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Backlinks are links that connect two websites on one website. These types of links are referred to as external or inbound links.

Search engines like Google view backlinks as recommendations. When one website links to another, it is considered a recommendation.

Google tends to give higher rankings to pages with many backlinks, particularly if those backlinks come from trustworthy and reputable websites.

Here is an example of a backlink in use:

Semrush Backlinks

The World Wildlife Fund has included links to BigOven and other businesses in their blog post.

Furthermore, smaller organizations could gain from acquiring a backlink or endorsement from the World Wildlife Fund, an established global authority. After explaining a backlink, we will discuss why it is vital for SEO.

The Importance of Backlinks for SEO

Backlinks may:

  • Boost ranks
  • Improve your reputation
  • assist Google in finding new pages
  • send referring traffic to your website

Now let's discuss the specifics.

These can Improve Search Engine Rankings

Semrush Backlinks

When it comes to ranking content, backlinks are a crucial factor that Google takes into consideration.

Since Google considers external links to endorse a website or webpage, a direct correlation exists between websites with high-quality backlinks and better rankings.

From spammy, low-quality websites, you can obtain a ton of backlinks. They will likely have a similar impact as a few backlinks related to your company from reputable websites.

Consider this: If your website focuses on food, would you place greater faith in a link from your coworker's pizza-related blog than one from the Culinary Institute of America?

Most likely not.

Take Semrush as an illustration

Semrush Backlinks

Semrush is linked to the website of the multinational software major Adobe.

The Authority Score (AS) for Adobe is high. Semrush uses a metric to evaluate the overall quality of a domain or webpage.

Furthermore, when your website has links from credible sources, it enhances its credibility and reliability.

Look into any website that connects to you using the Backlink Analytics tool and see how well-established it is.

The authority score of the referring domain,, is 91.

Semrush Backlinks

One word of advice:

Pay attention to the number of domains that connect to you and your referring domains. It is essential to have a diverse range of backlinks from multiple websites to show that you are trustworthy.

Backlinks are precious for SEO, mainly when directed towards you and acknowledged in significant publications within your industry.

Consider it to be word-of-mouth. When numerous reliable friends suggest a company, you are likelier to believe their recommendations.

In conclusion, obtaining backlinks is excellent for SEO. Additionally, they assist in building your credibility within your area of expertise.

Links Help Google Find New Pages

Semrush Backlinks
  • Backlinks also make it simpler for Google to track down your content.
  • To find all its links, Google scans a new page once a backlink has referenced it.
  • Therefore, internal linking is an excellent strategy to use. i.e., links between pages on your website. It means that Google may follow a backlink to your website and then continue to follow internal connections to new pages once it has arrived at your website.
  • Google uses this to comprehend the organization of your website.
  • Following a crawl of your website, Google indexes the pages, increasing the possibility that your pages will appear in search results.

They Deliver Referral Traffic to Your Website

Semrush Backlinks

Referral traffic pertains to visitors who discover your website through another website rather than searching for it directly on Google. They were directed to your site by another source, such as backlinks.

Referral traffic has the following advantages:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Introducing yourself to new audiences
  • Possibilities to find new, quality leads
  • Backlinks that improve the authority

Your website may receive new referral traffic from interested individuals, which might bring in new consumers.

Go to Google Analytics to examine your referral traffic.

In the left-side navigation, select "Acquisition" > "All Traffic" > "Referrals."

Semrush Backlinks

In due time, you will be able to identify your referral traffic. Additionally, a table shows you all the external websites that are sending visitors to your website.

Various Backlink Types

Various types of SEO backlinks can help you create a link-building strategy. It's essential to understand them to improve your approach.

Follow Links

In other words, follow links are regular hyperlinks because they don't have any unique properties. Using a follow link, Google is instructed to provide confidence and authority to the linked-to website.

Because all links are automatically considered "do follow" in the absence of an attribute, there is no "follow" link attribute.

In HTML code, the following backlink appears as follows:

<a href="">this is a follow link</a>

Link Nofollow

When you link to a website, you effectively endorse it (and you should always use a follow link). But in some circumstances, you might prefer not to.

If you include a link to a competitor's page, remember that you may not want to boost their credibility or influence.

If you'd like to reference a website in your content and include a link to it, you can do so.

Google and other search engines are informed that nofollow links shouldn't convey authority using the rel="nofollow" property. In HTML, a nofollow backlink appears as follows:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">this is a nofollow link</a>

Remember, though, that Google interprets the nofollow property as a suggestion. Google will, therefore, eventually determine whether or not to transmit authority through that link.

Sponsored or Paid Links

When anything has been given in return for a link, such as cash, a good, or a service, the rel="sponsored" link attribute has to be used.

similar to this Link

<a href="" rel="sponsored">this is a sponsored link</a>

The feature aids Google in recognizing promotional links.

Links from UGC

Links with user-generated content (UGC) show Google which links have been created by users or clients.

