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List of Arab Countries

The Arab world, Arab nations, Arab states, or the Arab homeland are all terms used to refer to a group of Arab countries worldwide. This is made up of 22 Arab countries that are members of the Arab League, which was established to politically unite Arab states and advocate the interests of Arab peoples.

Africa and Asia are both home to the Arab world. These countries cover more than 5 million square miles in total. Four hundred twenty-three million people are living in all of the countries.

With a population of nearly 90 million, Egypt is the most populous of these countries. With a population of only 795,000 people, Comoros is the smallest. Algeria is the largest Arab country, covering 919,595 square miles. Bahrain is the smallest country in area, with only 293 square miles.

The official language of these countries is Modern Standard Arabic. There are also some Arabic dialects utilized. The majority of Arab residents practice the faith of Islam. Arabs make up around a quarter of the world's Muslims. Adult literacy rates in the United States are little under 77 percent, with women's literacy rates substantially lower than that of men. Some countries have far greater literacy rates than others, with Syria, Lebanon, and other countries reaching new highs of over 90%.

Cairo, Egypt, is the largest metropolis in the Arab world, with about 16 million people. The top three populous cities are Baghdad, Iraq, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

List of Arab Countries
Country Population by 2022
Egypt 106,156,692
Sudan 45,992,020
Algeria 45,350,148
Iraq 42,164,965
Morocco 37,772,756
Saudi Arabia 35,844,909
Yemen 31,154,867
Syria 19,364,809
Somalia 16,841,795
Tunisia 12,046,656
Jordan 10,300,869
United Arab Emirates 10,081,785
Libya 7,040,745
Lebanon 6,684,849
Palestine 5,345,541
Oman 5,323,993
Mauritania 4,901,981
Kuwait 4,380,326
Qatar 2,979,915
Bahrain 1,783,983
Djibouti 1,016,097
Comoros 907,419

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