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Semrush Free account


One of the top 100 software products in the world right now is Semrush, according to statistics

Semrush Free account

Although it requires a membership, you may use many features by creating a free account. Two different categories of free accounts are available to you:

Two Distinct Types of Free Semrush Accounts

1) Simple Account Signup

Semrush Free account

With this account, you have limitless access to several Semrush tools and features, and there are no time restrictions.

This means you may use your free account for as long as you like without giving out any information about your credit card or being ever charged.

2) A Trial Account, Free

Semrush Free account

Semrush's entire library of marketing resources is yours to use for seven days without charge. Any Pro or Guru account can be tested out. This entails that you can access all free features available to paid users for a full week.

You must enter your card information to establish a free trial account.

(However, you can cancel your membership and not be charged if you change your mind before your free trial period ends.)

Your subscription to your chosen premium plan is automatically continued after the seven-day trial period unless you decide to cancel your membership before then.

What you can accomplish with a basic, free account is below. The most frequently asked questions will also have answers.

However, who requires a free Semrush account?

Semrush enables you to create and manage your digital strategy from a single platform, regardless of your marketing demands.

We've covered you, from social media and go-to-market to SEO and PPC.

To assist you in doing this, we have created over 50 tools.

With information on approximately 140 nations.

But we also understand that big dreams sometimes begin small. You might be unable to purchase one of our premium plans due to a lack of funds, expertise, or resources.

That's okay, too.

We aim to give every marketer the tools they need to be their best.

Every Day

For this reason, anyone may register for a free Semrush account. And the reason why you can use some of our tools for free is just by joining up.

With your free account, you may perform the following things:

  • Make a keyword search
  • Analyze your competition
  • Track keyword positions
  • Performing a technical site audit
  • Examine your regional listings.
  • Organize your social media accounts.

Also More Free Tools

The key activities your free account allows you to engage in are broken down below into the following categories:

  1. SEO
  2. Content marketing
  3. using social media

1. Semrush Tools for SEO: Free

Semrush Free account

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your free account with G2's indisputable market leader in SEO software.

Perform Free Keyword Research

The Keyword Magic Tool or the Keyword Overview allows you to do ten daily keyword searches.

The Keyword Magic Tool will only report the top 10 results from each search.

Thus, you may acquire 10 x 10=100 results daily to meet your keyword research demands.

Or, using the Keyword Overview tool, as follows:

Your free account offers more information than just the monthly search volume (MSV).

You may acquire the following details with only one click:

  • Determine the difficulty of ranking for a keyword (Keyword Difficulty).
  • Get a breakdown of the global MSV into MSVs for individual countries.
  • Determine the primary search intent category that supports your keyword (so you can choose the kind of content to develop to target it)
  • Find out whether interest in it has increased, decreased, or remained largely stable during the past year.
  • Calculate the cost of targeting this phrase with paid search advertisements.
  • Check out all the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) components, including highlighted snippets, reviews, and advertisements.
  • Find out which pages for a term are in the top 10 rankings.
  • Find queries or keywords that are related to your seed keyword.

All this and more are available for any 142 nations in our database.

20,000,000,000 and more keywords. (If you were confused by all the 0s, it is 20 Billion)

When your daily allotment is used up, you must wait until your allocation is refilled the next day.

(Or, you know join up for a free trial and upgrade your limitations for no cost for seven days.)

2. Free Competitor Analysis

Semrush Free account

Using Domain Overview, you can examine up to 10 domains each day.

This is where you can get a lot of information about, whether you're conducting a competition study, looking into the performance of your website, or pitching to a prospective client:

  • How many and which keywords do a domain rank for (in both Organic and Paid Search)
  • Distribution of positions for these keywords
  • Competitors (both organic and paid)
  • Top search terms for traffic
  • Split between branded and unbranded traffic
  • Number of referring domains and backlinks

And a Lot More

Remember that the ten searches per day restriction applies to any searches you may do using our domain analytics and keyword research tools together.

In other words, if you look for "" in Domain Overview, for example, that's 1 out of 10 searches.

Once you click to read more information about the top keywords for this domain, you will be sent to the Organic Research report, which represents an independent search.

Your remaining limit will be seven if you choose "SEO software" as another term to enter into the term Magic Tool. So on.

3. Track Your Keyword Positions for Free

Semrush Free account

With the Position Tracking tool, free users may follow these five simple steps to track up to 10 keywords:

  • Create your project (as a free user, you can create one project, which grants you access to 12 standalone tools).
  • Type in your domain
  • Include a list of competitors.
  • List the keywords you want to track.
  • Set your device type and location.

Using position tracking, you can track your position in local searches down to the ZIP code level.

It is especially helpful if your SEO approach depends extensively on local SEO.

To be informed of any changes in rankings, you may also set up notifications.

The program will daily track your rankings and those of your competitors.

You may view all this information on the results tabs for your desired keyword list. You may then compare your ranking positions to those of your competitors and your visibility or anticipated traffic from these keywords.

