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HTML <param> tag

HTML <param> tag is used to pass the parameters to the object that has been embedded using <object> element.

We can use more than one <param> tag within an <object> element in any order, but each tag must contain name and value attribute and should be placed at the start of the content.

The <param> tag controls the behaviour of the <object> element using a different pair of the name of value attributes, such as autoplay, controller, etc.


Following are some specifications about the HTML <param> tag

Display Inline
Start tag/End tag Empty Tag(End tag forbidden)
Usage Programming


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HTML param tag


Tag-specific attributes:

Attribute Value Description
Name text It determines the name of the parameter.
value text It determines the value of the parameter.
type content_type It specifies the media type of the parameter, and it only used if the valuetype is set to "ref." (Not Supported in HTML5)
  • data
  • ref
  • object
It determines the type of the value attribute. (Not Supported in HTML5)

Global attribute:

HTML <param> tag supports the global attributes in HTML.

Event attribute:

HTML <param> tag supports the event attributes in HTML.

Supporting Browsers

Elementchrome browser Chromeie browser IEfirefox browser Firefoxopera browser Operasafari browser Safari
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