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HTML <base> tag

HTML <base> tag is used to specify a base URI or URL to use for all relative links contained within an HTML document.

Only one <base> element can be specified within a document, and it must be placed within <head> element. We can also specify how other links should open (in the same window, in another window, etc.) using the target attribute.


In HTML <base> element does not contain closing tag but in XHTML end tag </base> is required.

Following are some specifications about the <base> tag

Display None
Start tag/End tag Only start-tag
Usage Anchors and links


Open in same window (by default)

Test it Now

In the above example we have used base URL ="" which all other relative links will treat as starting URL. Here (/) defines the root URL of the current document.

Open in new window (using _blank in <base> tag):

Test it Now

In the above example we have used target="_blank" in only <base> tag but it is applied on whole document links.


Tag Specific attributes:

Attribute Value Definition
href URL It specifies the base URL for all relative links.
_blank Open the relative link in the new window
_self Open the relative link in current window
_parent Open the relative link in the parent frame
_top Open the links in full width of the page

Global Attribute

The <base> tag supports all global attributes in HTML

Event Attribute

The <base> does not support the event attributes in HTML

Supporting Browsers

Elementchrome browser Chromeie browser IEfirefox browser Firefoxopera browser Operasafari browser Safari
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