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Semrush Alternatives

Alternatives to Semrush face a challenging task. Entrepreneurs and marketers adore Semrush because of its outstanding features, and they are well known for its keyword toolbox, analytics reports, and backlink audit reports.

Semrush Alternatives


This tool provides a wide range of options for companies of all sizes. These advantageous characteristics, however, are expensive.

Freelancers and entrepreneurs seeking a simple keyword research tool or a cost-effective all-in-one marketing solution are hampered by Semrush's high pricing.

This is one of the aspects boosting the popularity of Semrush alternatives. Although not completely free, most Semrush alternatives have reasonable costs.

We've examined 12 top SEO tools to assist you in choosing the finest Semrush alternatives that meet your needs and match your budget. Please choose the one that best fulfills your demands by contrasting their features and prices.

13 Best Alternatives to Semrush

Semrush Alternatives

You will be astounded by the choices accessible if you search for Semrush alternatives. Software programs with sophisticated, albeit gimmicky, features are simple to convince.

While some SEO tools include money-back guarantees, others provide free trials that last a month. It's enough to make you crazy. We've compiled a list of the top 12 Semrush alternatives and assessed them for your convenience. Look them up.

1. Wask

Semrush Alternatives

WASK is a comprehensive digital marketing tool that aims to make posting and managing Facebook and Google ads as simple as possible.

As a result, it provides several tools that assist users in improving the outcomes of their advertising. One of those outstanding features is WASK's Competitor Analysis Tool, which lets you examine your closest competitors' digital advertising and website traffic. Additionally, you may research your competitors' organic and paid keywords, their backlinks, and their most popular URLs.

Top Features

  • You may look at your competitors' advertisements and study their website traffic with its competition analysis tool. Additionally, you may contrast your statistics with that of your competitors.
  • Using WASK's optimization tool, you may automatically enhance your underperforming advertisements.
  • Using WASK, it is possible to post advertising on Facebook and Google. Additionally, your advertisements can be managed and tracked from a single interface.
  • Wask design tool is highly beneficial for creating ad pictures for websites like Instagram, Facebook, GDN, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.
  • Finally, AutoPilot rules can save your life during hectic periods. You may set automated stop/start or budget modifications for your Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising.


Three alternative pricing tiers are available for WASK:

  • Basic ($14/month)
  • Premium ($29/month)
  • and Professional ($49/month).
  • Additionally, you have 15 days to try out WASK's Freemium Plan.

2. SE Ranking

Semrush Alternatives

An all-in-one SEO tool, SE Ranking is quite similar to Semrush but charges significantly less.

An SEO or digital firm could need many tools, including the backlink checker, SERP Analyzer, on-page SEO checker, keyword research tool, keyword grouper, and content editor.

With SE Ranking, find out how your rivals generate the most traffic and increase the search engine results in pages with only a few clicks. You could use the data to make your website better.

One of the greatest rank trackers on the market is offered by SE Ranking and is also exact. Use it to track your development over time and evaluate the success of your efforts. The SE Ranking platform is a fantastic choice if you require a sophisticated SEO solution but have a tight budget.

Top Features

  • Receive complete, current SEO reports that include more than 70 SEO parameters.
  • Use the Keyword Suggestion tool to get a list of potential keywords for any marketing campaign, as well as to monitor the SERP and access important information.
  • You may compare your keywords and discover more about the tactics used by your competitors by using the Competitive Research tool.
  • Use the Page Changes Monitoring function to monitor the most recent updates to any website.
  • To keep monitoring your rankings on Google, Bing, YouTube, and Yahoo, use the Rank Tracker tool. For each search engine, keep track of up to 5 addresses. (to the exact zip code).
  • Thanks to the Social Media Management module's ability to link your Facebook and Twitter social media networks, you can schedule posts and keep an eye on your online reputation.


SE Ranking features a distinct pricing scheme. The cost of each Plan varies according to how frequently you use it and how many reports you need to produce each month.

The plans are less expensive if you use the gadget every three days or once a week. If you wish to use it frequently, you may choose from the following price options:

  • Essential Plan: $31.20 per month
  • Plan Pro: $71.20 per month
  • Plan of Business: $151.20
  • Available custom plan
  • A free trial is available.

