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jQuery prop()

jQuery prop() method is used for two purpose.

  1. It is used to return the value of a property for the first element in a set of matched elements.
  2. It is used to set one or more property value for a set of matched element.

The jQuery prop() method is generally used to retrieve property values i.e. DOM properties (like tagName, nodeName, defaultChecked) or own custom made properties. This is a very convenient way to set the values of properties, especially the multiple properties.

If you want to retrieve HTML attributes, you should use the attr() method instead.

The removeProp() method is used to remove a property.


To return the value of a property:

To set the property and value:

To set property and value by using a function:

To set multiple properties and values:

Parameters of jQuery prop() method

Parameter Description
Property It specifies the name of the property.
Value It defines the value of the property.
Function(index, currentvalue) It specifies a function which returns the value of the property to set.
  • Index: It provides the index position of the element in the set.
  • Currentvalue: It provides the current property value of the selected element.

Example of jQuery prop() method

Let's see a simple example of jQuery prop() method.

Test it Now

jQuery prop() example 2

Let's see another example of jQuery prop() method.

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Difference between jQuery attr() and jQuery prop() method:

This is a very common question because most of the people are confused about where to use prop() method and where attr() method. The differences between them are very important in specific situation.

Following is the exact differences between them:

  1. The jQuery attr() method is used to retrieve the HTML attribute values while jQuery prop() method is used to retrieve the property values.
  2. The attr() method changes the attribute of the HTML tag while the prop() method changes a property for the HTML tag as per the DOM tree.
  3. Properties are generally simpler to deal with than attributes so the jQuery prop() method is mostly used rather than attr() method.
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