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Semrush is a comprehensive toolset for increasing web presence and learning about marketing trends.

Semrush Help

Marketing professionals who operate in the following services can benefit from our tools and reports: SEO, PPC, SMM, competitive research, PR, content marketing, marketing insights, and campaign management are some examples of online marketing strategies.

1. Getting Started

Semrush Help

Start using Semrush by finishing a few simple tasks. Learn how to improve your internet presence and drive more people to your website.

Examine your webpage

Semrush Help

Technical SEO mistakes may negatively impact your site's performance and hurt rankings, broad exposure, and conversion rates. Use the Semrush Site Audit Tool to discover and resolve such problems swiftly. It does a domain crawl and generates a report that highlights any possible issues and offers advice on strengthening your website's technical integrity. Crawlability, HTTPS, site speed, Core Web Vitals, and other topics are covered in various topical reports offered by Site Audit.

This process was created to effectively demonstrate how to arrange your work in Site Audit. These procedures will help you rapidly identify the areas of a website that require attention first to improve its technical health and, as a consequence, increase its exposure.

  • Keep an eye on the position tracker's visibility progress.
  • The Progress Tab's Track Changes feature
  • Report Problems to Task Trackers
  • Set Work Priorities
  • Launch Site Inspection

Research keywords

Semrush Help

A vital part of any digital marketing plan is keyword research. Effective techniques for boosting your content's ranking higher and across a larger range of phrases may be developed with the help of thorough keyword research, which will eventually result in more relevant organic traffic for your website. You have several options with Semrush to find the best keywords.

To help you optimize your website for the keywords and phrases that will drive users to it, we'll walk you through the process of basic keyword research.

To simplify identifying the ideal keywords for your company, we conducted research in March 2022 that demonstrated how Semrush's search volume was the most accurate among the leading rivals in the sector.

  • Monitor your modifications
  • Review suggested improvements
  • Associated keywords with relevant internet pages
  • Examine your keyword profile.
  • Analyze the keyword profiles of your competitors.
  • Determine who your greatest online rivals are.

Track your ranks.

Semrush Help

Tracking a website's keyword rankings on search engine results in pages is known as rank tracking.

You must keep an eye on your website's rankings to determine its present situation, evaluate it compared to your rivals, and track the progress of your work. And the finest instrument for this job is our position tracking.

This method will teach you how to properly set up your tracking campaign and which aspects you should look at initially.

  • How to set up a campaign for position tracking
  • Keyword grouping
  • adding competitors
  • Position tracking key metrics and reports
  • Sensor - activate volatility tracking
  • advanced position tracking features

Make content that increases your traffic.

Semrush Help

By enhancing your current content and producing new articles for your website, Semrush can help you boost your online exposure and drive more individuals to your website.

  • Improve your content with the help of SEO writing.
  • Baseline suggestions for your next content using the SEO content template
  • Research a topic to gain ideas for your post.
  • Using the on-page SEO checker, you can outrank your rivals
  • Analyze your existing content using a content audit.

Improve backlinks

Semrush Help

The link-building and auditing operations are guided at each stage by the backlinks tools from Semrush. You will learn how to spot any potentially harmful backlinks in this procedure and locate fresh opportunities for high-quality link development.

  • Check your backlink profile with a backlink audit.
  • Reach out to remove undesirable backlinks
  • Establish a disavow list.
  • Link building: track down fresh leads
  • Compare your website to rivals using Backlink Analytics.

Complete a competitive analysis.

Semrush Help

Digital marketing is built on competitive analysis. If you know your main rivals, you may design your plan to surpass theirs by learning what they do well. This post will demonstrate using Semrush to identify your top rivals swiftly.

Semrush provides six major reports to locate rivals using the following standards:

  • Report on organic rivals (based on common organic keyword ranks)
  • Report on backlink competitors (based on backlinks that are shared)
  • Report on advertising rivals (based on shared paid keyword positions)
  • Report on PLA rivals (based on comparative Google Shopping keyword rankings)
  • Discovering Position Tracking Competitors (based on a unique set of target keywords)
  • Using organic competitors and domain categories, Market Explorer

2. How-To Articles

Semrush Help

Read these articles for step-by-step instructions on using Semrush to accomplish common digital marketing workflows in 20 minutes or less.

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • on social media
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Advertising
  • Agency Administration
  • E-commerce

3. Billing and Account

Semrush Help

With the My Profile menu, Semrush provides several options for editing the information of your account on your own.

The icon at the top right of the Semrush interface will take you to the My Profile section. From there, you may modify your account settings, see how much of your account limits you're using, and make changes.

If your query fits into one of the following categories, you may try looking it up in our FAQ:

  • Profile Settings
  • Billing Problems
  • User Administration
  • In charge of notifications
  • VAT/Taxes
  • Legal Information
  • Query Logs
  • Getting rid of your subscription
  • Your account being deleted

You may always contact us, and a staff member would be pleased to assist you if you need personal assistance with something relating to your account.

