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Best Office Suites for Kali Linux

Microsoft Office is popular productivity software for organizing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, among other things. Microsoft Office is available as a download-only software package and an online service called Microsoft 365 Suite. The apps offer Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher Access, etc. However, a number of Microsoft Office alternatives have arisen on the market that may be used on a variety of Linux variants. These options are either free or pay-to-use. Some are more costly, while others are more reasonably priced.

In this tutorial, we will discuss the best Microsoft Office for Linux alternatives currently on the market.

The following is the list of Best Office Suite for Kali Linux:

  1. LibreOffice
  2. Apache OpenOffice
  3. WPS Office
  4. FreeOffice
  6. Polaris Office
  7. Word Perfect
  8. Calligra Office
  9. Google Docs
  10. Zoho Docs
  11. GNOME Office
  12. Office Suite

1. LibreOffice

Best Office Suites for Kali Linux

In 2020, LibreOffice will undoubtedly be the most popular alternative to Microsoft Office for Linux. It was first released in 2011 as a fork of, another MS Office alternative feature in this article. LibreOffice immediately gained significant momentum because it has always embraced a collaborative development method, inviting developers worldwide to join the project and contribute, and the rest is history. It comes pre-installed on many Linux distributions. LibreOffice is an open-source tool that is completely free to use. We could find LibreOffice as feature-rich as Microsoft Office if we get used to it. When Oracle decided not to develop OpenOffice, the Document Foundation forked it and created LibreOffice. LibreOffice is a suite of applications that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software. It comes in 110 different languages. LibreOffice uses the Open Document Format supports the same file formats as Microsoft Office does.

LibreOffice consists of the following applications:

  • Writer: - A word processor that can create anything from a five-paragraph essay to a novel.
  • Impress: - A presentation application for creating slides with text, photos, animations, drawings, bullet points, etc.
  • Base: - A desktop database front-end with native support for MYSQL/MariaDB, Adabas D, PostgreSQL, and MS Access.
  • Draw: - This tool can be used for diagramming and flowcharting with a maximum page size of 300 cm by 300 cm.
  • Calc: - A spreadsheet software application with professionals' capabilities, multi-user support, and build-in integrations with corporate the database.
  • Math: - A formula editor that works in conjunction with other LibreOffice applications to allow users to input correctly formatted mathematical and scientific formulas into documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Users of Microsoft Office 2003 should be immediately familiar with all LibreOffice applications. If we are used to the ribbon in recent versions of Microsoft Office, LibreOffice will probably feel a little out of date at first, but give it a few days, and we'll adjust.

Advantages of LibreOffice

The following are the advantages of LibreOffice:

  • Complete functionality
  • Great compatibility with MS Office file formats
  • Free and open-source

Disadvantages of LibreOffice

The following are the disadvantages of LibreOffice:

  • It doesn't do many more arcane things that MS Office can do.
  • Outdated design

2. Apache OpenOffice

Best Office Suites for Kali Linux

Sun Microsystems was purchased by Oracle Corporation in 2010. Many of the company's employees resigned shortly after that. Oracle discontinued the development of a year later and laid off the remaining developers. At the same time, Oracle contributed the source code and relevant trademarks to Apache Software Foundation. As a result, it led to the development of Apache OpenOffice. Apache OpenOffice 4 is the most recent version, and it's available in 41 languages for Linux, Windows, and macOS. Many of Apache OpenOffice's capabilities are comparable to those of LibreOffice.

It also uses the Apache license, whereas LibreOffice uses a dual LGPLv3/MPL licence. Because Apache OpenOffice uses the Apache License, LibreOffice can freely "borrow" its features, whereas Apache OpenOffice developers cannot.

Despite the fact that Apache OpenOffice's popularity has been progressively falling since 2013, it remains a fantastic alternative to Microsoft Office for all Linux users who reject proprietary software like the plague.

Advantages of Apache OpenOffice

The following are the advantages of Apache OpenOffice:

  • Familiar user interface
  • Extensive list of supported languages
  • Uses the Apache license

Disadvantages of Apache OpenOffice

The following are the disadvantages of Apache OpenOffice:

  • Limited support for MS Office file formats

3. WPS Office

Best Office Suites for Kali Linux

This MS Office alternative for Linux was previously known as Kingsoft Office and was developed by Kingsoft, a Chinese software company based in Zhuhai. We do not have to pay for WPS Office if we want to use it for personal use. Customers who conduct business online must obtain a commercial license.

WPS Office is a free alternative to Microsoft Office, which has a high level of polish. Its user interface leaves LibreOffice in the dust. And most of its features are unique and can't be found anywhere else. WPS Office 2019 introduces an all-in-one mode, allowing users to open multiple types of files in a single window. This mode is particularly useful for users who use WPS Office on laptops with limited screen real estate.

WPS Office's current edition also includes a full set of PDF capabilities that allow us to comment on, annotate, and edit PDF files. We can use these features for personal use for free, just like the rest of WPS Office.