3. Advanced Web Ranking

Semrush Alternatives

The most dominant Semrush substitute is AWR or Advanced Web Ranking. This tool offers exceptional capability at a fair price, independent of the technology. Any device, browser, or operating system may use AWR without issues.

Top Features

  • On-demand, daily, or weekly white-label reports are offered by the platform.
  • You may get up-to-date ranking data for all search engines that cover all SERP factors.
  • Localization makes it practical to drill down on location-specific data.
  • The software uses templates to create unique SEO reports.
  • You may integrate your SERP analytics into internal systems using their Developer API.


The four options offered by AWR are as follows

  2. PRO

They vary in price from $44 to $449 each month. (If paid annually in advance).

4. Searchmetrics

Semrush Alternatives

Keyword research, site and backlink audits, SEO, SEM, and PPC, are all included in the all-inclusive tool Searchmetrics. Additionally, they provide cloud integration and market information. Against Semrush, how does it compare? All knowledgeable marketers require this Semrush alternative because it has such a vast array of features.

Top Features

  • Using their global SEO function, you may get historical search information going back five years, 130 domains, and 30 countries.
  • You can track SEO trends across 14 countries with their Local SEO function.
  • The potential of backlink research may be used to enhance off-page performance.
  • You may find your website's design problems with the help of their in-depth website evaluation reports. Their Visibility Guard function guards against traffic loss for your high-converting pages.
  • They provide truthful comparisons of your PPC and organic operations and wise recommendations for maximizing both.


On their website, you may request a quotation or demo.

5. Serpstat

Semrush Alternatives

A Semrush alternative, Serpstat is a growth hacking tool for business owners and content marketers. They offer various services, such as competitor keyword research, backlink analysis, site audits, and position tracking.

Top Features

  • They include a keyword search option to find the best-performing keywords for your websites and advertisements.
  • They offer free global SEO statistics, keyword variants, search hints, and keyword trend research.
  • Their SERP analytics reveals the visibility of your site, its relative positioning, and the best-performing web pages and content.
  • Your AdWords competitors, spending, and targeted keywords are all identified through the feature's competition analysis.
  • Its content marketing suite includes databases of relevant keywords and ideas for content creation.


This software solution has four different pricing plans, with various monthly prices from $69 to $499 for Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. Also, you get access to their free tool, which offers sophisticated capabilities like competitor analysis.

6. Google Keyword Planner

Semrush Alternatives

Sixth on our list of free Semrush alternatives is Google Keyword Planner. It is easy-to-use, free tool is part of your Google AdWords account.

How does it compare to Semrush? The tool is less capable than Semrush despite being more affordable. They give wide ranges rather than specific data; thus, their selected metrics may need to be explained to your SEO staff.

Top Features

  • This tool aids in the discovery of keywords by domain, goods, or services. They provide recommendations for keyword-specific SEO marketing strategies.
  • You may see historical data on terms, including average monthly searches and competition research.
  • This tool predicts a keyword's success based on anticipated clicks and likely conversions.
  • Your search results can be sorted using sophisticated features like clicks, average CPC, CTR, and impressions.


Accessible for no cost.

7. Monitor Backlinks

Semrush Alternatives

Due to its extensive SEO analytics and backlink audit tools, Monitor Backlinks is a strong competitor to Semrush. Users get a comprehensive picture of all the data they need thanks to their incredibly user-friendly dashboard and simple design. As a result, it is one of the best Semrush substitutes available.

Top Features

  • Backlink audit reports include information on the Top-Level Domain (TLD) Distribution, the Top Anchor Text, the Followed vs. Unfollowed, and the Top Connected Sites.
  • They keep track of information about a keyword's location, traffic volume, cost per click, and level of competition. For better administration, keywords can be tagged.
  • They investigate reports from independent sources like Majestic and Moz to monitor backlinks around the clock.
  • They enable you to list bad backlinks that might harm your websites, which they call a disavow list.


The most cost-effective choice is their Start plan, which is $25 per month. You may monitor one website, two rivals, 2,500 links, and 50 keywords for this price.

