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HTML stands for Hypertext markup language. The web developer uses HTML. The HTML language is mainly written with the help of tags, content, and attributes. We can start and end the element with the help of tags in HTML.

The opening tag shows the beginning of the element, and the closing tag indicates the ending of that element. With the help of an online HTML beautifier, we can make our HTML codes looks beautiful, easy to read, neat, and clean. This is the easy method by which we can optimize our HTML code and share it with others.

Why Should You Use an Online HTML Beautifier?

Web developers can not compromise the readability of their HTML code. And if the developer manually adjusts the code with a proper format, it will be lengthy and time-consuming. To overcome this problem, we have an online HTML beautifier.

What is the Need to Beautify HTML?

We need an HTML beautifier for the following reasons.

  • Improving Readability: The main reason for the need for an HTML beautifier is to improve the readability of the code. Good readability of the code is very much important for big companies. It is very much important for the teammate or co-worker to understand your code. Otherwise, working with you on the same project is difficult for your teammate.
  • Makes your code more organized: After completing the formatting of the code, we have to organize our HTML code properly. After organizing the code correctly, all the other developers can operate the code and understand the code very easily.

Why Use This Tool?

We can develop the webpage with the help of HTML code. We can make the webpage very beautiful by making the code very organized. HTML is a markup language, so it is easy to read, write and understand the code. Any language can only be understood with proper writing or poorly written.

For example, let's take a simple English sentence.

The above sentence could be better written, and all the words could be clearer. So it is very difficult to understand the actual meaning of the sentence. On the other hand, if we write the above sentence in an organized manner, the above sentence should become:

When the above sentence is written in an organized manner, then the sentence gives its perfect meaning. So this is the meaning of the proper formatting of the sentence. So in the case of a markup language like HTML, proper formatting is necessary.

Why should You Beautify Your Code?

Let's explain this by taking an example. We have taken two examples. In the first example, the code is written in a very organized manner. In the other example, the code is not organized correctly.

Example 1:

Example 2:

If we see both examples, the readability of the first example code is very clearly understood. This is because the first code is written in a properly organized way. In the second example, we have some problems. These are as follows.

1. Absence of the <!DOCTYPE>:

As per the rule, all the HTML code should start with a <!DOCTYPE> declaration. The declaration is not an HTML tag. It is a type of information that is used by the browser. So, writing the declaration at the start of the HTML code is mandatory. So, writing this will not only organize the code but also provide some essential information to the browser.

2. No proper spaces between tags:

In the markup language and coding language, giving space is essential. Providing the space means we provide the command to our machine. So it is essential to provide the space whenever there is a need for it and skip the line wherever necessary.

3. Crammed-up space:

The second example shows that the complete code has been written only within two lines. But in the first example, the same code is written in ten lines with proper alignment and a beautiful format. That's why the first example looks beautiful. Thus, writing complete code with proper spacing is important so the reader can understand the code quickly.

4. Improper Indentation:

The tags of the HTML do not intend the second code. But in the first code, all the tags are properly intended by the hierarchy of the tags. Thus, the code should be written with proper indentation and formatting, and the code should be written well.

5. Missing closing </html> at the end:

This is very much important for coding. Most of the HTML codes are paired with each other. So we must remember the close any paired tag. If we don't close the closing tag, there are two possibilities. These possibilities are as follows:

  • If we do this, the browser does not show the output, and the developer spends so much time finding the missing tags. It is too difficult to find the error because it does not show any error message. So now, the HTML code does not help the developer to find the error or the missing tag.
  • Sometimes the browser displays the output of the code, but no one can understand the deployment of the code.

Even though both examples have the same content, the second code has many issues. So the first code has a well-formatted code.

What is the Solution of this Problem?

Now we understand the problem that is created when we don't correctly write the code. Now it's time for the solution of the code.

  • One of the solutions for this problem is to try an online HTML formatter.
  • The online HTML formatter is a tool that allows the developer to copy the formatted code with a single click. With the help of this tool, we can optimize the HTML code with a single click.
  • This tool will also take the file as input and generate the optimized code. So, copying a thousand lines of HTML code is unnecessary.

What is this Online Tool About?

It is a type of online tool that is used to beautify the ugly code. It also saves our time and effort to give the desired indentation to the code.

Why do You Need a Beautifier?

There is a need for a beautifier for the following reasons, such as:

  • More Efficient than manual formatting:

As we mentioned above, beautifying the code is a lengthy and time-consuming process if the developer does it manually. But with the help of an online HTML beautifier, we can do the same process in less time, which is very easy.

  • Effective when working on large projects:

We can use the online HTML beautifier in this case. When there is a situation in which ten people are working on a particular project, at that moment, it is impossible to for thousands of lines of code. The online HTML Beautifier lets you easily format the code and coordinate with your teammates.

  • More Effective than Browsers:

While many browsers automatically try and correct errors and ignore extra spaces& blank lines, there is also a high chance of browsers misinterpreting your HTML document. With browsers, there is no way you can control or format the document as you want. To tackle this problem, you must do external research about the information those browsers ignore. But with the online HTML formatter, you will get your desired and the best possible output.

  • Provides Proper Indentation:

This was one of the significant drawbacks of online HTML for matters in the past. But with this HTML formatted online, you can choose your indentation level.

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