4. SEO

Semrush Help

More than 20 tools and reports are included in our SEO Toolkit to help you with every aspect of your website's SEO. With over 23.5 billion terms in 142 geo databases, you will have access to the market's biggest and most accurate search volume.

Additionally, you'll have access to rank tracking, on-page SEO research, backlink management tools, and a technical SEO audit tool.

Select "SEO" from the drop-down menu in the interface's upper left corner to get a list of all the tools in our SEO toolbox.

For the following five aspects of SEO, you'll be able to use tools and generate reports:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • keyword analysis
  • Link Creation
  • Rank Monitoring
  • Technical SEO and on-page SEO

Beginners may find SEO to be a challenging procedure due to its complexity. Due to this, we are providing you with two methods: an SEO Dashboard and a well-selected collection of SEO tools.

Start with the SEO Dashboard if you're curious to get a basic idea of your potential. It is also possible with a rival's website.

You may learn to enhance a website's exposure and expand your online presence by using these many SEO categories.

Now that you are familiar with the fundamentals of our SEO toolkit, you can explore it further by reading our user guides and how-to articles in the Knowledge Base.

5. Advertising

Semrush Help

Your one-stop shop for organizing a Google Ads campaign is the Semrush Advertising Toolkit. You can get all the resources needed to set up and manage your advertising campaigns here. You'll learn how to do specialty research, examine previous advertising campaigns run by your rivals, and create keyword lists and commercials for your advertising campaign.

The procedures covered by the tools in this set are as follows:

  • Competitive Research
  • keyword analysis
  • Advertising Analysis

Pay advertising may be one of the most advantageous facets of your company's digital marketing strategy. When it comes to competing in your industry, being able to target the keywords that will give you the maximum ROI may make all the difference.

6. Social media

Semrush Help

Semrush's Social Media Toolkit offers various tools to help you develop your plan and simplify your daily social media tasks. These tools make completing tasks easier for anyone who administers social media. The tools let you make and schedule posts, track their effectiveness, compare your advancement to your rivals, and interact with people more effectively.

  • The social poster
  • The social network Tracker
  • Analytics for social media
  • Inbox social

7. Content Marketing

Semrush Help

Semrush's Content Marketing Platform aims to help content marketers with task management and audience-relevant content creation. This toolkit is a simple way to develop and enhance your current content strategy, identify content gaps, or easily research, compose, and audit content. You may save time and money with these initiatives. You can learn more about how to utilize this platform from our dedicated blog article.

What these tools allow you to achieve is as follows:

  • Content Preparation
  • Making and Improving Content
  • Performance Measurement
  • Limits

8. Semrush Trends

Semrush Help

A competitive intelligence tool called Semrush.Trends are accessible with premium Semrush subscriptions.

What is included in it?

  • The Semrush.Trends solution offers you total access to: in addition to the Semrush software suite that you already have access to (depending on your subscription plan):
  • Using Traffic Analytics, you may get a complete picture of how well any business is performing online;
  • With Market Explorer, you may examine both industry-based and organic competitors;
  • EyeOn automatically tracks the actions of your competitors, from new material to promotion changes;
  • Demographics, socioeconomics, behaviors, and audience overlap are just a few of the different audience aspects on which One2Target provides insightful information.


Semrush Help

Semrush is available for purchase. Trends price $200 a month as an add-on to a paid Semrush membership (or as part of a personalized Semrush plan).

The purchase price of the. Trends solution, in addition to your current subscription, would be: Assuming you have yet to acquire any further licenses.

  • Pro: $319.95 per month
  • $429.95/month for Guru
  • Business: $649.95 per month

9. Management

Semrush Help

You can manage all of your marketing activities from one location, receive timely notifications of every occurrence that affects your rankings, take your notes, and generate elegant performance reports with the help of the Semrush Management toolbox.

What these tools allow you to achieve is as follows:

1) CRM

Semrush Help

Manage tasks, create tasks, gather data from Semrush project tools, and produce PDF reports and pitches that are customized for each client.

2) Projects

Semrush Help

Utilize tools like Site Audit, Position Tracking, and Backlink Audit to examine a domain's web presence, and then share the information you learn with other Semrush users and your clients.

3) Notes

Semrush Help

Note any crucial occasions or dates that will be included automatically in Semrush graphs linked to your work.

4) My Reports

Semrush Help

Create stunning PDF reports from the insights you've gathered from Semrush data.

5) Lead generation tool

Semrush Help

Use a customized widget that asks for contact details in return for a free Site Audit to generate leads on your website.

6) Marketing Timeline

Semrush Help

Create a collaborative, interactive calendar where you can plan and oversee many marketing initiatives.

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