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How to Install Sqlninja in Kali Linux

Sqlninja is a SQL Injection tool. SQL Injections are vulnerable, and Sqlninja exploits online web applications to obtain a remote host's operating shell. The web apps use Microsoft SQL Server as its back-end. Remove access to the vulnerable DB server is provided via Sqlninja.

Penetration testers should use the Sqlninja to assist and automate the process of taking over a database server when a SQL Injection vulnerability is detected.

In other words, it will automate the exploitation process if it detects a SQL injection. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install Sqlninja in Kali Linux.


The sqlninja tool can help us exploit SQL injection flaws in an application that use Microsoft SQL as the backend database. The main purpose of using the Sqlninja tool is to control the database server through a SQL injection flaw. The Sqlninja tool is a Perl-based database assessment tool that may be found in Kali under Applications | Database Assessments. The Sqlninja tool is designed to exploit an injection flaw to acquire shell access to the database server, not to identify the presence of an injection flaw.

Sqlninja Requirements

Sqlninja is a Perl script that requires a number of Perl libraries to run properly. So, all we have to do is install Perl and its modules such as:

  • NetPacket
  • Net-pcap
  • Net-DNS
  • Net-RawIP
  • IO-Socket-SSL
  • DBI

If we want to utilize the Metasploit attack mode, we must have Metasploit Framework 3 installed on our machine. We'll also need a VNC client to use the VNC payload.

We can run the Sqlninja on any Unix-based platform with a Perl interpreter to ensure that all required modules are installed. Sqlninja is available for Unix operating system that has been successfully tested on the following platforms:

  • Linux
  • IOS
  • Mac OS X
  • FreeBSD

Sqlninja does not run-on Windows, so keep that in mind. Sqlninja is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.0 (GPLv3). The new version, 0.2.999-alpha1, is released, and data extraction via WAITFOR and DNS tunnel, plus VBscript-based, is added.

Also, 0.2.6.r1 is the stable version of Sqlninja, which does not include the data extraction module included in alpha1.

Sqlninja Features

The following are the features of Sqlninja:

  1. Sqlninja extracts data depending on time or via a DNS
  2. Sqlninja integrates with Metasploit3 to allow graphical access to the remote DB server. It uploads Meterpreter via a VNC server injection or directly.
  3. Sqlninja considered stealth techniques to confuse some IDS/IPS.WAFs.
  4. Bruteforce of "sa" password in dictionary-based and incremental.
  5. Sqlninja supports for CVE-2010-0232, to escalate the privileges of sqlserver.exe to SYSTEM.
  6. TCP and UDP direct and reverse bind shells. (External hostnames can be resolved by the DB server).
  7. If the original version has been removed, then it makes a custom
  8. Sqlninja could upload netcat using only normal HTTP requests without utilizing FTP/TFTP or VBScript or exe. (When SQLninja 0.2.6 was released, it used a different method of configuring HTTP requests and the relative injection string.).
  9. The fingerprint of the remote SQL server is provided by Sqlninja. It contains information about the version and the user who is running the query. User privileges, xp_cmdshell availability, and DB authentication mode.
  10. TCP/UDP portscan from the target SQL Server to the attacking machine to find a port that is authorized by the target network's firewall and use it for a reverse shell.
  11. If the "sa" password is discovered, Sqlninja escalates the privileges for the sysadmin group.

SQL Injection Attacks

One of the most dangerous attacks on web applications is SQL injection. In addition, it was listed among the Top 10 Web Application Security Threats. When are SQL injection attacks most likely to occur? SQL injection occurs when application processes user-provided data without validating it. As a result, SQL injection can give hackers access to database content or system remote commands. Businesses or organizations use SQL servers to hold secret data.

As a result, it is easy to see why hackers would target. Hackers may gain control of the database server as a result of this. Take a look at the list below to see which factors are effective in SQL injection attacks:

  • The location of the vulnerability in the code.
  • How vulnerability lets hackers act.
  • The access level of the damaged application to the server database.

Install Sqlninja on Kali Linux

The database benefits both users and servers by providing a variety of capabilities such as data input storage, large-data retrieval, etc. Hackers and pentesters are continuously looking for a technique to find a gap in a database's security. As a result, we can utilize Sqlninja to take control of the database server by exploiting a SQL injection issue. Let's look at how to install Sqlninja on Kali Linux Server now that we are familiar with Sqlninja and SQL injection.

The following steps are used to install sqlninja on Kali Linux:

Step 1: In order to install Sqlninja on Kali Linux, first we have to run the following command:

How to Install Sqlninja in Kali Linux

Step 2: We've completed the installation of Sqlninja and all required packages. Use the following command to install all dependencies.

How to Install Sqlninja in Kali Linux

We can find it in Kali by navigating to Applications > Database Assessments.

How to Install Sqlninja in Kali Linux

How to Uninstall Sqlninja on Kali Linux

We can execute the command below to remove Sqlninja at any time.

How to Install Sqlninja in Kali Linux

In this manner, we can remove the Sqlninja package itself.

We may also uninstall Sqlninja and its dependencies with the command below.

How to Install Sqlninja in Kali Linux

We may also purge our config/data by using the command below:

How to Install Sqlninja in Kali Linux


How to Install Sqlninja in Kali Linux

In this manner, we can delete our local/config files for sqlninja.

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