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We're always delighted to discuss our goods and services and listen to your feedback. Please let us know if you have comments or questions about our tools.

Semrush Support

Using the details provided below will allow you to contact us the quickest:

Support your Account or the Product

Semrush Support

A question mark icon may be found in the lower right corner of the tools pages if you are signed in with your Semrush account. When you click the button, a menu will appear where you can contact our customer support staff or go through our Help Center's instructional materials.

Clicking Contact Support will take you to our support team's contact page.

You may also contact Support through Live Chat if you have a Semrush membership (Pro, Guru, or Business).

Please Speak to One of Our Sales Representatives

Semrush Support

Don't hesitate to contact our sales representatives using this link if you want to check out or purchase our products and upgrade or modify your current membership. Our sales representatives are happy to help at any time.

Leave Comments or a Feature Suggestion

Semrush Support

You can talk directly to our developers if you have any comments or ideas for improving our tool. Use the "Send feedback" function on all of our tools, please:

We value your contributions to improving our devices, so thank you.

Please find out more about our products in the Knowledge Base.

Would you want to know more about using our software? Use the Knowledge Base search bar to get the answer to your query regarding a tool or report! You can discover FAQs, articles, and user manuals.

Using the menu next to the question mark button (1) or the "Resources" link at the top of the page (2), you may always access the Knowledge Base:

For the most effective SEO and digital marketing strategies, visit our blog.

You may read the most recent industry opinions on digital marketing, content strategy, SEO, PPC, social media, and more by clicking this link.

You may always access the blog using the menus in the "Resources" section at the top of the website (1) or the menu behind the question mark button (2):

Semrush Academy Offers Semrush Certificates

Semrush Support

By taking the courses at our Academy, you may learn tried-and-true approaches and ideas for marketing that have been put to the test by the finest in the business.


Semrush Support

Support refers to the assistance offered by Semrush when you use or access its services.

Support is Provided

Throughout the Term, the User may get the following:

Support is Available Online

You can submit support and related requests through a web form on the website.

Support Through Email.

  • You can email [email protected] with support and related inquiries.
  • Each request is assigned a unique identifying number for your convenience and future reference.
  • You consent to allow Semrush access to your User Account to help with any support requests you make.

Support Restriction

Semrush has no responsibility to offer Support for problems brought on by or resulting from the following:

  • The usage of the Services in a way that was not intended, such as a violation of the Semrush Terms of Services;
  • Third-party products and services, such as those Third Party Products and Services utilized within the Services, which Semrush does not offer;
  • Consultations on matters unrelated to Semrush's services are welcome. Support does not include expert or consulting services, such as marketing and marketing strategy advice.
  • If you use excessive language, such as but not limited to obscene language, swearing, disparaging remarks, or racial slurs, Semrush maintains the right to refuse to offer Support.

Customer Responsibilities

Semrush Support

The following conditions apply to Semrush's duties concerning Support:

To make it easier for Semrush to provide Support, the Customer will notify the company about any issues and give Semrush all the information, access, and complete cooperation it reasonably needs.

Semrush is released from its obligations under the Customer Service Terms and Conditions to the extent that such responsibilities depend on Customer's performance due to Customer's failure or delay in performing any of those as mentioned earlier.


Semrush Support

By these Terms, Semrush will make commercially reasonable attempts to deliver the Support; nevertheless, the User understands that Semrush cannot ensure that all questions, issues, or problems presented by the User will be answered.

No guarantee for the Services stated in the Semrush Terms of Services regulating the usage of the Services shall be expanded or increased by anything in these Customer Service Terms and Conditions.

Semrush makes no express, implied, or legal guarantees regarding the services or Support that may be provided hereunder, aside from the warranties stated in the service agreement. This includes, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, or non-infringement of third-party rights.

Independent Contractor

Semrush is an independent contractor, not the User's agent or employee, and will operate in this capacity for all activities related to the Support and Services mentioned in these Customer Service Terms and Conditions. Semrush shall decide the relevant Semrush resources to provide the Support in its sole and reasonable discretion on an as-available basis.