It lets website owners state that they need to support page links professionally. Links in blog comments and topic postings are two examples.

UGC backlinks appear as follows

<a href="" rel="ugc">this is a UGC link</a>

Links Inserted by the Editor

  • Links that editors inserted were acquired organically and without your request.
  • Imagine a scenario where a website links to your blog article on backlinks because they find it valuable. A link has been placed here by an editor.
  • Google believes these links are essential as they enhance the user experience rather than manipulate search engine algorithms.

Link Systems

When certain links are used to boost rankings in Google Search results unfairly, they are known as "link schemes" or "link spam."

Several instances include

  • Exchanging connections for cash, commodities, or services
  • Links that are exchanged ("Link to me, and I'll Link to You")
  • Utilizing tools that automatically build links to your website

A Google penalty might arise from participating in link schemes, which may harm your rankings. If you have ever been a part of a link scam, you should disavow any backlinks that might be damaging. By doing this, you're telling Google to disregard certain connections that point to your website.

Please take Remember That

Google advises against disavowing links unless you have purchased them or participated in any link scheme. Google is excellent at ignoring links that are spam and that are out of your control. Your website's performance could improve if you take the following steps.

Semrush Backlinks

As a Reminder

Make a list of the links you want to disavow using Backlink Audit. Once you're prepared to send your request, upload the disavow file to Google's disavow tool. See our explanation in detail about disavowing links.

How to Check Any Website's Backlinks

If you're planning a link-building effort or conducting competitive research, checking websites for backlinks, if you're planning a link-building effort or conducting competitive research checking websites for backlinks might be helpful.

Initially, we will show how to use resources like Google Search Console (GSC) to get information on your website's backlink profile.

But in that case, you cannot learn about the backlinks of other websites. Let's talk about how to utilize Semrush to achieve that goal.

Learn about your Link Profile with Google Search Console

Semrush Backlinks

To begin, go to GSC and sign in.

The word "Links" may be found on the left sidebar at the bottom of the screen.

To view a summary of your website's backlink profile, check the "External links" column.

These reports consist of the following:

Semrush Backlinks
  • Prime linked pages:

your website's pages with the most backlinks

  • Top sites for links:

The websites with the most links to you

  • Link text at the top:

The most often utilized link anchor text in your backlinks

To see the complete report, click "More" next to any of these excerpts.

Semrush Backlinks

You can create a CSV file of the external links on your website by clicking the "Export External Links" button in the screen's top-right corner.

Ways to Examine Backlinks

Semrush Backlinks

You may learn more about the backlinks linking to your website using Semrush's Backlink Analytics tool. Additionally, it can provide you with information on the backlinks of your nearest competitors.

Select the website (or a specific URL) you want to review first. Copy it into the search field, then select "Analyze."

Backlink Analytics mainly monitors the following metrics:

  • Authority Rating

Metric for domain quality overall

  • Referrer Domains

The total number of domains directing traffic to your site

  • Backlinks

Amount of links that result in your site's overall

  • Monthly visits

The number of unique visitors to a root domain in the previous month

  • Keywords

The number of keywords directing traffic to a root domain

  • Outbound domains

Number of domains that the evaluated domain or URL links to in total

To read the report, click the blue number next to each metric.

Additionally, you can evaluate up to five websites simultaneously. Adding only their root domains

Semrush Backlinks

View a comparison of the websites' "Backlink Types," "Link Attributes," "Categories of Referring Domains," and other metrics by scrolling down.

Semrush Backlinks

By selecting "Export to PDF" in the top-right corner, you may easily export data to a PDF document. This is useful to study backlinks further or deliver competitive data to a customer.

Semrush Backlinks

The Backlink Analytics tool is a beautiful place to start, whether you want to examine your backlinks or check how your competitors are faring.

How to Get Backlinks to Your Site

Here are several approaches to enhance your link-building efforts, from creating a guest post to developing a digital PR campaign.

We recommend reading our link-building guide for a thorough explanation of how to create backlinks.

Let's start by going through a few effective link-building techniques.

Make excellent content

Semrush Backlinks

By producing content that people genuinely want to link to, you can create backlinks in various effective processes.

The content may be educational, provocative, humorous, etc., whenever others link to it.

You may write a case study or blog article to educate people on achieving something. There's a probability that people in your field may reference your article.

We wrote a blog post that received numerous backlinks. Here's an example.

The blog article lists the top SEO tools and briefly describes each.

By visiting the Backlink Analytics feature in Semrush and looking up the URL of the content, we can see the backlinks for this post.

Semrush Backlinks

To see which websites connect to your content, click the "Backlinks" tab.

Semrush Backlinks

And to view the list of backlinks, scroll down.

Semrush Backlinks

You may also analyze details like the Authority Score, the Anchor Text utilized, and the most recent backlink detection date.

However, you must make sure that your content is search engine optimized if you want to produce excellent content.

