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Page title refers to the title tag displayed on the title bar of your browser window. It is a part of meta tags in the HTML inside the ?head? area. The page title tells users and search engines about the type and nature of the information available on your page.

Some important instructions to write optimized title tags are listed below:

  • Length: It should be a maximum of 60 characters long, i.e. Google usually displays the first 50 to 60 characters of a title tag.
  • Keyword placement: Place the targeted keyword at the start of your title and keep the least important words at the end.
  • Keyword separation: Use vertical lines or pipes to separate targeted keywords and phrases, i.e. avoid the use of commas, underscores, dashes, etc.
  • Don't repeat title tags: Write different titles for different pages, i.e. don't place the same title on multiple pages.
  • Simple: Your targeted keyword or phrases should be simple and short, i.e. avoid the worlds such as if, and, then, but, etc.
  • Website or company name: Don't use website or company name in the title tag unless it is very popular or part of your important keywords.

Meta Title Tag: Syntax

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