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What does Semrush do

Semrush: What is it?

Semrush is defined as a well-known SEO tool for competitor analysis and web search engine marketing.

It is a comprehensive marketing analytics tool designed to help online marketers optimize their websites for more organic search traffic. In order to focus on Google ad campaigns and organic search efforts, you can also evaluate your position in relation to your competitors and enhance data-driven judgments on the terms.

What does Semrush do

Just a handful of the well-known businesses that use Semrush for their SEM and SEO purposes include, Quora, HP, and eBay.

With the aid of this advanced SEO tool, you can spot patterns and trends in your specific industry. This also provides you with a chance to evaluate your on-page SEO and highlight the areas that require improvement for lead creation that is more effective.

Semrush is one of the best tools for keyword research. With Semrush, you'll learn about the keywords that are most commonly used on search engines and keywords your competitors are employing. With the wealth of information you get, it will be much easier for you to stay one step ahead of your rivals and follow the most recent trends.

Despite the fact that Semrush has a wide range of sophisticated capabilities, many beginners can still benefit from using it with little practice and effort. The Tool is simple to use and significantly simplifies SEO, even for those with no SEO knowledge. However, it is recommended to go through the Semrush Knowledge Base to learn the concepts of using this tool. Many of the world's popular web marketers use Semrush for their marketing strategies.

Is Semrush free or paid?

Although Semrush has a free edition, it only has a few features and services available. With a free account, you may do the following:

  • Construct and manage a single Semrush project.
  • Availability of a maximum of 10 keyword research and competitor research every day.
  • Availability of rank position tool for monitoring daily SERP ranking for 10 keywords.
  • Site audit support for up to 100 individual pages of the website.

Despite the fact that these features could be useful for beginners in digital marketing, the free edition doesn't provide nearly as much flexibility and benefits as the premium versions. Semrush typically offers 3 paid plans, namely Pro, Guru and Business. The pricing starts at $119.95/month.

What can you do with Semrush?

Semrush provides users with a wide range of features and functionalities to assist them with their web marketing strategies. It has a number of tools, each of which offers a specific feature. Some of the notable functions or operations that we can perform using Semrush tools include the following:

1. Keyword Research

The foundation of your content marketing initiatives should be your keyword-finding strategy. This is because your consumers usually find you through keywords. With a staggering quantity of SEO knowledge, Semrush can greatly enhance your keyword research and help you with content optimization.

By using Semrush's Keyword Magic Tool, for example, you may find and target the long-tail keyword phrases that are most likely to generate search traffic.

You may better understand how people search online by using Semrush to uncover many keyword variants linked to a specific phrase root. This removes uncertainty and makes it much simpler to comprehend user behaviour immediately.

Listed below are a few instances of what you might discover with Semrush:

  • Average cost per click (CPC).
  • Search queries (volume) per month.
  • Keyword difficulty to rank for.
  • Number of URLs returned when a term is searched.

2. Site Audit

Using Semrush's Site Audit function is one of the finest ways to determine the overall condition of your website.

This Tool provides you with a list of problems that are broken down into categories and shows you where your website is struggling. You will improve your website's SEO effectiveness if you address the concerns on the list.

You must review audit reports on crawlability, HTTPS, website performance, etc., for technical SEO or to find out the issues with your website.

  • Crawlability: Make sure your website is reachable by search engines before tackling any other problems. You can find out if GoogleBot can crawl and index your site using Site Audit.
  • Web Site Performance: The user experience, particularly on mobile devices, is greatly impacted by page loading speed, which is a critical ranking factor.
  • HTTPS: In the modern world, all websites?not just those handling sensitive data?need to be secure. You may simply monitor the security of your website with the use of Semrush's site audit report. It will tell you if your site is secured with HTTPS or not.

The Semrush SEO audit report enables you to keep an eye on your website's health and identify any potential problems before they become a major issue for SERP rankings or SEO.

You may evaluate the outcomes of various SEO audits and monitor changes in the number of problems over time using the Comparison of Crawls and Progress reports. It is recommended to re-audit your site after fixing the errors.

3. Think of fresh ideas for Content

For coming up with fresh article ideas for your blog, Semrush is a fantastic resource.

