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List of TATA Cars

Tata Motors Ltd. is a company that manufactures automobiles. It operates in two segments: Automotive and Other Operations. All activities linked to the development, design, production, assembly, and sale of automobiles, including vehicle finance and the sale of associated components and accessories, are included in the Automotive segment operations. Information technology services, machine tools, and factory automation systems are included in the Other Operations category. The firm was established on 1st September 1945, and its headquarters are in Mumbai, India. Here is the list of popular TATA cars:

1. TATA Tiago

Tata Tiago is a city vehicle manufactured in India by Tata Motors in 2016. It is a spin-off of the Tata Kite project. Tata Tiago was created to replace the old Tata Bolt, which was little more than a heavily restyled Tata Indica Vista.

List of TATA Cars

In India, it was released on 22nd January 2020. Various models of TATA Tiago are available in the market. Some of them are XZ, XT, XE, XZ+, etc. There are different CNG versions also like XM, XZ+, XE, and XM. The CNG version of tata tiago was relased on 19th January 2020 in India. Tata Tiago is available in six different models: XE, XT (O), XT, XZ, XZ+, and NRG. The CNG version comes in four different flavours: XE, XM, XT, and XZ+. The car is available in a total of 15 colors, and the average price range of this car is from 5.22 lakh to 7.68 lakh rupees. The petrol version of the car is costlier than the CNG version such that petrol version costs approximately 7 lakh rupees, on the other hand, CNG version costs only 6 lakh rupees.

2. Tata Altroz

TataAlrtoz was introduced in Indian markets on 22nd January 2020. It is a Supermini or subcompact car manufactured by Tata motors. The car's name is inspired form the bird called Albatross, and hence it is called Altroz. The Altroz has a 1.2-liter three-cylinder petrol, a 1.5-liter turbodiesel, and a 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine.

List of TATA Cars

Tata altroz has several Variants available in the market. These are XE, XZ, XM, XT, etc. In India, Tata altroz was introduced on 22nd January 2020

The average price range at which Tata altroz is available is between 6 lakh to 10 lakh rupees, and it is available in 31 different colors. The highest or top model of altroz costs approximately 9.9 lakh. The basic version of the car, which runs on diesel, costs 7 lakh and its automatic variant starts from 8 lakh rupees.

3. TATA Tigor

The Tata Tigor evolved straight from the same project that gave birth to the Tata Tiago (internally known as Kite 5) as the four-door sedan variant with a third rear volume. Tigor, in particular, takes the role of the Tata Zest.

List of TATA Cars

The Tata Tigor is a few millimeters shorter than the Zest, and the pace is only two millimeters shorter. Still, the entire length is 3.994 meters since automobiles less than 4 meters in length receive tax benefits in India. The original Zest's flaws were a very tiny trunk with a capacity of only 370 liters and limited opening owing to the rear lighting being excessively invasive. The Tigor, on the other hand, has a 419-liter trunk and rear lights that have been reduced in size and separated into two parts (on the Zest, the headlight was in one piece). Because of hinges at the boot entrance, this huge boot is conceivable.

The different models in which Tata tigor is available in the market are; XE, XZ, XM, XZ+. Tata has also released the CNG version of Tata tigor, which is available in two different models, XZ and XZ+. In India, Tata Tiger was introduced on 22nd January 2020, and out of all, its bs6 model was made available in India. The CNG version was released 2 years later on 19th January 2022.

The price range of the Tata tiger falls between 5.82 to 8.44 lakh rupees. There are 8 different colors in which it is available. Out of all XE model is the most available and affordable model. Its CNG variant costs around 8.44 lakh rupees.

4. Tata Punch

It is an SUV car based on the design of subcompact cars. Tata Motors introduced Punch in 2021 in India. Punch, the vehicle's name was unveiled on 23rd August 2021. The vehicle was presented on 4th October 2021. It is the smallest SUV manufactured by Tata Motors and is positioned below Nexon. It is powered by a 1.2-liter three-cylinder Revotron petrol engine shared with the Altroz, Tiago, and Tigor.

List of TATA Cars

Tata punch is available in the market in 4 different models; these are creative, accomplished, adventure 7 and pure. In India, TATA punch was introduced on 28th October 2021, powered by a 1.2 l 3 cylinder revotron petrol engine. In Indian markets, Tata punch is available in 18 different colors. The price range for Tata punch is between 5.68 Lakh to 9.49 Lakh, and the topmost model of Tata punch costs around 10 lakh, and its automated version costs around 7 lakh rupees.

5. TATA Nexon

The Nexon made its premiere as a prototype at the 2014 Auto Expo. In February 2016, the final model was unveiled. The Nexon is built on the upgraded Tata X1 platform, which debuted in 1998 with the Indica model and has since been adopted by other Indian automakers.

