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HTML Cleaner offers the ability to extract clean text from HTML code while eliminating unneeded gaps and improving readability, and they are nothing but software designed for this specific cleaning purpose.

What Clean HTML Code Offers?

Whether we talk about "search engine visibility", "accessibility", and "user experience" can all be enhanced by well-structured and clean HTML code.

  • User Experience:

Clean HTML code improves the functionality of your website and guarantees that it is free of unnecessary components. As a result, users can navigate, go through links, and interact with various aspects of the page much more easily.

Our website can adjust to different screen sizes if it has well-structured HTML code. By providing this feature, we can increase the likelihood of receiving repeat business and make a favourable first impression.

  • Accessibility:

Clear and organized HTML code is necessary to provide accessibility and readability for all users.

Furthermore, using accessible standards like "WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Applications)" is made possible by well-written HTML code.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

These greatly influence the natural traffic that websites acquire from search engines. Because it is simpler to understand the information of websites with clean, well-organized HTML code, search engines usually prefer them over messed ones. Well-written HTML code minimizes broken links and page problems, increasing your website's search engine visibility.

Well-organized code also improves readability, making it simpler for search engine algorithms to evaluate your material. Clean coding principles can enhance your website's SEO, elevate its rating, and attract more natural traffic.

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility:

Your website may appear differently in each browser, particularly if your HTML is obscure or has faults. Utilizing well-structured, straightforward code is preferable to keep the user experience consistent across browsers.

Preserving cross-browser compatibility enhances user experience, engagement, and retention on websites.

  • Scalability:

By keeping your code clean, the whole framework of your website will remain manageable regardless of whether it expands to include more pages, features, and functionality.

Additionally, other developers could more readily comprehend your code and work together more productively to enhance the website.

What can HTML Cleaner do?

  • Using such a tool, we may eliminate useless(extra) lines, spaces, and tags in HTML tags.
  • Using these tools, we can also load HTML and delete the URL to view only HTML. Press the URL button, type the URL, and press "Submit."
  • For cleaning up HTML, these tools allow the loading of HTML files. Generally, after clicking the Upload option, we have to choose File.
  • Most HTML Cleaner Software tools work on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. HTML Cleaner Online functions flawlessly.

HTML Cleaning

Whether on the "client-side" or the "server-side", HTML field contents can be cleaned up both ways.


  • HTML processors sterilize HTML on the server side. The HTML processor regulates internal links and images while validating, cleaning, and correcting the output of rich-text fields.
  • The "allowlist" specifies which elements can be included, and their attributes provide the foundation for the HTML processor's settings.
  • An attribute is removed from the output if it is not set to be allowed.
  • All <a> and <object> characteristics and any usage of the javascript: protocol and the data: protocol is, by default, eliminated via server-side HTML cleaning.

How to Disable HTML Cleaning from the Server Side:

Set the " configuration property to no-filter."


  • "CKEditor" handles HTML cleanup on the client side. The Advanced Content Filter (ACF) is the name of this feature. The permitted HTML is affected by every plugin and command added to or removed from "CKEditor". For instance, if an image cannot be added via a plugin,
  • Tags will be automatically deleted. This filtering also holds for qualities that may be needed or permitted, for example.
  • Additionally, ACF may be managed by editor instance using the "extraAllowedContent" configuration parameter. Take note that the JSON object format must be used to specify "extraAllowedContent".

How to Disable HTML Cleaning from Client-Side:

ACF is, by default, set. Set the "CKEditor" attribute "allowedContent" to true to turn off ACF. Like;

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