When you enter the term "content marketing" into Semrush's Topic Research tool, for instance, you'll see a tonne of really useful, recently developed subcategories like "pain points", "content marketing strategy", "promoting techniques", and more.

Under each subtopic, there is a list of commonly asked questions, samples of how other people have covered each subtopic and data on how well each headline resonates with its readership.

Simply put, it provides a wide range of keyword list that is related to the main keyword given to it. You must utilize the knowledge in your article to produce original content that genuinely appeals to your readers.

4. Look into the Competition

It is quite possible that the more than a billion websites available on the Internet do not differ significantly from the one you have available. Therefore, the top competitors and their performance must thus always be monitored.

You may get a closer look at your rivals using Semrush's Organic Research tool. You can even see which terms get the most traffic for them. With the use of the Keyword Gap tool, Semrush may also find weaknesses in both your approach and that of your competitors by comparing your keyword profile with theirs.

So, create content that focuses on the keywords you identify and incorporate them into your own marketing plan.

5. Create a More Powerful Link Building Plan

Increasing the number of inbound links to your content is one crucial objective of your content marketing plan. You need to have a link-building plan in place if you're a content marketer as they help establish the trust of search engines as well as readers. You may use Semrush to determine the sources of your rivals' backlinks as well as the overall number of backlinks they possess. Then, you can make use of this knowledge to create a backlink plan for yourself that is more successful.

Semrush's Backlink Analytics employs charts to quickly display the performance of your competitor's backlink profile. You can monitor its ratio of earned and lost links each month as well as if it is gaining or losing referring domains and backlinks over time. Without ever leaving Semrush, you may even examine the backlinks' sources and then get in touch with them to discuss opportunities for yourself.

6. Evaluate Your Past and Present Positions

A fresh set of keywords is not always sufficient. Keeping track of your current rankings is also important. The keywords that are most crucial to your brand's success may be tracked automatically by Semrush.

Your total performance, including your average position, traffic, and ranking dispersion patterns, may be automatically monitored using Semrush's Position Tracking tool. Additionally, it enables you to see whether terms are gaining or losing popularity. The performance of various devices and locales may also be tracked down to the zip code with a Guru membership.

You may gain knowledge from your victories and setbacks with Semrush. Then, to raise those ranks once again, you may include any falling keywords in your SEO plan.

7. Discover More Effective Advertising Opportunities

Displaying advertisements with other advertising options on your site is one of the finest methods to earn money online. Many companies spend a lot of money on Google AdWords traffic, which may be very expensive for keywords with high competition.

Getting in touch with these businesses to show their advertising on your website or join their affiliate programmes is a terrific method to monetise your own blog or website. Here, Semrush can be really useful.

You may look at a term you're attempting to rank for and find out which online companies have already run advertisements on it by using the advertisements History report. Then Semrush puts it all down into a simple chart so you can choose which business to contact when seeking excellent advertising chances.

8. Analysis & Maintenance of Your Current Traffic

It is imperative that you take care of your current traffic. Due to incoming traffic, you could rank well for a while, but if you start to lose your current traffic, you won't stay there for very long. Fortunately, Semrush can do more than simply increase your visitors. It enables you to track your traffic more successfully by enabling you to discover where it actually originates from.

You only need to connect Google Analytics and Search Console, choose the regional database, choose the device type you want to look at and pick the domain you want to track using Semrush's Organic Traffic Insights. When Semrush analyses your organic traffic, it will do so automatically and inform you of the following things:

  • Identifying the keywords that are actually generating visitors to each page.
  • The expected time spent on that page by visitors.
  • Count of unique visitors and repeated visits to that page.
  • The average bounce rate.
  • Amount of positive or negative change in all that data.

With all of this data available to you, you can keep track of your progress and modify your strategy to accommodate for sudden reductions in traffic.


Whether you're an online marketer, an online company owner, or a blogger, Semrush is crucial to your success since it identifies the keywords that generate the most traffic for the websites of your competitors while also highlighting the best advertising opportunities. Semrush also does complete SEO audits to protect you against Google algorithms and helps you create a far more successful link-building strategy.

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