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Tools Description
cryptCat It reads and writes data across all network connections, using TCP or UDP protocol while encrypting the data that is transmitted.
Cymothoa It is a backdooring tool that injects backdoor's shellcode into an existing process.
Dbd It is a Netcat-clone, which offers strong encryption and runs on Unix like operating systems and on Microsoft Win32.
dns2tcp It is a network tool designed to relay TCP connection through DNS traffic.
HTTPTunnel It is used to tunnel network connections through a restrictive HTTP proxy.
Intersect It is an Intersect Post-exploitation framework.
Nishang It enables usages of PowerShell for offensive security and posts exploitation during Penetration Tests.
polenum It extracts the password policy from a windows system.
PowerSploit It is a series of Microsoft Powershell scripts that can be used in post-exploitation scenarios during authorized penetration tests.
Pwnat It is a NAT to NAT client-server communication.
RidEnum It is an attack that enumerates user accounts through null sessions and SID to RID enum.
sbd It is a secure backdoor for Linux and Windows systems.
Shellter It is a dynamic shellcode injection tool and dynamic PE infector used to inject shellcode into native Windows applications.
U3-Pwn It is a Metasploit Payload Injection Tool for SanDisk Devices.
Webshells It is a collection of webshells for ASP, ASPX, CFM, JSP, Perl, and PHP servers.
Weevely It is a stealth web shell that stimulates telnet-like connections used for web application post exploitation.
Winexe It is a remote windows command executor.

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