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SEO Headings 1

Heading tags refer to the headings of the different paragraphs or sections of a page. A heading differentiates a particular section or paragraph from rest of the page and makes it more readable and organized. There can be a maximum of six heading tags which ranges from H1 to H6 and forms a top-down hierarchy, i.e. HI is at the top or more important and H6 is at the bottom or least important.

The headings should be used in order from top to down. You cannot skip any of the heading tags in between the sequence otherwise it will break the heading structure which is not recommended for on-page SEO, i.e. H1 tag should be followed by H2 tag not by H3 or any other heading tag.

Some important instructions to optimize the headings

  • Never miss the H1 tag on a page as the search spiders tend to look for h1 tags to get the idea about the content of the page.
  • Don't overuse H1 tag, i.e. it should be only one for each page.
  • Use targeted keywords or phrases in the headings; avoid words that are not relevant to the page.
  • Use targeted keywords in the beginning of the headings.
  • The headings should be followed by a body of relevant content.
  • Maintain the order of heading tags; H1 should come first in the page then H2, H3 and so on.

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