Position Tracking offers access to a wealth of data, including daily changes for each term and chances to obtain highlighted snippets.

Based on these results, you may determine if, when, and how to act.

4. Audit a Website for Free

Semrush Free account

With the Site Audit, you may crawl up to 100 URLs for free. This includes crawls of any specific domain, subdomain, or subdirectory.

The result will be:

  • A website's overall health score
  • Detailed reports on every issue we discover, organized by severity ("Errors" are the most critical faults, while "Notices" will have a less significant influence on your organic performance).
  • An explanation of each problem and suggestions for fixing it
  • Using thematic reports, you can understand your site's performance in a particular sector.

The following are some examples of thematic reports:


Are search engines able to access it?


Is HTTPS correctly implemented?

Site Architecture and Internal Connectivity:

Do your website's orphan pages or deep pages provide a challenge for search engines to access?

Data Structures and Markup:

  • This section will include a list of any implementation-related problems.
  • You may browse these sites again every day with the free version.
  • You may only select a domain, subdirectory, or subdomain; you cannot replace them with a new set of 100 pages.
  • A list of up to 100 URLs can also be uploaded and will be crawled initially.

5. Keep Track of your Local Listings

Semrush Free account
  • Start with a free audit in the Listing Management tool if local SEO is an aspect of your growth strategy.
  • You can track the status of your local listings in more than 70 trustworthy directories in the US (ranging from Trip Advisor and Bing to Google Business Profile).
  • You may also utilize this service if you reside in the UK, Australia, Canada, France, or Germany.
  • To produce the report with the status of your business listing for each directory, simply enter the name of the company you represent.

Four Outcomes Might Occur for Each Directory:

1) Present:

There is information about your company in the directory, the data is accurate, and no more action is necessary.

2) Concerning issues:

Although the directory lists your company, the information is inaccurate.

3) Not present:

The absence of the company from the directory results in lost opportunities for customers.

4) Unavailable:

When crawled, the directory and listing either don't reply or don't support that type of business (Tripadvisor, for example, only allows enterprises in the hospitality sector).

The results of this audit might assist you in determining the next stages for your local strategy.

6. Obtain Advice on Content Optimization

Semrush Free account
  • Enter one or more target keywords into an SEO Content Template to learn about your competitors, what keywords to add to your content, and how long your text may be.
  • These can be used to write your copy or a content brief.
  • You can only create one SEO Content Template with a free account.

7. Produce Content that is User-friendly and Optimized

Semrush Free account
  • Use the SEO Writing Assistant when you're prepared to begin writing.
  • This tool offers suggestions on how to enhance the readability of your material and incorporate the SEO Content Template suggestions.
  • It allows for the import of content from another page or the addition of new content.
  • With WordPress and Google Docs, it functions as a plug-in.
  • Similar to the SEO Content Template, you can only use this feature once if you have a free account.

8. Learn Strategies for Enhancing On-Page Content and SEO

Semrush Free account
  • Using the On-Page SEO Checker, you must establish a campaign.
  • Simply enter your target keyword(s) and the associated URL to receive a report with suggestions on:
  • Problems that need to be resolved
  • Missing components that are preventing your website from performing at its best
  • "SEO Ideas units" is a component of all three technologies above. One unit of SEO Ideas will be credited for each target keyword you enter in one of these.
  • Only ten units total for the three tools are included with free accounts.

You're Permitted to:

  1. Make a single SEO content template.
  2. One-time use of the SEO writing tool
  3. Establish a single On-Page SEO Checker campaign.

In your On-Page SEO Checker campaign, SEO Content Template, and SEO Writing Assistant, you may utilize the ten units (keywords) as you choose.

The SEO Writing Assistant will now offer suggestions for the keyword listed in the SEO Content Template if you want to utilize it.

Consider a free trial if you run into trouble with these account limits. This will provide you with seven days of free access to Semrush.

9. Publish Content on Social Media

Semrush Free account

A single calendar view may be used to schedule your social media updates. You may publish from ten profiles on Facebook Business, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile.

10. Examine Your Social Media Performance

Semrush Free account

Monitor the social media performance of your content. Learn insights such as the ideal time for posting or the hashtags that might generate the most interaction and reach.

11. Monitor the Social Media Activity of your Competitors

Semrush Free account

Monitor the social media activity of your closest competitors and compare your performance to theirs.

How to Make the Most of Your Free Semrush Account

  • Analyze the backlinks to your website and find those that may be detrimental to your performance.
  • Keep track of brand references and look for link-building chances.
  • Plan and keep track of a campaign to establish links.
  • Find underperforming material by undertaking a content audit.
  • Keep track of how well certain content pages are doing on your website.
  • Get content ideas around a topic by researching popular social media postings.
  • With a free account, you are only able to utilize the necessary tools in all of the aforementioned situations for a certain type of job.


The information above should help you understand what is included in a free Semrush account.

Even if it means limiting your resources, you may decide that a free-level account is right for you.

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