Top 3 ways To Contact SEMrush Customer Service in 2023

  • First Method: use the contact page to get in touch with SEMrush support;
  • Second Method: Chat with SEMrush customer service;
  • Third Method: contact SEMrush support through social media; more information is provided below.

SEMrush customer service may be reached in several methods, all detailed here. Additionally, by learning more about SEMrush, you can quickly solve most of your issues.

Contact Support Page for SEMrush

Semrush Support

Create a free SEMrush account first, then sign in to the SEMrush dashboard for the best method of contacting customer service.

Once there, look for an orange question mark icon in the lower right corner.

To access the "contact support" page, click that symbol. A question can then be asked after choosing the difficulty you are experiencing.

Online SEMrush Chat

Semrush Support
  • The most excellent use of SEMrush live chat is for issues you believe can be resolved quickly and by a SEMrush expert.
  • Once more, from the SEMrush dashboard, pick "live chat" by clicking the orange question mark symbol.
  • Then you can ask a question or search their knowledge base for the answers to your queries.

Support Using their Social Media Channels

Semrush Support

Social media is, in my opinion, the best method to get in touch with the SEMrush team for support.

These are their profiles, but you should reach out to them on Twitter because they answer there the quickest.

  • Facebook-
  • Twitter-
  • Instagram-
  • LinkedIn-

But this method is the slowest and most prone to error. There is no assurance that they will reply right away. Don't even bother because they don't even reply to DMs on Twitter.


Anyone with a SEMrush account issue can contact the excellent customer support team at SEMrush.

If you need support, don't be afraid to get in touch with their support.

FAQ for SEMrush Customer Support: Your Questions Answered

You may find the answers to your queries regarding getting in touch with the SEMrush team for support in the FAQ section below.

Question 1: My Issue with the SEMrush Free Trial. How can I obtain support the quickest?

Answer: The quickest methods to obtain support if you're having issues with your SEMrush free trial are (in this order):

  • Live chat for SEMrush;
  • contact form for SEMrush;
  • Social profiles for SEMrush.

Question 2: I'm Not Happy With the SEMrush Lifetime Deal. How can I obtain support the quickest?

Answer: The following are the quickest ways to contact us if you need assistance with your SEMrush lifetime deal:

  • Live chat for SEMrush;
  • contact form for SEMrush;
  • Social profiles for SEMrush.

Question 3: The cracked version of SEMrush that I downloaded doesn't work. How Does SEMrush Offer Support?

Answer: There is no genuine, functional cracked version of SEMrush available for download. I highly advise you to remove any viruses or malware you may have downloaded as soon as you can. Additionally, use top-notch antivirus software to scan your website for trojans and hacks.

My suggestion is to sign up for a free SEMrush account and then inquire about support using their contact form page, which is accessible through the SEMrush dashboard.

Question 4: How can I reach SEMrush HQ?

Answer: The SEMrush corporate line is (800) 815-9959.

But before you phone, be sure to use their contact form and live chat to give them a note. These are quicker ways to get support.

Question 5: Do Popular SEMrush Rivals Provide Good Customer Support?

Answer: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Mangools, Answer the Public, BuzzSumo, Long Tail Pro, Screaming Frog, Majestic SEO, SpyFu, Moz, Serpstat, Yoast SEO, Ahrefs, and SE Ranking are all well-known and top SEMrush rivals that offer efficient customer service.

The key SEO/SEM rivals of SEMrush are given below. I discuss the customer support for each tool in each post.

  • When comparing SE Ranking with SEMrush
  • When comparing SpyFu with SEMrush
  • When comparing Serpstat with SEMrush
  • When comparing Ahrefs with SEMrush
  • When comparing Screaming Frog with SEMrush
  • When comparing Majestic SEO with SEMrush
  • When comparing Yoast SEO with SEMrush
  • When comparing Moz with SEMrush

Response to the public;

  • When comparing UberSuggest with SEMrush
  • When comparing Long Tail Pro with SEMrush
  • When comparing BuzzSumo with SEMrush


  • When comparing Google Analytics with SEMrush
  • When comparing Google Search Console with SEMrush

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