List of TATA Cars

It has independent MacPherson dual-path strut front suspensions with coil springs and a rear twist-beam suspension with coil spring and shock absorber. The wheelbase is 2,498 mm long (98.3 in). It has two-tone paint, LED headlights, and huge chrome bands on the sides.

Total 10 variants of Tata Nexon are available in the market; some of them are; XZ +, XZ, xm, xz Plus Dual tone, XZ + O dark edition, and XMS. It was introduced in 2020 in India, which included a whole new set of functional improvements and new aesthetics. Again in July 2021, Tata released another model, Nexon dark, with further improvements. The price range of Tata Nexon is around 7 to 14 lakh, and it is available in 70 different colors in the market. The topmost model costs around 13 to 14 lakh rupees, and the basic version, which runs on diesel, costs around 8 lakh rupees. The pricing of the Tata Nexon automated variant is 9 lakh rupees.

6. TATA Harrier

TATA Harrier is an SUV manufactured by Tata motors that come under midsized SUVs. The car is largely based on the design of the Jaguar Land Rover D8 but with reduced production cost compared to them. The name 'Harrier' was given in 2018 under the project code Q401.

List of TATA Cars

Tata harrier is available in 6 models. These are XM, XZ, XT, XE Plus, and XT Plus. Tata harrier is available in 23 different colors. Tata Motors introduced a data harrier in India in January 2019. The manufacturers introduced the Automatic gearbox in February 2020, along with diesel engine and manual transmission. The price range of Tata harrier is between 15 lakh to 22 lakh rupees, and these are the average showroom price. The basic diesel version of the Tata harrier costs around 14 lakh rupees, and its automatic version starts from 17.22 lakh rupees.

7. TATA Safari

The Tata Safari is a mid-size SUV manufactured by the Indian automaker Tata Motors since 1998. The first-generation Safari was built as a seven-seater SUV with a folding third row and a big cabin; on the market, and it was positioned as a competitively priced alternative to other manufacturers of off-road vehicles.

List of TATA Cars

With additional models such as the Indica city vehicle and the Safari, the Tata range expanded into new markets in the 1990s. The first-generation Safari debuted in India in 1998. Exports to Europe occurred in the same year, with sales in the United Kingdom done in 1999.

The European Safari differed from the Indian model in terms of extras, which were designed to fulfill the demands of European buyers. The bumpers were a different color than the rest of the bodywork. The moniker Safari was chosen to emphasize the vehicle's alleged off-road capabilities. In truth, the automobile was also intended for usage on the road. The Safari is 4.65 meters long from bumper to bumper, but the inclusion of the outside spare wheel brings the total length to 4.81 meters.

Former Models

CAR model The year when production started The year when production stopped
Tata Telcoline 1988 2010
Tata Estate 1990 2001
Tata Sierra 1991 2003
Tata Sumo 1994 2019
Tata Indica 1998 2015
Tata Spacio 2000 2011
Tata Indigo 2002 2015
Tata Indigo Marina 2006 2009
Tata Xenon 2007 2018
Tata Sumo Grande 2008 2016
Tata Vista 2008 2015
Tata Nano 2008 2018
Tata Manza 2009 2016
Tata Venture 2010 2017
Tata Aria 2010 2017
Tata Zest 2014 2020
Tata Bolt 2014 2019
Tata Hexa 2017 2020

Concept Vehicle

A concept automobile (also known as a concept vehicle, show vehicle, or prototype) is designed to demonstrate novel aesthetics and technology. They are frequently displayed at auto exhibitions to evaluate customer reaction to innovative and radical designs that may or may not be mass-produced. Harley Earl, a designer for General Motors, is widely credited with developing the automobile concept and popularizing it through its traveling Motorama displays in the 1950s.

Concept automobiles are never directly produced. In today's world, all designs must go through several adjustments before they are finished for practicality, safety, regulatory compliance, and cost. This is accomplished by using a "production-intent" prototype instead of a concept vehicle.

TATA motors have also launched various concept vehicles. Some of them are as follows:

Concept Car Year
Aria Roadster 2000
Aria Coupe 2001
Tata Indica 2002
Tata Indigo Advent 2004
Tata Xover 2005
Tata Cliffrider 2006
Tata Elegante 2007
Tata Prima 2009
Tata Pixel 2011
Tata Megapixel 2012
Tata Nexon 2014
Tata Connectnext 2014
Tata Tamo Racemo 2017
Tata Tiago EV (Expected Launch 2021-2022) 2018
Tata 45X Concept (Launched as Tata Altroz on 22nd January 2020) 2018
Tata H7x (later known as Tata Gravitas and launched as Tata Safari on 15th February 2021) 2019
tata HBX Concept (Launched as Tata Punch on 18th October 2021) 2020
Tata Altroz EV (Expected Launch: 2022) 2020
Tata Sierra EV concept (Expected Launch: 2023) 2020

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