WPS Office's current edition also includes a full set of PDF capabilities that allow us to comment on, annotate, and edit PDF files. We can use these features for personal use for free, just like the rest of WPS Office.

Advantages of WPS Office

The following are the advantages of WPS Office:

  • Advanced features
  • Beautiful user interface
  • PDF editing tools

Disadvantages of WPS Office

The following are the disadvantages of WPs Office:

  • The free version of WPS Office has ads

4. FreeOffice

Best Office Suites for Kali Linux

FreeOffice is regarded as a cost-free and obvious replacement for Microsoft Office. Since 1987, a company named SoftMaker has been developing office software, with their main product being the office suite. FreeOffice is a complete office suite that can be used at home and work. It is developed for both Windows and Linux; a basic version for Android is also available. It's a good alternative because it works with all Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats. This means that FreeOffice can open a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation, or an Excel sheet that was created with an older version of Microsoft Office. Users can choose between modern and classic menus and toolbars in a new interface that debuted in 2020. Because the user interface is so close to Microsoft Office, making switching from Microsoft Office very similar. A touch mode that offers a large icon view, is also available for users who use a touchscreen PC. This mode is supported by both newer and older versions of interfaces.

Advantages of FreeOffice

The following are the advantages of FreeOffice:

  • The UI of FreeOffice is similar to the MS Office
  • Better Compatibility to Docx-files (especially font rendering is much closer to the one of the word than libre office)

Disadvantages of FreeOffice

The following are the disadvantages of FreeOffice:

  • Proprietary software
  • Build upon their custom ui-toolkit


Best Office Suites for Kali Linux

The ONLYOFFICE is developed by Ascensio System SIA, a company with headquarters in Riga, Latvia. It has everything that home users and small enterprises require in order to be productive and prosper.

ONLYOFFICE makes it simple to go paperless and stay organised thanks to its advanced document management capabilities. Users may easily exchange documents, collaborate on them online, and manage access levels to keep critical information secure.

ONLYOFFICE features an easy-to-use email management application that we can use to access any email account as a complete MS Office alternative. A complete toolbox for sales managers is also available, as well as a project management system, a full-featured calendar software, and a community platform with blogs, forums, and chat.

ONLYOFFICE claims to have the best compatibility with Microsoft Office formats, which we may test by installing ONLYOFFICE on our won server or desktop computer.

Advantages of ONLYOFFICE

The following are the advantages of ONLYOFFICE:

  • Free and open-source
  • Can be delivered as SaaS
  • Reliably opens/saves .docs and .docx files

Disadvantages of ONLYOFFICE

The following are the disadvantages of ONLYOFFICE:

  • Slower document loading

6. Polaris Office

Best Office Suites for Kali Linux

Polaris Office was first released in March 2014 by Infraware. It is accessible for Android, Windows, macOS, and Windows and is free. It is a widely used business software suite. Amazon and Samsung are two other companies that used it. We can upgrade to the business version, but there is also a free version with plenty of features. A 'Purchased Query Form' must be submitted to Polaris to inquire about the cost. This is a robust suite that allows us to edit a variety of file types, including PPL, DOCX, XLS, and HWP. As our account synchronises across all of our devices, we will be able to modify and create from anywhere. Amazon Web Service protects all of our information. With the latest version of Polaris, we can now convert and edit PDF documents.

This suite supports various languages, including French, German, English, Russian, and Korean.

Features of Polaris Office

The following are the features of Polaris Office:

  • Document Management
  • Document Storage
  • Collaboration tools
  • File Sharing
  • File Management
  • Customizable Templates
  • Document Review
  • Search/Filter

7. Word Perfect

Best Office Suites for Kali Linux

WordPerfect has had a number of owners over the years. In the late 1970s, it was developed. Corel purchased it in 1996 and wanted to create a company that could compete with Microsoft and Adobe. WordPerfect was most popular in the 1980s because of its DOS and Microsoft Windows versions. WordPerfect, an all-in-once office suite, offers its word processor, spreadsheet program and a slideshow creator. The most recent version has enhanced photo editing and management. Word Perfect comes with a free trial that may be downloaded from the main site. It accepts a variety of file types, including DOCX, HTML, and PDF. WPD is the file extension for WordPerfect documents. It enables eBook publishing as well as macro-management. It allows us to open numerous documents at the same time. A PDF function allows users to edit and fill out forms in PDF format, and change the colour or font.

