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Content Guidelines

The success of a website mainly depends on the quality of content it offers to its visitors. In SEO, quality content refers to a content which not only appeals to readers but also to the search engines.

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Some important guidelines to create quality content

1) Choose the best keywords

Your pages must have the keywords related to your product, services or concept as from the keywords the search engine gets to know about the nature and type of your website. Accordingly, the search engine ranks your website in the result pages for the related queries. So, conduct a thorough keyword research before you start writing content. You can take the help of various keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, SEMRUSH, etc.

2) Original/unique content

Incorporating relevant keyword is not enough; your content must be original and unique. It should not be copied from any other site otherwise your website will be penalized by the search engine.

3) Have enough words

Your webpages must have enough words. They should not be filled with lots of images, symbols and negative space. Pages with less content and more images are not considered optimized for SEO and rarely found on the first page of the search engines.

4) Optimum keyword density

Avoid keyword stuffing; overusing keywords will not please readers or the search engine. They will understand your intentions that you are only concerned about rankings not about the quality of content. So, maintain an optimum density of keywords for better results.

5) Short paragraphs

Big paragraphs do not appeal users, so even if you have provided relevant information the users may not even read your page. The paragraph sizes restricted to four to five lines are considered ideal for SEO.

6) Bullets and numbering

Most of the readers generally have short attention span and are not willing to read the entire page. They look for bullet points to get the meaningful information in less time, so whenever possible use crisp and concise bullets or numbering to make your page more attractive and readable.

7) Relevant linking

Your content should be hyperlinked to the relevant pages. If your content is linked to a page which is offering different information then it would annoy the readers and you could lose your credibility.

8) Proof read content

Even if you have good typing skills or experience in writing you could make mistakes while writing. So, carefully proofread your content at least twice before publishing. It will help you eliminate all the errors in your content.

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