Just consider it. The majority of individuals start their search for information and references on Google. If you want to get more backlinks, ranking high in search results is essential.

Here are some recommended best practices:

  • Determine the most suitable keywords for every content item
  • Use your keywords in the page's H1, headings, and body.
  • Completely address the subject at hand.
  • For easier reading, write in short paragraphs and phrases.
  • Reference relevant pages on your website.

Use a tool like Semrush's SEO Writing Assistant to enhance your writing. This tool evaluates your content's tone of voice, originality, SEO, and readability.

Please read our article on producing SEO-friendly content to find out more.

Respond to Journalists' Requests Using HARO

Semrush Backlinks

The Help a Reporter Out (HARO) program is another excellent win-win technique for link building.

Journalists and sources are linked through HARO. And there's a considerable possibility a journalist will include a link if they mention your article as a source.

Start by subscribing to a publication. Although HARO is free, paid options are also available with more features.

Three emails every day, Monday through Friday, starting after you sign up, will be sent to you.

The following is an example of a HARO email

Semrush Backlinks

Keep an eye out for source requests that are relevant to your sector.

Once you find a pitch email, please respond with it. Make sure to provide a thorough and complete email. Answers to the journalist's inquiries, links to any relevant pages you believe they would find helpful (and link to), and your contact information should all be included.

The most incredible thing about this link-building strategy is how common it is among writers in various areas.

Therefore, this is an effective way to build authoritative backlinks if you respond to requests and offer helpful information. In other words, you might increase your website's reputation and move up in Google's search results.

Win-win situation.

Write (Strategic) Guest Posts

Collaborating with other companies to publish as guests on each other's blogs might be advantageous.

Sites trading guest articles will often include one helpful link to each other in their different content. Not only may you get a backlink, but you can also get the necessary exposure.

However, ensure that the partnership makes sense.

Joint research and case studies are two excellent examples of guest posts. Both have a distinct goal and may be helpful reading for readers.

Here's an Illustration

  • If your personal finance website focuses on credit cards, consider collaborating with one focusing on retirement savings.
  • However, it's doubtful that an automobile manufacturer should invest time and money creating a guest post for a clothing retailer.
  • It could appear spammy and unreliable.

Observe the following best Practices

  • Locate a website that is pertinent to your industry.
  • Make sure that posts include original themes.
  • Case studies and original data should be used.

What to Keep Away From

Semrush Backlinks
  • Do not submit the same guest article on various websites.
  • Avoid stuffing the post with links to your website; otherwise, Google may find this and punish you.
  • Deny requests for random guest posts made only to obtain backlinks.

Remember that Google has always advised utilizing nofollow links in guest articles. It is not a sponsored link.

This strategy will thus undoubtedly backfire on you if you write an article just to spam links to your website.

Instead, concentrate on producing top-notch content for your sector. You may gain much brand exposure if people use the completed product as a reference and share it on social media.

For further advice on best practices, please read our guide to guest blogging.

Release Research and Contact the Media

Semrush Backlinks

This step is similar to the previous one, but now you will take it further and share your content with the media.

Semrush Backlinks

This is known as digital public relations (PR).

If you wish to pitch a particular press piece, use a PR platform such as Prowly rather than wait for a reasonable request on HARO.

According to your press release, Prowly's media pitching tool offers options, provides contacts from its database, and allows you to add your contact list.

Analyze the links pointing to your competitor's websites

An alternative strategy is to focus on acquiring the backlinks that your competitors have already gained.

By creating original content that surpasses that of your competitors, you can convince website owners to link to your site instead of theirs.

Here's how you can search for this option:

To access the Backlink Gap tool, click on the provided link.

You can enter up to four domains of your competitors and your own. Afterward, click on "Find prospects."

Semrush Backlinks

When you access the list of candidates, you will see the "Best" chances displayed automatically. But if you want to see other options such as "Weak," "Strong," "Shared," "Unique," or "All," you can use the filter.

Semrush Backlinks

Begin by using the "Best" filter, as it is the default option. These backlinks are necessary for you rather than for your competitors.

To quickly sift through numerous results, utilize the Authority Score filter to display websites with high-authority domains.

Semrush Backlinks

To proceed, locate the website you think is suitable and check the box next to it. Afterward, choose "Start Outreach" from the options menu.

Semrush Backlinks

You can save potential customers directly to the link-building tool.

With the Link Building Tool, you can conveniently link your email and access contact details for target websites. This lets you communicate directly with prospects' backlink partners and easily track your progress.

Go to the "In Progress" tab on the Link Building results page to get started.

Semrush Backlinks

As you scroll down, you will see a list of potential client backlink opportunities. If you want to write an email to a particular prospect, click on the blue "Contact" button.

Semrush Backlinks

It is recommended to customize the email template. Share with the website owner what you found enjoyable about their page and explain how linking to it would benefit.

After starting the outreach process, you can monitor your progress and be notified when you receive backlinks.

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