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jQuery History

jQuery was first released in January 2006 by John Resig at BarCamp NYC. It is currently headed by Timmy Wilson and maintained by a team of developers.

Nowadays, jQuery is widely used technology. Most of the websites are using jQuery.

jQuery Release History

Let's see the release dates of jQuery versions.

Version No. Release Date
1.210, September, 2007
1.314, January, 2009
1.414, January, 2010
1.531, January, 2011
1.63, May, 2011
1.73, November, 2011
1.89, August, 2012
1.915, January, 2013
1.1024,May, 2013
1.1124, January, 2014
2.018, April, 2013
2.124, January, 2014
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