8. KWFinder

Semrush Alternatives

This Semrush alternative could be the best tool if keyword research and analysis are important to you. The website's SEO tools may be used to find keywords with high search traffic and low challenging ratings.

Top Features

  • You may do keyword searches using this keyword tool by site and domain.
  • The platform gathers obscure and specific long-tail keywords in three minutes.
  • Even the terms your competitors use in their domain or URL may be found utilizing the keyword research tool.
  • More than 50K locations are accessible for SERP reporting.
  • One request will allow you to import data for hundreds of keywords.


The Mangools Basic Plan costs just $29.90 a month and allows you 100 keyword searches each day.

Purchase their Mangools Agency plan for 1200 searches for $79.90 per month or their Mangools Premium plan for 500 searches for $39.90 per month if you want additional keyword searches.

9. Ahrefs

Semrush Alternatives

Ahrefs is a top Semrush alternative because of its in-depth data analyses and regular updates. In addition to its impressive skills, Ahrefs is pleased with its beneficial marketing training and expert SEO community on Facebook. While comparing Ahrefs with Semrush, it's vital to remember this.

Top Features

  • Detailed information on your closest competitors' traffic, keywords, and backlinks is available in organic search reports, which extend to 150+ countries and 150 million keywords.
  • Your competition is highlighted by the terms for which they outperform you in their Content Gap feature.
  • In addition to a 3 billion keyword database, the "Explorer" keyword research tool also provides information on traffic, CPC, and search volume.
  • Fifty-four billion web pages crawled every 15 minutes make up their enormous database of live backlinks.
  • A massive database of live backlinks that they have is made up of 54 billion web pages that are crawled every 15 minutes.


At $179 a month, you may purchase their most popular Standard Plan, which enables you to manage up to 10 projects. You receive the first two months free when you purchase a yearly subscription.

10. Raven Tools

Semrush Alternatives

Seven SEO and reporting tools are combined on one platform by Raven Tools, an effective Semrush alternative.

What about the comparison between Raven Tools and Semrush? Small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, major corporations, and internal marketing teams may all benefit from Raven Tools' affordable solutions. For novices, their SEO Dictionary and Help Center are helpful tools.

Top Features

  • You may generate customized reports from more than 30 data components containing your observations and notes.
  • Its website audit function finds errors in the HTML code and site architecture. In addition to classifying issues according to their significance and providing a site health score.
  • The competitor links and poisonous backlinks are found using Raven's Link Manager. They work with Majestic to display up to 50,000 backlinks for each URL.
  • All major search engines, including Bing, Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and Yandex, provide daily, weekly, and monthly rank statistics through their Rank Tracker service.


Their most popular price choice is their Grow plan, which costs $139 monthly. Eight users, 80 domains, and 20,000 position checks are all permitted with this package.

11. Moz

Semrush Alternatives

Because of its extensive Keyword Explorer function, Moz has established itself as one of the Semrush alternatives. Utilize Moz's tools to enhance the content of your website and surpass your rivals.

Top Features

  • Their "Explorer" keyword research tool creates keyword lists classified by difficulty rating and search volume. They enable you to organize and rank popular keywords following your SEO plan.
  • You can determine the SEO impact of your keywords by keeping an eye on how they perform in the SERPs.
  • Live page analytics are plugged into your Chrome and Firefox browsers via the premium MozBar with all Moz Pro subscriptions.
  • Broken links, missing title tags, and flaws with website architecture are all discovered by their site audit function.
  • Use Moz's link research service to create a strong link profile. They assist you in creating useful backlinks and weeding out spam.


When paid yearly, Moz Pro memberships range in price from $79 to $479 monthly. Every package includes access to the MozBar, one-on-one walkthroughs, round-the-clock online assistance, and a Q&A forum staffed by Moz associates and SEO experts.

12. SEO PowerSuite

Semrush Alternatives

SEO PowerSuite, the Semrush alternative, combines attractive features, customer service, search engine compatibility, and white-label reporting. When analyzing SEO PowerSuite vs. Semrush, it's critical to consider that their free tool edition allows limitless site crawls and keyword searches.

