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What is an HTML Viewer?

A hypertext markup language (HTML) viewer is a tool that allows website creators to examine and change their work in real-time. The HTML viewer displays code on one side of the screen and the webpage-in-progress on the other.

HTML Viewer - View HTML Online

HTML viewer is an innovative web-based application built by experienced developers to offer convenience to users in seeing and executing their HTML codes. The developers no longer have to download any program to view HTML files on their devices since the identical operation can be conducted through the web. Whether you want to verify the layout of HTML codes or detect their existing flaws, you may examine HTML files without restrictions with our HTML code viewer.

How do I Use This HTML Viewer Online?

Our HTML reader has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for users to comprehend and use the service. We don't have to adhere to certain guidelines to browse HTML online using this program, so we don't need to worry if we're a novice or an expert. We may see HTML on our tool by following the short instructions below.

In the box supplied by this program, paste the HTML code. Program users can upload an HTML file, copy and paste code, or get HTML from a URL.

The following and last step is to click the View HTML button after uploading the HTML. The results are instantly created and shown when this button is touched.

What's the Operation of Our HTML Viewer?

The HTML reader on SmallSEOTools is built using sophisticated algorithms that shield users from complications. This online application allows us to process your HTML file automatically with only one click, producing results immediately. Users do not need to access this viewer through the laborious registration process.

You may use this HTML code viewer without registering on SmallSEOTools. It is a free service that only needs users to sign up for a premium membership. No longer is there a need to spend anything to use a tool? Without requiring you to expend manual effort, our HTML code scanner ensures us 100% accurate results. Using its split view functionality, we may use a free online HTML editor to change our HTML and observe the results in runtime.

What does This HTML Code Viewer Offer?

We aren't constrained in what we can do with your HTML code while using the online view HTML tool. This code reader tool may be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Verify the validity of the code.
  2. Make the HTML file more attractive or prettier.
  3. View the HTML code's result.
  4. Reduce the HTML code's size.

Advantages of HTML Viewer

Our website's HTML visualizer is the greatest online tool for visualizing HTML codes since it has top-notch capabilities. The following section discusses our online tool's most salient features.

  • Free and Simple to Use: No fees are associated with using this program. The straightforward instructions above will simplify executing and inspecting programs, so we don't need to master any unique techniques to use this tool.
  • Run and Test HTML: Using this tool, running an HTML file and checking it for problems has become simple. We can quickly see any HTML code's results with just one click.
  • Compatibility: This cloud-based program is compatible with all operating systems. We can use this application to view HTML files no matter our device's operating system, Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac OS.
  • No Plugin Installation Necessary: Using our device's web browser, we may effortlessly access this utility. We don't need to install plugins to use this service because the HTML viewer runs without them.
  • Quick and Secure: It takes just a few seconds for results to appear on consumers' screens. It's a safe online tool that doesn't save the information users submit or upload to its databases.
  • Access from Anywhere: Anyone anywhere in the globe can use our tool. We only need to connect our device to the internet to access and use this code viewer.

Benefits of Using HTML Reader Online

Developers are the primary users of HTML since they use it to build the front-end foundation for web pages and applications. Therefore, using an online HTML reader to examine HTML will give us several advantages. The key advantages of utilizing this tool are covered below.

  • Check for faults: Before presenting an HTML page to the public, we may find and fix faults using our online tool. We may quickly determine whether HTML code includes problems by uploading it to this tool.
  • Adjusting the layout: Since HTML is frequently used to create layouts, we may use this tool to see if the layout is entirely appropriate for front-end users. Using this tool, we may modify our HTML code until we get the desired results.
  • Save Time:Running and examining HTML files the traditional way can be time-consuming, and it won't be able to point out specific code mistakes. In contrast, it will only take a few seconds and display any HTML code mistakes.

Why Utilize a Web-based HTML Editor?

The finest HTML editor can be accessed online without running a code editor program. The top online HTML editor tool offers features like code sharing, completion, and live code preview.

  1. The Best HTML Editor Online
  2. HTML Viewer
  3. Codepen
  4. A real-time HTML editor
  5. Liveweave
  6. HTML Editor
  7. Tryit Editor

HTML Viewer

To see and change real-time HTML code in the browser, use HTML Viewer, an online application. It is simple to switch between horizontal and vertical code editors. This program operates on the client's end. As a result, your code is secure.

HTML Viewer's best attributes are:

  1. Actual HTML Preview
  2. Code editing in fullscreen
  3. Horizontal/vertical editor
  4. One-click for code sharing
  5. Highlights the code

Real-time HTML Editor

The GoOnlineTools-powered Real-time HTML Editor is an online HTML editor. Although this application has a lot of capabilities, its real-time preview is the greatest.

Real-time HTML Editor's best attributes include:

  1. Instant preview
  2. Execution on the client side
  3. To eliminate advertising, sign in.
  4. Works both online and offline


Users may test and display HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code snippets on the website CodePen. Developers may write code snippets, known as "pens," and test them in this online code editor and open-source learning environment.

Best attributes of Codepan:

  1. Actual preview
  2. Simple code sharing
  3. Performance-oriented IDE

Tryit Editor

We can change HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code using the W3Schools Tryit editor and examine the outcome in your browser. Edit the code in the window to the left, then press the "Run" button to see the outcome in the window to the right.

Tryit Editor's best attributes are:

  1. Edit Javascript, CSS, and HTML.
  2. Run the code immediately.
  3. Used for testing software.


A real-time (live) preview is available in the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editor Liveweave. It is the best place for web designers and developers to experiment, practice, and share their work.

Top Liveweave features:

  1. Actual preview
  2. Liveweave allows you to share code.

HTML Editor

This HTML editor includes software that includes a markup cleanup tool, an inline WYSIWYG editor, and a dynamic quick live visual preview. Comes with an HTML reader, editor, compressor, beautifier, and simple format. With this tool, it is possible to write good code.

HTML editor's best attributes:

  1. Swift refueling
  2. Code redo undo
  3. Alter the font size
  4. Code cleanup with a single click


One of the most widely used HTML editors available is Atom, and for good reason. With its open-source software, this code editor attempts to provide premium features at no cost. It also includes open-source software that is updated by the GitHub community.

To enhance Atom's capabilities, web developers may add, alter, and exchange other sources of code. They may further personalize their interface by selecting one of the pre-installed themes or developing their own.

Atom provides a live preview of your webpage while not having a visual editor. As a result, you can find mistakes in the code and repair them in the text editor.

Atom supports several programming languages besides HTML, including JavaScript, Node.js, and CSS.

Characteristics of Atom

  • More than 80 built-in packages: These are available with integrated package management. Users can create their own packages and add up to 8,700 other packages.
  • Multiple panes: It divides its interface into several windows for simple code comparison and writing across several files.

Syntax highlighting simplifies discovering mistakes and distinguishing between code types and coding languages.

Smart auto-completion - with its intelligent autosuggestions - enables users to write code more quickly. Windows, OS X, and Linux (64-bit) all support Atom.

Notepad ++

A free, open-source HTML editor called Notepad++ was created for Windows-based systems. The program has a simple user interface and is small in size for developers to code while on the move without installing it into Windows. A mobile version is provided.

Notepad++ is offered as open-source software, and GitHub hosts its repository. Even though this HTML editor is only available on Windows, Linux users can use Wine as a compatibility layer.

When developing, its adaptable user interface gives users the option of split or full-screen layouts. Users can work on two distinct documents at once on a split-screen arrangement.

This sophisticated text editor also supports many languages for web development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

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