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Difference between HTML and ASP

In this article, you will learn about the difference between HTML and ASP, but before discussing the differences, you have to know about them briefly.

What is HTML?

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a programming language that shows information and depicts a site page's design. Hypertext works with perusing the web by referring to an HTML page's hyperlinks. The hyperlink empowers one to go to any put on the web by clicking it. There is no set request to do as such.

Markup language calls attention to how labels characterize the page design and the components inside the page. It comprises different HTML components containing labels and their substance. HTML language empowers the formation of connections of reports, static and can overlook little mistakes. In HTML, shutting labels are excessive. It tends to be characterized as a markup language that makes the content unique and intelligent.

HTML is a programming language used to make sites that anybody with web access can see. The labels are the words between the < angle brackets > and separate standard content from HTML code. These are shown on website pages as pictures, tables, outlines, etc.

The labels are not shown on the pages however influence the presence of information on site pages. Various sorts of tags perform various capacities.

  • < body >
  • < li >
  • < br >
  • < strong >
  • < em >


Below is the basic example of HTML.


The above code gives the following output.

Hello World
Welcome this is your first HTML program

Advantages of HTML

Here are the following advantages of HTML, such as:

  • HTML helps assemble a site's design and different benefits, like Easy to learn and utilize.
  • Upheld by all programs.
  • It being explicit content, it is easy to alter.
  • Simple to coordinate with different dialects.
  • Lightweight
  • HTML is the premise of all programming dialects.
  • The content being compressible, it is quick to download.

Disadvantages of HTML

HTML also has some disadvantages, such as:

  • Can make just plain and static pages.
  • A great deal of code is needed to be composed to make a basic website page.
  • HTML security highlights aren't awesome.
  • Complex to compose long code for making website pages.
  • Sets aside a great deal of effort to make a website page.
  • All website pages should be altered independently, not concentrated.

What is ASP?

ASP is also known as Active server pages or classic ASP. A Microsoft production developed as Microsoft's foremost server-side scripting engine that helps the developer construct dynamic web server applications. It combines COM components (component object modules), scripting commands, and hypertext pages.


Below is a basic example of ASP.


The above code gives the following output.

Hello World using ASP
To print using ASP
Hello World!!

Advantages of ASP

Below are some advantages of ASP, such as:

  • ASP follows a Model view controller or (MVC), which helps distinct input, output, and processing of a certain application that has the advantage of working on a specific part of software development.
  • It is a framework technology that is a big help while developing big applications, and it also contains code reviews that help improve coding quality and coding time.
  • Some extended features include just in time compilation, early binding features native optimization.
  • One of the best features of the ASP toolbox is the drag and drop server controlling and WYSIWYG editing (What You See Is What You Get).
  • It is language-independent software so that the developer can use distinct languages.
  • We can even spread and substitute ASP sub-components.
  • One of the major eye-catching features of ASP includes secure web development by using windows authentication and per-application configuration.
  • Easy cross-platform development
  • It enables continuous monitoring that keeps a constant watch on unethical events. For example, in a case of an infinite loop, the compiler will automatically destroy the created event and restart itself.

Disadvantages of ASP

ASP also has the following advantages:

  • As compared to other present alternatives, ASP is a bit expensive. We have to pay for multiple licensing like SQL server licenses, Visual studio licenses, windows server licenses, and more.
  • It consists of MVC, and due to that, documentation is not good compared to other frameworks.
  • Updating the previously created software is still dicey as some codes of the previously developed software might not work on the next version.
  • ASP cannot be installed in older versions of windows. We have to do the installing manually.

Difference between ASP and HTML

Below are some differences between HTML and ASP, such as:

Difference between HTML and ASP
S.No ASP ( Active Server Pages ) HTML ( Hypertext mark-up language)
1 It is a server-side language, which means it's a backend language. The program written is moved to a server/back end, and the server returns the related output depending upon the task requested. Hypertext is a client-side language, which means it's a front-end language. This deals with the user interface where the user interacts with. The language works on the client's browser window. It doesn't support data manipulation of any type, and the user interface mostly works on a browser or the client's machine.
2 ASP can easily work with any form of scripting language to install codes and algorithms into a front-end page. We can not use algorithms in HTML. HTML only approves interpreting content in a structured format and displays the same on the browser window. It allows the designer to initiate content between tags, and different tags display different properties.
3 ASP can work with both the client-side environment and server-side environment.
  • ASP.NET for server-side development.
  • VB.NET for client-side development.
HTML is only used to create the structure of a client-side app.

But it can be used with multiple languages for the complete backend and front-end operations such as JavaScript and python.

4 It is used to develop dynamic web pages. It is used to develop only static web pages.
5 ASP is case-sensitive. HTML is not case-sensitive.
6 We can easily connect any database to a front end using ASP to retrieve its content. We can not connect the database to the front-end. To operate, we have to use another server-side language with HTML.
7 It is the best tool for full-stack developers. It is the best tool for front-end developers.
8 ASP files are requested by the developer using the browser, the browser sends the request to the ASP engine, then the files are read line by line through the ASP engine, and it also executes the operation line by line. Once the operations are complete, the file is returned to the browser using plain HTML. HTML files are requested by the developer using the browser, and then the server returns the file.

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