Top Qualities

  • You receive 19 unique tools for keyword research that provide traffic and bounce rate statistics for each term you've selected.
  • To provide insightful analyses and offer smart connection recommendations, they consider backlinks for more than 50 different criteria.
  • A site audit reveals links that are malfunctioning and missing HTML code. Also, you receive optimization recommendations to enhance page indexing and ranking.
  • Using their competitive analysis feature, you may learn much about your competitors' content strategy, keywords, and backlinks.


In addition to the free Plan, SEO PowerSuite Professional and SEO PowerSuite Enterprise plans are available for $299 and $699, respectively.

13. CognitiveSEO

Semrush Alternatives

CognitiveSEO is the last Semrush alternative on our list. How does it measure up to Semrush? This comprehensive platform includes all the standard SEO tools, features like Google penalty prevention suggestions, and a social visibility tracker.

Top Features

  • In-depth site analysis is one of its features, and it focuses on issues like duplicate content, indexing issues, missing meta descriptions, and poor navigation.
  • Its backlink research function audits the links on your web pages and creates new data on trusted websites.
  • To stop search engines from flagging your website, you may examine and remove spammy connections using the Link Navigator feature on their website.
  • Their Google Penguin Penalty Recovery tool highlights the primary issues with your website and troublesome links.
  • You can set up alerts for links referring to your profile that are of poor quality.


Following a free 7-day trial, you may select between their Beginning plan, which costs $129.99/month, or their Business plan (custom pricing is available upon request). With all programs, you get free onboarding and 24-hour online support.


Question 1:Which Semrush alternatives would you recommend?

Answer: The top Semrush alternatives include:

  • Improved Web Ranking
  • The Searchmetrics
  • The Serpstat
  • Keyword Planner on Google
  • Track Backlinks
  • KW Finder
  • The Ahrefs
  • Tools Raven

Question 2: Does Semrush offer any free plans? What is the price of Semrush?

Answer: Semrush offers a free-of-charge plan. Also, three premium options are offered: Pro ($99.95/month), Guru ($161.72/month), and Business ($374.95/month). These costs are valid with annual billing.

Question 3: What Semrush alternatives are available for free?

Answer: Google Keyword Planner is among the free Semrush alternatives. The tool allows you to look for term derivatives, domains, or services. The software may also be used to produce SEO campaign suggestions. You may access older information, like the monthly search average, and run competitor studies. Also, the program predicts keyword performance based on expected clicks.

Question 4: Which one, Ahrefs or Semrush, is superior?

Answer: Regarding deep data analytics, Ahrefs and Semrush competes head-to-head. Price is one area where Ahrefs performs better than Semrush. It costs $179 less per year to subscribe to Ahrefs than Semrush. Also, they provide two months of free use with each yearly subscription. A further benefit Ahrefs has over Semrush is the regularity of its product upgrades.

Question 5: Which application is used to do keyword research?

Answer: Semrush and Ahrefs are two examples of keyword research tools used to locate and compare keywords.They may also access old keyword history information, such as monthly searches. Both keyword comparison and competition research benefit greatly from using these tools.

Question 6: Which is simpler to utilize, Moz or Semrush?

Answer: Semrush and Moz are simple tools for conducting keyword research, offering extensive instructional materials to support novice users. If keyword research and categorization are your primary goals, Moz performs significantly better than Semrush.

With their keyword research tool, "Explorer," you may generate keyword lists organized by search volume and difficulty. You may prioritize keywords according to your content strategy's significance after keyword analysis. Moz's user interface is easier to use and less crowded than Semrush's, which may be helpful for SEO newcomers.

Question 7: Which SEO tool is the most effective at locating connections pointing to websites?

Answer: Ahrefs is one of the most often used backlink checkers regarding SEO tools. Their website claims they have the second-most effective web crawler, behind Google. Due to the daily inspection of almost 6 billion sites by Ahrefs' crawler, this SEO tool has an extensive backlink database.

Ahrefs, an unquestionably effective SEO tool, can follow the development and fall of your backlink profile and examine the profiles of potential target sites. Also, this SEO tool provides backlink anchor text analysis to assist you in identifying incorrect anchor texts and keeping tabs on your competitors' backlink texts.

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