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Parsero Tool in Kali Linux

In Kali Linux, Parsero is a free and open-source tool that is available on GitHub. With the help of this tool, we can read the Robots.txt files of websites and web apps. We can also use this tool to obtain information about our target (domain). Any domain can be targeted using Parsero. It comes with an interactive console that offers various useful features, like command completion and contextual help. Parsero is written in a python programming language, so, in order to use this tool, it is must that python is already installed on our Kali Linux.

It is a Python script that we used to read the Robot.txt files on a live web server in the disallowed entries. When the tool starts operating, these disallowed entries instruct the search engines what HTML files or static directories must or must not be indexed. Google spiders and crawlers play a critical part in indexing a website based on the number of visitors. It is the administrator's responsibility to ensure that private and sensitive information is not shared with search engines. However, some developers make the error of allowing search engines to read the Robots.txt file. In such cases, Parsero can help by determining whether or not the Robots.txt file is visible.

How to Install Parsero Tool in Kali Linux

The following steps are used to install the Parsero tool in Kali Linux:

Step 1: To install the Parsero tool in Kali Linux, we must use the command below.

Parsero Tool in Kali Linux

Step 2: The tool has been downloaded and installed successfully. Now, use the following command to run the tool.

Parsero Tool in Kali Linux

The tool is working properly. Now we'll look at an example of how to use the tool.


Example: We can use the Parsero tool to scan any website. In this example, we will scan google website.

Parsero Tool in Kali Linux
Parsero Tool in Kali Linux

This is how we will find our target. This tool is really valuable for security researchers who are just starting with pentesting. We can choose any domain to target.

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