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HTML <track> tag

HTML <track> tag is used to define time-based text tracks for a media file. The <track> tag must use as child element of <audio> and <video> elements.

The <track> tag is used to add subtitle, caption, or any other form of text which displayed when a media file plays.

HTML <track> is new tag in HTML5.


Following are some specifications about the HTML <track> tag

Display None
Start tag/End tag Only start tag(End tag forbidden)
Usage HTML media


Test it Now

In the above example, we have used flower.vtt file to add subtitle in the video file. Following is the flower.vtt file:

HTML track tag

How to create WEBVTT file:

Following are some basic steps to create WEBVTT file for <track> tag:

  1. Open text editor in your PC such as Notepad
  2. Write WEBVTT as the first line in the editor
  3. Leave a blank line
  4. Specify the time duration in the proper format (you can also provide numbering and add CSS).
  5. Enter and write your text which you want to add a subtitle or caption, and repeat step 3 to 5 until you finish it.
  6. Save it using .vtt extension.

Now your WEBVTT file is ready to use.


Tag-specific attributes:

Attribute Value Description
default default It specifies that the track should be enabled unless the user?s preferences indicate that another track is more important.
kind captions
It specifies that which type of text track you want to add.
label text It specifies the title of the text track.
src URL It defines the URL of the track file.
srclang language_code It defines the language of the track text content, such as English, Germany, etc.

Global attribute:

The <track> tag supports the Global attributes in HTML.

Event attribute:

The <track> tag supports the Event attributes in HTML.

Supporting Browsers

Elementchrome browser Chromeie browser IEfirefox browser Firefoxopera browser Operasafari browser Safari
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