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What is 3D Internet?

Technology is improving day by day, and we come up with various new technologies on a daily basis. Internet is also changing rapidly; initially, it started as just a document repository, which has now become a full-fledged resource that provides various services to us.

In our daily life, most of us are highly dependent on the internet to connect with our family & friends, get the work done, and much more. But as it is also changing, what will it look like after 50-100 years? It might give us a completely different way to approach things globally.

What is 3D Internet?

The internet we are using is in the form of 2D internet, but it is ready to change to 3D internet. 3D is an entirely new concept in internet technology and is also known as a virtual world. 3D Internet is about to provide 3D experiences that can replicate real life. In this topic, we will discuss in detail 3D Internet as well as how it works, the Applications of 3D Internet, and the Advantages and Disadvantages of 3D Internet. So, let's start with the introduction of the 3D Internet.

Introduction of 3D Internet

3D Internet is the successor of 2D internet (existing internet), but it provides a 3D experience or a virtual world that can replicate real life. It provides a powerful new way to reach consumers or business customers by consuming various web services.

The 3D internet is mainly a combination of two factors, which are the Internet and 3D Graphics. It can provide one of the most interactive and engaging services compared to Television. One of the best examples of 3D internet is Second Life, a 3D online virtual world in which different avatars do different kinds of stuff similar to real life.

What is the need for 3D internet?

People often think that when 2D Internet is already there, which is working perfectly, then what is the need for 3D Internet? Most people worldwide are highly dependent on the internet for doing their daily work, from online shopping and communication to bill payments and many more. If we talk about the nature of the current Internet, it is of a 2D type, which means that it is just a virtual environment where people from all over the world share ideas, interact with each other and exchange information. But why restrict it just to 2D pages and hyperlinks when there are lots of things that are turning in 3D, and it can be more attractive and engaging.

What is 3D Internet?

In 2D internet, each website is a typical combination of a bunch of documents, 2D pages, images or videos. To navigate the websites or for web surfing, we need a search engine like Google. But we can do it in an alternate and much better way than in real life, which is our 3D world. Similarly, we can make our internet the 3D virtual world, which can replicate the real world and give us much better services and experiences than imagination. Imagine we can put our documents on the desk at home, where documents, desks, and home are "virtual" entities that are 3D representations of real-world counterparts with spatial relationships.

Applications of 3D Internet


3D internet can be used as an excellent platform for Education by Schools, Colleges, and Universities. With 3D internet, students will be able to understand the concepts of some typical subjects easily that need a 3D view of things such as Chemistry, Physics, etc., rather than the traditional ways.


With the use of 3D internet, different religious organizations can organize virtual meet for different people at a specific location.


It is always necessary to have complete information about the location where you want to visit on holidays. So, with 3D internet, tourists can get a complete 3D view of interesting locations and can decide accordingly. It will save the time invested in searching about locations, and people will have a better idea about different locations.


3D internet can also be widely used for entertainment purposes, including 3D Games and Movies. With the 3D internet, people can play different sports, such as Cricket, football, boxing, etc., in the 3D environment.


Virtual embassies could be created in 3D internet, which will help the visitors to talk face-to-face with a compute generator ambassador to know about visas, trade, and other Issues.


3D internet could be employed in Arts. With it, artists will be able to create new forms of art and designs that are not possible in real life due to some physical limitations and high costs. It also enables artists to display their designs to audiences across the world with a real-life look and feel.

Social Interaction

Nowadays, people are much more active on Online social media platforms. With the help of the 3D internet, social media networking can be much more interactive and engaging, such as experiencing video calls.

Real Estate

3D internet can transform and could be much beneficial for the Real Estate market. With it, customers can have a complete 3D view of the property online in which they are interested.

Components of 3D Internet

What is 3D Internet?

World Servers

World server provides static and dynamic content created by either user or server-side and generates a specific 3D environment or web place that includes visuals, avatar data, media, etc., to client programs. Its main task is to coordinate with the connecting users, initiate communication between them, and ensure in-world consistency in real-time. It also provides different services to users, including email, instant sagging, etc.

Avatar/ID servers

In 3D internet, there is a virtual identity management system that contains identity and avatar information along with an inventory of registered users. The system provides all this information to specific world servers and relevant client programs(owner) with complete privacy and security of contained information. It can also be a part of world servers.

Universe Location Servers:

Virtual location management systems are similar to current DNS, which provide virtual geographical information. Moreover, it also provides a connection to the internet using methods similar to SLurl. They can also work as a distributed directory of the world, avatar servers and users.


Clients are browser-like viewer programs that run on the end-users device containing extensive networking, caching, and 3D rendering capabilities.

Technical Implications of 3D Internet


If we talk about the internet, then speed is one the main thing that comes out immediately to easily navigate web pages. If internet speed is not sufficient, then users may face various trouble during web surfing. To use 3D internet, speed is the most significant implication. Still, various countries across the world are not in the state of implementation of 3D internet.

Solution: Speed issues of 3D internet would be resolved by implementing high-speed cellular networks such as 3G and 4G (5G in the near future). These cellular networks have higher transmission rates to access the internet at high speed.


The main hardware implication for 3D internet is the screen display of the device to display the data. Currently, we are using the 2D display in all devices that can display images and other documents in 2D format only. But with the 3D internet, it would be difficult to display 3D objects on 2D screens. Current computer displays have a max 50-degree field of view which require the user to move the mouse in order to see the complete image, which is completely different from the real world. In the real world, we can use peripheral vision to see things beyond the direct line of sight.


The hardware implication problem of 3D internet can be resolved by using 3D Goggles (for now). In the market, a variety of 3D goggles are available, which can be used to see objects in 3D 2D devices.

Apart from using 3D goggles, with the use of Vision Station, we can solve the hardware implication issue. A vision station is a computer display technology which provides 180 degrees of viewing angles for users.

Advantages of 3D Internet

  • With the 3D internet, discussing and sharing ideas is easy and efficient.
  • 3D films will not be pirated, which will help the movie industry with good gain.
  • Film industries can make better profit with 3D movies.
  • Participants have control throughout the virtual space.
  • 3D internet will give a better experience while interacting and communicating.

Disadvantages of 3D Internet

  • Increased hacking and malware attacks can be seen.
  • It may also enhance online scams and fraud.
  • Limited ways to enable people in the virtual world.

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