker's Basic Plan.

Analysis of backlinks

1. Majestic

Semrush Competitors

The company's extensive link intelligence web index is used as the source of information for Majestic, a backlink analysis tool. Other SEO tools can use Majestic's distinctive database of web pages and backlinks.

Programs pay Majestic

The Majestic service is most comparable to the Backlink Audit Tool from Semrush. Although Semrush's fundamental tool is useful, Majestic is far more sophisticated. Majestic is the solution for you if you want the most comprehensive understanding of the backlinks to your website. Also, consider assessing Ahrefs.

Starting from $49 per month for majestic

Some comparisons Between Semrush and Majestic

Semrush Competitors
  • When comparing Majestic with Semrush, the former has one of the world's largest databases of web pages and backlinks.
  • Compared to Semrush's Backlink Audit Tool, Majestic offers much more information.
  • Majestic informs you of the subjects and levels of trust for which your website is known.
  • Majestic is only a tool for backlink analysis. The variety of features found in Semrush is absent here.

Audits of SEO sites

1. Deepcrawl

Semrush Competitors

Semrush does include a site audit tool that searches your website to identify any fundamental technical SEO problems. Broken links, duplicate content, missing title tags, and missing H1s are a few examples.

Semrush's fundamental expertise lies in something other than website crawling. Its crawler is effective for tiny websites but needs more in-depth knowledge and in-depth research than larger websites. We advise using a tool like Deepcrawl if your objective is to do a complete crawl of your website to identify and address technical SEO issues.

Deepcrawl Monthly Subscription Rate: $14

Some comparisons Between Semrush and Deepcrawl

Semrush Competitors
  • Forty thousand pages may be crawled each crawl with Deepcrawl's Lite Plus Plan compared to 20,000 pages with Semrush Pro and Guru Plans.
  • Compared to Deepcrawl, Semrush's crawler and reporting are simpler.
  • Just a crawler, Deepcrawl. It does not provide Semrush's range of functionality.

Research on content

1. BuzzSumo

Semrush Competitors

One effective tool for content marketing is BuzzSumo. It helps marketers identify influencers and ideas for content. The Topic Research tool in Semrush displays subjects relevant to any keyword as well as the best content for that keyword.

In addition to these fundamental functions, BuzzSumo provides several sophisticated tools. BuzzSumo is a fantastic choice if you're searching for a platform particularly to enhance your content marketing. Remember that it solely specializes in content marketing and that Semrush provides a wider range of capabilities.

Starting Pricing for BuzzSumo: $99 per month

Some comparisons Between Semrush and BuzzSumo

Semrush Competitors
  • Semrush provides a straightforward Subject Research tool.
  • The same capability is offered by BuzzSumo, but with additional data and filtering choices.
  • Other aspects of BuzzSumo include trending feeds and influencer discovery.

Traffic Analytics

1. SimilarWeb

Semrush Competitors

SimilarWeb uses the data from its vast user base to provide traffic analytics reports for websites. In order to understand each website's traffic, traffic sources, audience interests, and rival websites, the firm monitors the activity of hundreds of millions of visitors.

Semrush's Traffic Analytics Tool and Similar Web's offering are most comparable. For each website, the Traffic Analytics Tool offers fundamental audience and traffic information.

Starting Price for SimilarWeb: Only Custom Quotations

Some comparisons Between Semrush and SimilarWeb

Semrush Competitors
  • An enormous proprietary panel owned by SimilarWeb is used to provide audience and traffic insights.
  • Although identical to SimilarWeb's product, the Semrush Traffic Analytics Tool is far more straightforward.
  • The Semrush alternative is probably far more expensive than SimilarWeb's.

Listing Management

1. Yext

Semrush Competitors

To manage the information they provide with business directories, thousands of small businesses utilize the well-known listing management program Yext. Google My Business, Apple Maps, Facebook, and Yelp are a few popular directories.

Through a partnership with Yext, Semrush is able to provide its service on the Semrush platform for $20 per month. There are no benefits that we are aware of to buying it through Semrush as opposed to doing it straight from Yext.

Starting Price: $199/year for Yext

Some comparisons Between Semrush and Yext

Semrush Competitors
  • Via its website, Semrush resells the Yext product for $20 per month.
  • We are not aware of any benefits or drawbacks of getting it via Semrush as opposed to Yext directly.

Management of social media

1. Sprout Social

Semrush Competitors

The ideal social media management tool for Businesses is Sprout Social. It is used by numerous clients to create, post, and track social media content across all of the major social media networks. Semrush does provide some fundamental social networking functionality, but this is not its area of expertise.

Use Sprout Social or another social media management solution if you're looking for a tool to simplify your social media operations.

Sprout Social Monthly Subscription Rate: $99

Some comparisons Between Semrush and Sprout Social

Semrush Competitors
  • Although Sprout Social is a pioneer in managing social media, it is not an SEO tool.
  • Social media posting, performance tracking, and brand mention monitoring are all possible with Semrush.
  • Semrush does not have the same number of Sprout Social's social media management tools.

In conclusion

It might be challenging to decide if Semrush is the best choice for you because it provides so many tools. Yet, there are only indeed two categories of Semrush competitors:

  • Competing with Semrush across all feature areas are all-in-one SEO tools like Ahrefs and Serpstat.
  • Specialized point solutions for a Semrush feature category

The top choices are highlighted above. Hopefully, this has made your software evaluation process more straightforward.

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