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Semrush Guru Trial

Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming an essential tactic for companies looking to increase their online presence in the dynamic world of the internet. Professionals and marketers are always on the lookout for cutting-edge solutions that can give them a competitive advantage as a result of fierce competition among myriad websites competing to appear in search engine results. Semrush is a famous tool that helps users to do a thorough analysis and learn important strategies for SEO and SEM (search engine marketing). However, it is not completely free and users have to opt for one of its paid subscriptions, such as Pro, Guru or Business.

The Guru Trial, a tempting opportunity to fully experience Semrush's sophisticated range of tools, has been created by the well-known name in SEO and marketing, Semrush. This article explores the Semrush Guru Trial, highlighting its attributes, advantages, and potential to revolutionize your SEO campaigns.

Semrush Guru Trial

About Semrush

Semrush is one of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools that provide features like keyword research, competitor analysis, social media marketing and more.

Companies use Semrush to increase their website presence, but the only issue that arises is that it is a paid tool, and not possible for small companies or startups to afford it. Moreover, when one plans to choose one of its paid plans, he/she may get confused to choose among a wide range of plans available. So, the best solution to this problem is to use the free trial version of Semrush plans before purchasing a subscription.

Semrush offers a free trial plan for only two of its products. The first one is the Pro plan and the second one is the Guru plan. Let us now explore the Semrush Guru trial plan in brief:

Guru Free Trial

For new users, Semrush has cut the length of its free trial from 30 to 7 days. Earlier, the trial version could be used for up to 30 days, but now, the time period is of 7 days. On May 17, 2023, this modification came into force.

Features of Semrush Guru Trial

  • Keyword Research: This tool provides access to a large keyword database that enables users to find pertinent terms, track search trends, and assess keyword difficulty. With this tool, high-value keywords can be found by marketers who want to increase organic results and optimize their content. In the trial version, only up to 1500 keywords can be analyzed.
  • Website Audit: One can identify technical problems, crawl mistakes, and places for improvement by conducting thorough website audits for SEO. To improve website performance, user experience, and search engine exposure, the trial offers in-depth insights and recommendations.
  • Projects and Results per Report: In the trial version, 15 projects can be made and analyzed. This typically means that the user can add up to 15 different websites under different projects and keep track of them individually. However, the allowed access to results per report is 30,000.
  • Content Marketing: Analysis of your material's effectiveness will help you spot areas for improvement in content marketing. To increase targeted traffic and conversions, you may track the KPIs (key performance indicators) of content engagement and optimize your content marketing approach using this Semrush's tool.
  • Rank Tracking: Track your website's exposure over time by using rank tracking, which allows you to keep track of keyword ranks across search engines. To keep track of changes in keyword rankings and search engine performance, the trial includes comprehensive data and notifications support as well.

The Guru trial plan is best suitable for small and medium-sized companies and agencies. However, it is provided only for 7 days.

How do I opt for the free Semrush Guru Plan trial?

To start your Semrush Guru Trial plan, you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: To claim the free trial, you must first create an account on Semrush using your email address and a password. If you already have an account there, you can log in. You can also log in using one of your Google Accounts.

Step 2: You need to go to the homepage of the Semrush website and click on the "Start Your Free Trial" button from the bottom of the page.

Step 3: After that, you will be sent to Semrush's checkout page, where you must enter your billing address and credit card information to redeem the offer. Just click "Place the Order" once you've finished filling out all the information. Don't worry. You will not be charged for 7 days. However, if you do not wish to continue using Semrush after a period of 7 days, you must cancel the subscription; otherwise, you will be charged accordingly.

These are the easy procedures for requesting the free trial of the special Guru plan.

How can I cancel the free trial subscription?

You can take these steps to end your Semrush free trial:

  • Utilize your login information to access your Semrush account.
  • Navigate to your account settings after logging in. Normally, this option may be accessed by clicking on your avatar or profile photo in the top-right area of the screen.
  • Look to find the "Billing" or "Subscription" option in the account settings. To see the specifics of your subscription, click on it.
  • You should be able to adjust your membership or end your trial inside the subscription options. Choose the cancel option.
  • Before ending your trial, Semrush can request confirmation. When prompted, confirm the cancellation by following the on-screen instructions. Semrush will then send you a confirmation message or email after verifying the cancellation to let you know your trial has been successfully cancelled.

In addition to the steps mentioned here, you can also contact Semrush directly by chat, phone or email and ask them to cancel your subscription on your behalf.


Semrush is the SEO tool that people use the most to improve their online presence and marketing strategies. It is almost incomparable/ unbeatable to many other tools available in the market. It claims to have a database of over 20 billion keywords to help you with your strategies and keyword research. It provides you with tools for content marketing analytics, content optimization, social media management, rank tracking, local SEO, website monetization, and more. Before you subscribe to Semrush, feel free to access all its tools and try them within the trial period.

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