Features of WordPerfect

The following are the features of WordPerfect:

  • Document Generation
  • File Management
  • Assignment Management
  • File Transfer
  • Office Suite
  • Document Management
  • Document Storage

8. Calligra Office

Best Office Suites for Kali Linux

Calligra Office Suite was first launched in October 2020 as part of KOffice. It is suitable for graphic art design and was developed by KDE. It's available for Linux, Windows, macOS, and Android. We may get a free and open-source software package from the Calligra official website or the KDE download page. It bears no resemblance to LibreOffice. LibreOffice has a comparable appearance and feels to Microsoft Office, while Calligra does not. It also includes a mind mapping and project management tool, which distinguishing it from the competition. Calligra can read and write DOCX and DOC files but not edit them. As a result, ODT (Open Document Text) format can be favoured over Microsoft Office Documents in terms of compatibility.

Features of Calligra Office

The following are the features of the Calligra Office:

  • Presentation Drawing
  • Embedded Objects
  • Project Management
  • Rich Document Creator
  • Movable Dockers
  • Microsoft Office File Import
  • Vector Drawing
  • Rich Document Creator
  • Visual Database App Creator
  • Calculation & Spreadsheet Tool

9. Google Docs

Best Office Suites for Kali Linux

The approach taken by Google's G Suite of web apps is different from Microsoft Office. It's one of the most popular Microsoft Office alternatives on all platforms. Because it is web-based, it provides a few advantages in terms of document collaboration and sharing. So, we don't have to be concerned if our computer fails while we are working. Its commonly used in educational institutions and schools. Despite being an online application, it allows for offline saving and editing. Google Docs (Word Processor), Sheets (Spreadsheet), Drawing (Diagrams and Flowcharts), Forms (Surveys), and slides are among the apps available (Presentations).

There are also alternative office suites on the market, such as the WPS Office suite and Office 365. If we are interested in learning more about them, visit their website. Microsoft's Office 365, which competes with Google Docs, is a Microsoft offering. There are tools in the Office 365 package that can be used to replace any or all of the Google Docs tools. There is an alternative available for almost all of the tools included with Google Docs have a replacement.

Features of Google Docs

The following are the features of Google Docs:

  • Add-Ons for Grammar Checks & More
  • Full-screen view for distraction-free writing
  • Table of contents for organising documents
  • It contains voice typing for easier thought processing
  • Google Docs has Bookmarks for navigating documents
  • Page Number for easy formatting
  • Google explore for In-Document research

10. Zoho Docs

Best Office Suites for Kali Linux

Zoho Docs is a web-based suite similar to Google Docs in functionality but is aimed at the corporate market (despite the fact that there is a free version) because features like online collaboration and offline saving are only available with a paid subscription.

Zoho Docs is a bit costly, but it comes with native apps for Android and iOS, and sync desktop clients for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

This document management software also has some helpful collaboration and file sharing features. We may keep all of our business and personal files in one place, including documents, photos, spreadsheets, presentations, favourite movies, and music.

The tool simplifies the files sharing process. Zoho Docs allows us to back up all our files and transfer them between other file storage systems. There is no downtime because it operates both online and offline.

11. GNOME Office

Best Office Suites for Kali Linux

GNOME Office is another open-source office suite based on the calligram desktop environment. If we haven't guessed by now, GNOME Office is a GTK-based application for the GNOME desktop environment.

It supports the same number of formats as the suites mentioned above, with elements (some of which may already be familiar) being used in different distributions worldwide.

On the other hand, GNOME Office is only accessible on the Linux platform and includes the following software.

  • AbiWord: - Word processing application
  • Ease: - presentation application
  • GnuCash: - financial manager
  • Evince: - PDF viewer
  • Dia: - Diagram designer
  • Gnumeric: - Spreadsheets application
  • Inkscape: - Drawing
  • Glom: - Database manager
  • Evolution: - Email manager and RSS viewer
  • gLabels: - Label-maker

12. Office Suite

Best Office Suites for Kali Linux

MobiSystems created the Office Suite, available for Windows, iOS, and Windows. The Office Suite is pre-installed in devices manufactured by Toshiba. Sony, Amazon, and Alcatel. The Office Suite Android app is one of the most popular business apps. We just need one license per device to synchronise between devices using our Open Office Suite account. The free tier is the 'Basic' tier, which allows us to view and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. The free tier is the 'Basic' tier, which allows us to view and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. It supports a wide range of file types, including ODT, RTF, CSV, DOC, and others. Apart from allowing users to view PDF documents, the free tier also provides cloud compatibility via services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. One Suite is available on one PC, tablet, and phone. It includes all of the features of the free tier, as well as the ability to track changes and export PDF files to other editable formats. Advanced PDF features such as digital signatures and passwords are also included. Permissions to use across five desktops, five tablets, and five phones is given by the 'Group' tier. A home and business version are also available for a one-time free download.

Features of OfficeSuite Features

The following are the features of OfficeSuite:

  • Create and edit excel files
  • Hyperlink editing
  • Hyperlink editing
  • Document printing
  • Changing tracking
  • Annotations
  • Electronic signatures support
  • Notes and Comments
  • Document password protection
  • OpenDocument files support
  • Create and edit PowerPoint files
  • Integrated license manager
  • Coverts files to PDF

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