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HTML <isindex> tag (Not supported in HTML5)

HTML <isindex> tag is used to provide a single line text input in a page to query a document. If user sent input to the server then server returns the list of page matching with the query.

The <isindex> tag can be used anywhere in the document, but it would be preferable to use it within <head> tag.

Note: Do not use <isindex> tag as it is not supported by HTML5, instead of it you can use form <input> which will do the same work.


Following are some specifications about the HTML <isindex> tag

Display None
Start tag/End tag Only Start tag (End tag forbidden)
An element of Document Structure


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Tag-specific Attribute

Attribute Value Description
prompt hint-text It adds value as a label for the search text field.
action URL It is used to send the query to different URL instead of current document.

Global Attribute

HTML <isindex> tag supports the Global Attributes.

Event attribute

HTML <isindex> tag supports the Event Attributes.

Supporting Browsers

Elementchrome browser Chromeie browser IEfirefox browser Firefoxopera browser Operasafari browser Safari
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