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FTP Server

The computer which uses FTP to transfer data is called the FTP server. It stores and shares client data. Every day thousands of files on the Internet are transferred from one computer to another. Most of these files are transferred via the FTP server. It is an essential component of the FTP architecture.

The FTP server stores the address of client files and creates a link to share these files. An FTP server requires a transfer control protocol network or internet protocol network to function. FTP server connection remains connected to FTP clients all the time. It helps in transferring files from one user to another via the Internet. Any user can access the data stored in the FTP server, while some files can be accessed by special users.

It can be considered as the middle layer between the user system and the data. When you transfer the file using the FTP, it is either uploaded or downloaded to the FTP server. The data is transferred from the user system to the FTP server if the user is uploading the data. The data is transferred from the FTP server to the user system if the user is downloading the data.

For example, when you request any webpage on a web browser, the browser uses the FTP to respond to your request.

Types of FTP server

FTP server is divided into two parts:

  1. Anonymous Server
  2. Non-Anonymous Server

Anonymous Server

Anonymous server is a common FTP server, that is for all FTP clients. There is no password required to access this server. Most FTP clients use it.

Non-Anonymous Server

The non-Anonymous server is a paid server. If the user uses the non-anonymous server,the user needs the password to access the file.

Feature of FTP server

  1. It provides anonymous access, which means that it permits the user to download data from the server, but it prevents the uploading of the data to the server.
  2. FTP server is very useful for those people whose internet speed is very slow.
  3. If the download fails for any reason in the FTP server, you can resume that downloading.

Advantages of the FTP server

  1. The FTP server provides ultimate protection for client data. It gives you the added assurance that your data won't fall into the wrong hands because it stores your data in the encrypted form.
  2. If the download fails for any reason in the FTP server, you can resume that downloading.
  3. In an FTP server, there is no memory limit to store data.

FTP Server software for windows:

Software Type Price Homepage Download
FileZilla Server Open-source FREE
Xlight FTP Server Open-source FREE
Core FTP / SFTP Server Open-source FREE
ProFTPD Open-source FREE
Rebex Tiny SFTP Server Open-source FREE

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