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HTML Script Tag

HTML script tag is used to specify client-side script such as JavaScript. It facilitate you to place a script within your HTML document.

JavaScript is used for image manipulation, form validation, and dynamic content.

The syntax of script tag is given below:

Attributes of HTML script tag

srcIt specifies the URL of an external script file.HTML 4.01, HTML5
typeIt specifies the media type of the script.HTML 4.01
asyncIt is a boolean value which specifies that the script is executed asynchronously.HTML5
deferIt is a boolean value which is used to indicate that script is executed after document has been parsed.HTML 4.01, HTML5

Usage of script tag

There can be two usage of HTML script tag:

  1. to embed script code
  2. to link script file

Embed script code

The script tag can be used within <body> or <head> tag to embed the scripting code. Let's see the example to have script tag within HTML body.

Test it Now


JavaScript is a simple language for javatpoint learners

Let's see the example to have script tag within HTML head tag.

Test it Now

Link script file

The script tag can be used to link external script file by src attribute. It must be used within the <head> tag only.

Click me to see full example

Supporting Browsers

Elementchrome browser Chromeie browser IEfirefox browser Firefoxopera browser Operasafari browser Safari
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