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CodePen HTML

In this article, we will learn about CodePen HTML. Let us know about CodePen first.

What is CodePen?

CodePen is an online community that is used for checking the code written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is an open-source online code editor which means anyone can use it for free.

It was founded 11 years ago in 2012 by Alex Vazquez, Tim Sabat and Chris Coyier. It is one of the best code editors that a developer or a web designer can use to write code and check the code easily without even installing anything.

Below is the picture of CodePen:

CodePen HTML

You can simply click on the Go make one! BUTTON and start writing the code. There are three parts in the CodePen. The first part is for writing HTML code, the second part is for writing CSS code, and the third part is for writing JavaScript code. It also provides a Settings option where you can customize the code editor as per your requirements.

If you are creating any project, then you should definitely use CodePen editor. It is like a blank canvas that you can fill with your imagination. It allows you to run and test new frameworks. It is user-friendly as it provides a lot of features that help you write the best code without making any mistakes. You can simultaneously see the HTML editor, CSS editor and JavaScript editor. It can be used on the laptop browsers or mobile browsers. If you become a pro then you can change other settings like pen details, add a personalized screenshot, etc.

Uses of CodePen:

  • Learning and Education: Candidates who are taking a web designing course can use CodePen to write code to test and run the code. There are various live demonstrations created by experienced coders that you can use to gain knowledge and refine your web development skills. It allows you to share code with others and get feedback from others to make the best code.
  • Code sharing: It is a very good editor which permit you to share the code that you have written with a colleague and even you can add the code snippet directly to your blog post.
  • Rapid prototyping and experimentation: You can quickly prototype your ideas, preview your code live and see the output in real time.
  • Collaborative development: It allows you to collaborate with other designers and work with them on the same projects. So this editor makes it simple for you to collaborate and work efficiently.
  • Testing and debugging: It contains debugging tools which permit you to check the code, find the mistake and refine the code. This editor finds the issue in the code in seconds and helps you create the perfect code.

How to use CodePen?

Creating a CodePen account:

You need first visit the website, i.e., and create an account for better efficiency. You can click on Sign Up for Free BUTTON as shown below:

CodePen HTML

A page that you witness below will open where you can sign up for CodePen for free using Google, GitHub, Facebook, or Email.

CodePen HTML

After you create the account then you will get an email from the CodePen to verify the email address. The email will look like you can witness below:

CodePen HTML

You have to click on the "Click to Verify Email" and verify your email address.

User Interface Exploration

After when your email is verified then you will land on the CodePen dashboard where you can see your work such as pens you have created, collections, deleted items, activity, assets, pinned items, etc. The interface will look like you can witness below:

CodePen HTML

Creating the first pen

Click on the Pen option visible on the upper left side of the CodePen dashboard and then click on Pen under it, as you can witness below:

CodePen HTML

You will see the code editor interface below which is divided into three parts: HTML, CSS and JS.

CodePen HTML

The HTML code is written under the HTML section, the CSS code is written under the CSS section and the JS code is written under the JS section. You can even give the title to your pen.

Save and share your work

Saving Pen: After writing the pen, you can save the work. Although the work will be automatically saved in the CodePen but it is a good habit to click on the save button as it make sure that the progress is saved.

Sharing Pen: You can share your work by sharing the Pen link with others so that they can view your code and interact with it. CodePen permits you to embed your Pen on the website.

Features of CodePen editor:

  • It permits you to embed Pens on any other websites. It provides complete control of embedded pens.
  • It provides an Embed builder that permits you to change the settings.
  • It provides a presentation mode that allows you to share your Pen at meetings.
  • It provides a professor mode which is helpful for teaching purpose. It permits you to update the screen of students in real time.
  • It provides a feature called CodePen Projects. Free users can create only projects and PRO users can create many projects.
  • It provides a feature called Collection which permits you to organize a group of Pens.

Features of CodePen PRO editor:

  • It provides a Live View feature which permits you to preview updates live on various devices.
  • It provides an Asset Hosting feature that permits you to drag and drop files into the editor.
  • It provides a Collab Mode feature which permits you to collaborate with 2-6 people.
  • It provides a Private Everything feature that allows you to keep your Pens private which means no one will be able to see your Pens till the time they are private.
  • It provides a Custom CSS feature that permits you to apply CSS according to your choice.
  • It provides a No Ads feature due to which you will not see any advertisements and no one will see ads on your work.


We have understood the CodePen HTML in this article. We have understood how to use CodePen, how to create a CodePen account, how to create a first Pen, how to save a Pen, how to share a Pen, features of CodePen editor, features of CodePen PRO editor and applications of CodePen.

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